This morning at Walgreens, I stumbled upon several packages of Stayfree pads marked down on clearance to $0.99! Find these and score them for free with a printable coupon! Remember that clearance prices and products can vary from store to store. Check the clearance aisles, back end-caps or feminine hygiene aisle to find this great freebie!


Stayfree Overnight Pads, 14 ct (reg $3.99) $0.99, clearance price
Use $1.00/1 – Stayfree Product, Excludes Trial Size, limit one per person – (
Final Price: Free 


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24 thoughts on “Free Stayfree Pads at Walgreens!”

I can’t get this coupon. Whenever the coupon goes through the swirling ‘S’ (is that Smart Source?) site I can’t get them. I’ve downloaded the newest Java many, many
times and these still won’t print. So frustrating.

Try uninstalling all versions of java on your computer and then install the newest version, it worked for me.

I went to my Walgreens 2day and they didn’t have them on sale :(

I went to Wags and I didn’t see this deal. Is this at certain stores or should I do a price check?

As you can read in the post above, clearance products and prices can vary widely from store to store. If this wasn’t tagged at your Walgreens, then this product is not on clearance at your store. Sorry.

clearance items varies greatly from store to store. clearance is something each store do on their own the manager at my Wags said today.

I am not able to print this coupon Please help?

You need to sign in to your HealthyEssentials account, or create one. Then clip this coupon and click print!

Still $3.99 in my store. There are 6 Walgreens within 3 miles radius from my house. Their clearance price is always at least double or not even on clearance.

Sorry, Vicky. Clearance can vary quite a bit.

I am afraid to try this at our Walgreens. The cashiers never know how to adjust the price and have to call a manager up. Then, by the time a manager comes up, there is a line and people stare at me. So frustrating.

You could try checking out at the cosmetic counter! A line usually doesn’t form there! You can also ask the cashier to adjust the price of the item UP by one cent, which can be easier if the cashier isn’t sure how to reduce the coupon.

Yay! I sure hope I can find this deal here at my store!! :))

Good luck!

Yes, my husband is a manager for Walgreens and they just reduce the coupon down to the price of the product. Next time ask for a manager.

Thanks for the advice, Stacy!

thanks for the advice a walgreen’s employee told me it was illegal to accept my coupon because it was for more than the cost of the item.

My local stores would not take the coupon as it exceeds the price of the item. This just happened to me with the Starbucks beverage.

they need to change the price of Manufacturers coupon on the computer. it is stated in thier coupon policy.

Print off the coupon policy to take with you next time. The Walgreens coupon policy states that the value of the coupon will be reduced in the event that the coupon exceeds the selling price of the item. (If your cashier doesn’t know how, you can suggest that he or she raise the price of the product by one cent so that the coupon will scan.)

Thanks. If I ever go back, I’ll print the policy. I explain how I would have done it, but the cashier just wasn’t getting it. They reduced the coupon amount from $1.00 to $.98 and asked me to pay a penny for the item. Grrr.

That’s silly!

It’s ALWAYS better to have a CAREFREE experience! 😉

Hehehe :)