Are you ready for another great way to find coupons and earn rewards? Shopkick is a mobile app that uses your GPS to determine your shopping location and then loads coupons on your phone to use when you walk into the store! You can also earn rewards and gift cards by accruing points for completing tasks on the app or in-store. Here’s how it works:

Shopkick coupons

Once you’ve walked into a store and Shopkick has loaded your available coupons, just click on the coupon you want to use (you can also select your coupons within twelve hours prior to use), and Shopkick will give you a barcode on your phone to show to your cashier at checkout.

For example, our coupon was for $2 off an $8 holiday item. To save the most, we chose an item that was as close to $8 as possible. When we got to checkout, the cashier scanned our barcode, and we got our discount!

Here are just a few of the stores you can find deals for on Shopkick:

  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Old Navy
  • American Eagle
  • Macy’s
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Anthropologie

Shopkick “kicks”

Shopkick also allows you to earn points, or “kicks,” for performing tasks. Browse through the deals before you shop to unlock kicks, then just open the app when you walk into the store to add those kicks to your balance! You can also earn kicks in-store by scanning the barcodes of featured products while you’re shopping (no need to buy the item). While you may feel a bit silly, it’ll be worth it when you redeem your “kicks”!

Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of stores, from everyday destinations like Target and Starbucks to high-end merchants like Tiffany and Co., Coach, and the Ritz-Carlton. You can also redeem kicks for specific products, like MAC eyeshadow, magazine subscriptions, electronics, and even a cruise vacation! Kicks can add up quickly — for example, we earned 100 kicks for scanning a jar of peanuts on our shopping trip, and 500 kicks will net you a $2 Target gift card. It’s an easy way to put a little money in your pocket!

Get the Shopkick App now! 

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33 thoughts on “How to Use Shopkick App to Save Money and Earn Rewards”

I have tried to use this app numerous times and it has worked about half the time. I reported each time there was a problem, walk ins & barcode scans on their selected items not working…Wish it worked like it says it is suppose to, if it did it would be a great app!

I have found this same thing. Like checking into a certain store. I walk into each door of this store each time and it never checks me in. i report each time. but jut this week I drove by the store and was closer to another store and it signed me in on the highway. I think its a gps glitch. Not so much the app.

I absolutely love it. I’ve been using the app since December and I’ve acumulated 13,000ish kicks already :) By far the best rewards program I’ve been involved in. I’ve also used it for coupons and stacked them and got a $20 item for free last week.
With the app I was able to purchase the Wreck it ralph (3D blu-ray, bluray, dvd and digital copy) for free.

I love this app!!

I wanted to download this but I couldn’t stomach the permissions. Why should I let it read all my text messages and all my contact’s info? I don’t think this apps purpose is as it seems.

I agree! A lot of these “apps” are very personal. I wonder who is trackign all the info….
the things has to know when you’re IN the store…wow….thinking of crazy ex’s?! lol

so disappointing…i think smartphones and data plans are a waste of money, so i download apps i like onto my mp3 player and access them through wifi, but the shopkick app is exclusive to smartphones, i.e. they designed the app so that it can’t be used on mp3 players. :(

Virgin mobile has an unlimited data and texting plan for $35 a month, it also includes 300 talk minutes. I got this for my teenage son, and a android 4.0 phone for only $45 at target.

available only to customers in and around major cities since the coverage areas are so limited. plans like that are not available where i live, but thanks for the insight.

Anywhere there is the sprint network it will work. My parents live in rural MN and have one.

yes, i am well aware. i am not in a sprint area. i have checked.

dear kcl i think i love you!!

I like this idea for an app but if other stores in my area are like the local krogers they won’t take the coupons they have to scan your phone’s screen. I’ll download this app but I can only hope that stores in my area will take the coupons. I’m not sure if I want to take the time to call all the stores i would shop at to ask. As that would be about a dozen stores. Not counting kroger and the two independent local grocers which are not likely included in the app.

Pizzaz liked the part with the antlers…it’s something Pizzaz would do!…LOL :)

A thousand apologies. Video is now live. Sorry!

Will not allow me to view video either due to it saying that the video is private as well.

So I can’t watch your new video and it’s not on Youtube. It says that the video is private…

ok ladies cant see say private….

I’m up to 8,300 kicks since Christmas I’m saying for the scooter or a big target gift card 😉 I got over $20 last Christmas from shopkicks.

video is private/ can not watch.

why its private?

Can these shop kick coupons be combined with other coupons for the same product?

Why yes they can!

Tried watching, just says “This Video is Private”

I can’t view the video either :( Which is a bummer because I have yet to figure out how to use Shopkick.

I love shopkick!!! I have redeemed (4) $10.00 gift cards to Target so far.

Every time I’ve ever tried to use Shopkick (especially at Target), the app doesn’t recognize that I’ve entered the store… therefore no coupons. Frustrating.

You can load them at home and use them even without it seeing your in the store and on the iPhone you can add them to your passbook and use them without the app. The best thing to do is to close the app from your running apps and reopen it while standing inside the front of the store, then you should get your kicks for walking in.

Redeemable at the Ritz-Carlton, you don’t say! I wonder how many “kicks” you need to rack up for a night there? HAHA

same here :(

I can’t view the video either. Says “This video is private.” ?

Can not view the link to the video it says “it private”

Shopkik is now my favorite app to save money. The $2 target giftcards are great, especially with the juicy juice promotion and other items that I coupon with that cost very small amounts.