To calculate your savings from a trip:

        • Subtract your total out-of-pocket cost from the before savings cost (original price). This equals the $ amount saved.
  • Divide the amount saved by the original price. Move the decimal over two spaces = your savings percentage!



Calculating and recording your savings is an important part of keeping a budget and tracking your progress as a KCL. Tools like Savings Tracker on The Coupon Project website are a great way to keep all the information in one place, and it automatically does the math for you! Simply enter the information from your receipts under the appropriate month.


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6 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Calculating and Tracking Savings”

Another way to get the percent saved is to take the OOP divided by the Retail minus 1 equals the decimal equivalent. Just another mathematical way to calculate.


I notice some people post their savings using both the rewards they earned on previous transactions and the rewards they earn on the current transaction. I think some people get a little confused on exactly how much they are truly saving and may be counting their rewards twice. If you count the rewards earned in your current transaction in your savings, then you should not count them again as part of your savings when you use them in future transactions.


I couldn’t get my hubby on board for 2 years because I did this. When I finally got that I was double dipping on the savings and they were not “real” and just accounted for them when i used them, then the it made sense to the hubby because what I was saying was what I was spending. I still do use the future savings to calculate a “good deal” but don’t use them to calculate my OOP. What I tell people to do is use one or the other but DON’T use BOTH!


I take the awards into account on the front end to determine if it is a good deal as well. For example, I will not spend $3.49 for toothpaste unless they give me a $3 reward and I have a coupon. It doesn’t matter to me if I have $20 in rewards to pay for the toothpaste, if it is not a good deal, I won’t buy it. Alot of people count the rewards when they use them because you can earn all of the rewards you want but they are worthless if you do not use them. Which ever way works for the individual, as long as they are only counted once. Happy couponing!!


Good reminder!


Thanks for this info. I never knew how to accurately calculate my savings so I just “guess”timated. This will make my bookkeeping more accurate.