As you’re cleaning out expired coupons from your binder at the end of this month, why not set them aside and donate them! Military families overseas can use coupons up to six months past their expiration date. This is a great way to spread the coupon love and show our service men and women how much we appreciate their devotion and sacrifice.

Divide your clipped, expired, or unneeded manufacturer coupons into two categories: food and non-food. Separate the coupons in plastic zip bags and mail them to one of our volunteers who will get them overseas, taking care of postage and customs forms. Get more specifics and addresses, or learn how to adopt your own base here.

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16 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Donate Expired Coupons to Military Families Overseas!”

can i send printed manufacterer coupons?

yes you can.

I do this! I send them to a teacher/school in Louisiana and they take care of the rest! I clip ALL the coupons form the Sunday inserts and send whichever ones I don’t want.

Is this someone you know personally or is there somewhere I can go to find more information?

I do not know them personally, but I got a very nice “thank you” letter from them for all the coupons I’ve sent so far. I send them to: Sicily Island High School, c/o Eric Chauvin, P.O. Box 128, Sicily Island, LA. 71368.

I am at a base in Belgium and we receive coupons. It helps out many family’s. A big thank you for informing your readers.

My family is orginally from Belgium and my Great Uncle has a plot there as he is MIA from WWII. Where do I get the address to send expired coupons to your base? And how does the expired coupons work?
Thanks – Kris

Address US ARMY CAFAP-ACS UNIT 21420 PO BOX 6675 APO AE 09705. They are given out to people that ask and volunteers tape them to items in the commissary. We can use them up to 6 months out of date. Thanks

If we send the coupons to KCL volunteers do they be sure they get to bases that are in need the most? I’d like to know that if I send the coupons to them that wherever the go they will be used and not end up wasted due to over supply of coupons to any one base. I don’t know how up to date the base list is but it looks like there are quite a few in need of donations which is why I’m wondering more detail on if you send to those most in need or whatnot.

If you scroll down on this page and on the right hand side you will see an ad that says Donate Coupons to Military Overseas – click there and it will give you the link. Also you can pick a family or specific base to send them to!

awesome :) where can send to who can I contact?

I have a friend I just recently connected with on Facebook and I offered to send her all of my expired coupons. She said that they stopped doing that. I asked her if that was just her base of all of the military and she said all as far as she knows. We may want to find out about this.

Thanks for the heads up! Can you reply post if you find out anything? Thank you cwalker82

i send to a specific family in Germany. (that I “adopted” through FB group Expired Coupons for Overseas Military Families.) They still are gladly accepting coupons! .,..maybe its certian bases?!

This is not true at the base here in Belgium. We can use them.

Will do thanks….Happy easter to you and your family…