Cracker Barrel Coupon: Cheese, Only $1.29 at Target!Cheap cheese alert! A block of Cracker Barrel costs only $1.29 with a coupon. It’s on price cut at Target, and there are $1.00 coupons available. Pay under $1.50 for half a pound of cheese!





Cracker Barrel Cheese, 8 oz $2.29, price cut through 3/30
Use $1.00/1 – Cracker Barrel Blocks, Cracker Cuts or Bars, 6 oz or larger – (
Or $1.00/1 Cracker Barrel Cheese Block, Cracker Cuts or Snacking Bars, 6 oz or larger from SS 3/17 (exp 5/15)
Final Price: $1.29

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21 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel Coupon: Cheese, Only $1.29 at Target!”

can you print as many coupon you want?

Ahh – in my region the coupon is $1/2 – so I’ll be printing the one from their website.

The cheese is on sale for $1.99 for a 7 or 8-oz block, so with the coupon, you’d be getting the bar for only 99 cents!!!

Bi-Lo has them buy one get one free starting tomorrow;)

awesome! that’s where I will get mine! And if they are B1G1 free you can use two coupons! they ring up as 1/2 price! yay!


It’s also on sale for $1.99 at ShopRite, .99 with the $1/1 coupon.

I just bought 4 blocks from Shoprite…any deal with cracker barrel cheese for under $1.50 makes me happy.

this cheese is also on sale at weis for 3/$6 if you have multiple computers you can print 3 of the $1 coupons and just pay $1 a piece

That’s incredible!

I love this cheese. We like the sharp cheddar and extra sharp cheddar. I know you can freeze cheese but it does change the texture and makes it crumbly when it is defrosted.

Thanks for the info, Stacy!

Oh. And does anyone know if block cheese freezes well or not?

This cheese does not freeze well. It will become very crumbly and you will not be able to slice it. It’s best to shred it before freezing it.


Thanks for the info, Suz!

Has anyone tried these before? And is that a good price to stock up a little on cheese if I try it and like it?

Anytime cheese is under $2.50 a pound it is a good price. This is very close at $2.58 per pound. If it’s on sale at Target this week. It will be on sale elsewhere next week. You will know tomorrow and will have 4 days to get the deal if you want it.

Thanks! I appreciate the advice on the prices especially


I think Cracker Barrel is one of the best! Its soooo good!!!