There’s a great points promotion at Walgreens featuring Pantene products.  Use a coupon to sweeten the deal even more! (Man! The new P&G insert that came out today has made for some krazy deals!)  Here’s how to get it for only $1.00:

Buy 6 Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner, 12.6 oz $3.00, sale price through 4/27
Spend $15 in Pantene Products, Receive 3,000 Points
Use 3 $3.00/2 Pantene Products, excludes trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 3/31 (exp 4/30)
Pay $9.00, Receive 3,000 Points
Final Price: $1.00 each, when you buy 6 


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29 thoughts on “New Pantene Coupon—Only $1.00 at Walgreens After Points!”

i bout 6 pantene and gave in 3 mq od 2.00 and did not get the 3000 pts , what went wrong anyone know

I was advised the coupon policy has changed. I went in today to get this deal:
6 pantene prods: $18
Used 3 $3/2: ($9)
Used 3 $1/1RR (7up deal): ($3)
paid: $6 with gift card
rec’d: NOTHING. no points. nothing.
We need to find out what the new policy is with these Q or just not shop here at all!

QUESTION, I am new to this:)
I have a $2/2 MF coupon and also receive a MF coupon on the pantene bottles i bought that are $1/1 pantene i have 6 of these coupons and 3 of the #2/2 can i use these coupons together to get the $1 each pantene at walgreens or no because that would be too many manufacturer coupons?

Awesome, I was able to get this deal! I can’t stand using cheap no-name shampoos, so I love deals like this! My stockpile has soo many shampoos and conditioners! I am also Canadian, and we NEVER see good quality shampoo/conditioners at this price! My family back home can’t believe the deals I get as a couponer!

I’m a little confused. How do you end up paying 6.00 for 6, if you actually pay 9.00 after coupons. I’m new to Walgreens reward program. Do you get cash back for 3,000 pts?

You get 3,000 points

each 1000 points is like getting a dollar back. 5000 points= $5 off 10000=$10 off. I forget the rest but thats pretty much how it works

Hi Ms. Krazy Coupon Lady,

Im new into couponing, is it okay to use three identical coupons per transaction? If the cashiers questioned me what would i say?


Yes, so long as the coupon itself doesn’t limit you (or store policy). For example, many coupons say “limit one coupon per purchase” (think, each item is a purchase) and “limit of 4 like coupons per day.” So…say I want 4 of an item and I have 4 like (=exact same) coupons for that item, I’m good to go. I can get all 4 items, but no more of that item than that.

At walmart if there is overage can you get cash back? Someone had a stock pile of things. I do not think she paid anything for the items. She had a massive amount that she cashed out. She had what I assumed was their coupon policy. If I had that much overage I would have probably just used the overage to use on products I wanted from the store. I do not feel right about getting cash back and thought it could have been a no no even if there is no rule for it. I want to make sure I do things in a proper way. Thank you to all fellow couponers for your advice on this matter! BTW when she was noticed for using a bunch of coupons a manager said she could not do something(I was trying not to listen because I know how it feels to be questioned about using coupons) The manager had another manager came over and she told her to allow it and to come see her when she was done. When the coupon lady left the first manager ran a copy of the recite and took it with her.

Yes u can get cash back from Walmart its in there policy hth

At Rite Aid they are also $3.00 each when you buy 2

So if you buy 5 pairs (shampoo and conditioner) in two trips

First Trip

Buy 4 Pantene Shampoo, $3.00
Buy 4 Pantene Condtioner, $3.00
Use four $3.00/2

Pay $12.00 OOP

Second Trip

Buy 1 Shampoo and one Conditioner, $3.00 each
Use $3.00/2
Pay $3.00 OOP, Get back $10 +Up
Total OOP: $15.00 and Receive One $10+Up

Final Price:$0.50 each when you buy 10

However This P&G (Spend $30, Get Back $10+Up Reward) is ONLY Limit One this time Unfortunately…. Sometimes it would be Limit 4 per Household

How come the get $10 UP is not advertisted? I didn’t see it in the ad

It might be regional? It is on the First Page of my Rite Aid Ad here in So Cal

can i get a styler? I have a 3 off 2 if you use a styler.

this goes well with the $10 rebate when you spend $20 ‘right?

These are part of the $15 off of $50 rebate that ends 4/30/13 too.

Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thornbush has roses! (If someone understands what that actually means, please let me know. Thanks!)

Totally understand that! =) We all have to buy stuff. We should be so thankful that we have awesome stores like Walgreens and awesome manufacturers that put out coupons for us to use! =)

I just got back from Walgreens and I asked the worker. She said she could not tell since it wasn’t in the ad but she would be happy to do a return if it did not work. And it did!! Scored an awesome deal at Walgreens today!!! Thanks KCL

Sorry ladies, lot of your links to coupons seem to have expired, I am just wondering is this sight going to be updated. Lot and I mean lot of sights I go to says sorry this coupon has ended or expired, or no longer available, and this is stuff that is current. Such as International Creamers, and Maxwell House coffee, and many others. Please let me know if this sight is going to be updated soon. Thanks

I have not printed out any coupons since January and when I try to print some of the coupons it says limit reach, how long do I have to wait to get new coupons for items I use. OR is it a limit for the whole year on coupons needed and that company never renews it coupons. If this is the case please let me know. TY

Regarding FB coupons, most of them or 95% of them just want my information and never get any coupons. What is up with that. Is there I am doing something wrong. I press the like or fill out the information they request and I Get, sorry that coupon campaign is no longer available after I give my personal information out. Please let me know. TY

Also, limit reached is not necessarily “your limit” but is referring to the limit the manufacturer has set on the number of prints allowed to be printed total by everyone.

This site is updated hourly, if u notice all the new posts and new links and “hot new” coupons. The problem with the printables is they are limited print and the good ones that give freebies go instantly. I have printed a coupon at home, texted my husband at work to print and it was gone, within seconds of me printing it. I know if KCL had their way, they would ensure everyone got every coupon they wanted, but unfortunatley, some things are out of their control, like how my friend is a computer teacher and can print a billion same coupons leaving me getting none because print limit is reached. Better luck next time.

You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing!

Hello Sparksalot,
Thanks for your feedback. It looks like Bonnie has hit on almost everything I was going to let you in on. Printable coupons are tough. This site, and out facebook page, has over a million subscribers combined. There are limits on the printable coupons set by the manufacturer. Bonnie is right, if it was up to us, we would make sure everyone got a coupon! Unfortunately, a lot of times when we post a hot deal, or a coupon for a hot item, prints go VERY quickly. I’ve seen a new printable coupon go within minutes of posting. KCLs are fast! We’re sorry you have missed out on some deals. This Pantene deal isn’t for a printable coupon, though.

It doesn’t indicate it on the ad about spending $15 get 3,000 points. I’m a little hesitant

That’s why you have us, the insiders! If you will click on the above picture for this deal, you can see it a little bigger. We’ve included an in-store picture with the detailed tag that lets you know about the points deal. Even if your store hasn’t put up their tags, this deal is in the computer system and does NOT vary by store =) Hope that helps!