The high-value $5.00 coupon for Playtex Fresh + Sexy wipes is still available! Take it to Rite Aid to snag a smokin’ deal. Through the end of the month, there is an unadvertised $3.00 monthly +Up Reward with a $10.00 purchase.

Beware: The tags in the stores say that there is a $2.00 in-ad coupon, but no such coupon exists. With or without the tag, though, the monthly +Up Reward and high-dollar coupon combine for a great bargain:


Buy 2 Playtex Fresh + Sexy Before & After Intimate Wipes, 20 or 24 ct $7.49, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward 3/3-3/30, Limit 4
Use two $5.00/1 – Playtex Fresh + Sexy Wipes, Any size – (
Pay $4.98, Receive $3.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.99 each, when you buy 2 


Kotex Pads are only $1.72 at Rite Aid with a printable coupon! 

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14 thoughts on “Playtex Coupon: Fresh + Sexy Wipes, Only $0.99 at Rite Aid!”

i have searched for these at several local rite aids and have not been able to find them.. is it just a regional item?

There’s a coupon you can load to your card and there was a $5 printable .. I was able to stack these and they were $5.99 so it ended up being a $4 money maker!

My store didnt have the $2 off coupon hanging but for each one I bought I got a $4 UP reward (limit 4) so I did the following:

4 – Playtex Fresh + Sexy Before & After Intimate Wipes, 20 or 24 ct $7.49, regular price

4 – $5/1

$9.96 + tax

4 – $4 UP rewards

They may honor the $2.00 off “coupon!” Just beware that if you have the Gold or Silver discount, this may take the total to below $10.00, which may cause the +Up Reward to print.

I bought these from Rite Aid two days ago. My neighborhood store honored the additional $2.00 off in-store coupon…. even though it really isn’t in existence in the ad. So I only paid the tax for two boxes : )

That’s terrific!

You can buy these playtex wipes at Walmart for 4.99 and you get a twin pack with 48 in each pack. They are basically the same thing
(they have similiar smell and ingredients) but .99 is a great price!


Pizzaz has noticed that this NEW product isn’t selling very well. The shelves are full. They are already on clearance in many stores. There are high value coupons all over the place. And yet, it seems like no one is really interested in using them! Could it be that people don’t want to be bothered with ‘Fresh and Sexy Wipes’ before and after intimacy? Isn’t it just another unnecessary nuisance to ruin the mood? Frankly, between tearing open all the birth control packages, and making sure you grab the lubrication instead of the BenGay, and making sure that the kids are asleep, and disconnecting all the phones (and everything else that beeps), isn’t adding wipes to the entire repertoire just another chore? It’s already an exhausting effort to get ready for ‘Boom Boom’. Trust me. By that point, there’s nothing about a package of wipes that is gonna make me feel “Fresh & Sexy”! 😉

Grabbing the BenGay instead is THE WORST.

Ouch!…Ha! Ha! 😉

LOL, too funny!

I know this post was five days ago, but I do like the idea of this product! I want to make sure that I am fresh before I know things are about to get heated. Of course, showers are the best but what if it’s one of those moments that you and your “boo-boo” just want to take advantage of while you can? Unless I’m fresh out the shower, I won’t feel extra sexy until I know that down there is ready. I typically use the Summer’s Eve cleansing clothes and keep them in my purse for whenever. You can never be too clean. I’m looking forward to trying these out and I’m gonna toss one to my boo-boo too. Lol

Pizzaz wishes you and your boo-boo all the best…before, during, & after! 😉