Elefun Snackin’ Safari Coupon, as Low as $6.24 at Kmart! A few days ago, we posted a toy deal for Hungry Hungry Hippos at Toys R Us. That same coupon also allows for a purchase of Elefun Snackin’ Safari. Take the coupon to Kmart and save nearly 50%!  Or, use Target’s new price match policy and pay just a few cents more by price matching Amazon’s price.





Need more options? Head to Walmart and pick up this game for $11.96:


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9 thoughts on “Elefun Snackin’ Safari Coupon, as Low as $6.24 at Kmart!”

went to target and they said since its not sold by amazon and through a fulfilment center they couldnt do the price match

had an issue at wal-mart also, said i couldn’t use the coupon with the price-match.
had to go to customer service who also argued the same (fyi this is the same worker who insisted i couldn’t use the $1 off ecotools bath loofahs KCL posted a couple weeks ago and it worked just fine at self-check ). i tried waiting for the manager and she apparently was off in the back of the store someplace. i would recommend printing out the k-mart online price or show it on your phone and see if they will just match that price in store. b/c other wam-marts may have problem doing price match + coupons. KCL, please keep posting these kids deals! you make it so much easier for me to shop at whatever i’m close to and already know the price of an item.

How do I price match at Target? I don’t have a phone so showing them the online price on my phone isn’t an option. Do I just print it?

I went to Walmart to get the Elefun game last night. I asked the cashier to price match to the Toys R Us price in this week’s sale ad. She had no problem with the price match, but she told me that I could not use a coupon with a price match. This is not stated in their coupon policy, so I asked to see a manager. The manager agreed that the policy did not state this, and let me use both the price match and the coupon. It pays to keep the most current copy of the store policy with you when you shop.

You are completely right!

My Kmart doesn’t accept computer printed coupons:( I found that out trying to do the B1G1 free Beyblade deal using two $2 off Qs. Was this coupon in last weeks ads?

Kmart’s coupon policy allows printable coupons, I’d bring a copy to the store. I believe the Beyblade deal was only a promotion and that there wasn’t a store coupon in their ad.

You can apply paper coupons to an online order? How does that work, my Kmart customer service rep said that printable coupons wouldn’t be applied?

If the price is not the same at the Kmart store. They should honor their online price and then use the coupon.