Take a look at this great deal using a BOGO coupon and a sale at CVS this week. Grab your coupon and get grown-up sized Easter candy!






Buy 2 Snickers Candy Bars $1.00 each, when you buy 2 or more
Buy 2 Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Candy Bars $1.00 each, when you buy 2 or more
Buy One Get One for $0.25 through 4/6
Use two FREE – Snickers Bar, 1.86 oz WYB (1) Snickers Brand Peanut Butter Squared Bar – (coupons.com)  register takes off the full-priced bars
Final Price: $0.13 each, when you buy 4


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26 thoughts on “Snickers Candy Bars, Only $0.13 at CVS!”

a while ago there were B2G1 free peelies on the snickers, can I combine that coupon with the BOGO coupon and get 3 for the price of 1????

and its the buy 1 get one free right

wait can you use more then 1 copon on it so should i print 2

It worked for me today…thank you KCL!

With it in the ad can we use it at Walmart? Closest CVS 26 miles.

How comedy CVS won’t take these because of the Walmart logo? It’s so frustrating. I even talked to the manager!

Do they ring up 1.10 each and then adjust down at the end of the transaction? I have a 2 off 5 candy coupon I was hoping to use. I was going get 5 candy bars at 1.10 a piece using 2 b1b1 coupons and 1 1.00 off making them .30 for all 5 after coupon. How should I redo this to make it work. Thanks

I had 7 coupons plus my card plus my green tag plus $1.50 in extra bucks, so I ended up with 14 candy bars for just 13 cents!!! WOOT

omg so today i tried this offer. the coupons went through taking off $1.10 but then the cashier voided them and said she can only give me a discount of .25 cents on each coupon! i asked why and couldn’t she just take off the dollar sale price instead. she responded with an attitude that they’re supposed to take off only the lowest sale price! what?! this is unheard of. i’ve never had this happen to me. bummer! i’m going to try another cvs and hope this won’t occur again!

Just tell them no thanks, get your coupons and leave. They can void the transaction as you are walking out the door. Don’t get ripped off. Just walk out with your coupons.

yup that’s what i did! took my coupons to another cvs and it worked! paid only .30 cents! the manager who rung me up was really nice and he didn’t give me a hard time about it :p

I am so excited (newbie here)! Paid .32 and walked out with 4 candy bars and the Clear shampoo. Yippee!! I can see how this could become addicting :-)

No, you can still use them at CVS. Take a look at CVS policy closely — they only prohibit the use of manufacturer coupons that have other stores’ logos on them. This one does not.

If a coupon says “excludes trial size” can you use it on a travel size?

These are “single serving”, not “trial size” :)

Yes. If it says “Redeemable at Walmart” then that is different.

Actually, if it says “Available at Walmart”, it just means that you can redeem it at Walmart. If it said “Redeemable only at Walmart”, then you would be restricted to using it only at Walmart.

“RedeemABLE at Walmart,” means just that: you are ABLE to redeem it at Walmart if you’d like. They’d like you to. But you don’t have to. “Redeem ONLY at Walmart” would be a different story. :)

No more coupons. I only got one

I just got 2.

i just printed them

I did the deal today and paid $1.25 for 2 and then the BOGO took off max value of $1.10 so 15 cents for 2.

Me too! I was just coming here to share this. Nice surprise!

Yes, that’s what happened for me too! I’m glad I checked KCL before heading to the store – I was gonna use them at Walgreens.

I’m new to this but when I open the link for the coupon it has a walmart logo on it. Will CVS still accept it?

Don’t confuse “Available at Walmart” with an actual Walmart logo. There is a difference. This one does not print with a Walmart logo and should be accepted at CVS, per their policy. Take a copy of it with you just in case :)