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ZonePerfect Coupons: Kidz Nutrition Bars, Only $1.24 at Target!


Stacking a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon is a great way to save. Print these high-value coupons before they expire and pay just $1.24 for ZonePerfect Kidz bars!

9 thoughts on “ZonePerfect Coupons: Kidz Nutrition Bars, Only $1.24 at Target!”

  1. brownt11

    I couldn’t find these in my target. Does anyone know where they are located or if all the targets have them in stock?

    1. They are near the weight loss stuff, at my target this was right by the pharmacy.

    2. Anonymous

      I’ve also seen them by the pharmacy as well, by the other protein bars.

  2. gg4jc

    Great deal! Does anyone know what flavors they have?

    1. I just picked up the vanilla cupcake flavor and the peanut butter chip….my grandaughter loved the vanilla cupcake and she is REALLY picky!

      1. gg4jc

        Thanks!! My boys are pretty picky too. But for this price, you can’t pass these up!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m having a hard time locating the coupon on targets website…

    1. Anonymous

      ah just found it :)

      1. Auntie Em

        I couldn’t find it either until I looked under Healthcare.

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