This month at Walgreens, there is a hot deal on 12-packs of TEN soda! They are on sale for $2.99 and there is a $1.00 coupon in the new Walgreens April Savings Book. Find this coupon booklet at the front of all Walgreens stores near the weekly ads. In my store, the only “TEN” brand soda I could find was Dr. Pepper, but this deal is also valid on 7-Up, A&W, Sunkist and Canada Dry.

TEN Soda, 12 oz 12 ct $2.99, sale price through 4/17
Use $1.00/1 Dr Pepper TEN, 7-Up TEN, A&W TEN, Sunkist TEN or Canada Dry TEN Soda, 12 oz 12 ct from Walgreens April Savings Book (exp 4/27)
Final Price: $1.99, or $0.17 per can


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25 thoughts on “TEN Soda Walgreens Coupon: 12-Pack, Only $1.99!”

I’m very confused. You say here that the 12 pks are on sale till 04/17 and on the rolling RRs post, you say they are on sale price till the 27th. So, is this sale price confirmed? If so, till when? Wags has no info about it. TIA :)

I used the $1 off 1 Walgreens coupon plus the .75 off 1 Dr. Pepper 10 from Flavor savor on the 31st and scored some 12 packs for $1.24 each.

Can I use the Walgreen’s $1 off 1 coupon more than once? I need about 14 or so cases of soda for my graduation party?

Yes, you can use it as many times as you want! Plus, you only need one coupon per transaction, and it will automatically deduct $1.00 for each case of soda you buy.

Am I allowed to use more than one of the Walgreens $1 off 1 coupon? I need about 14 for my graduation party.

where do you get the savings book? Is it in the store?

Yes! It’s by the weekly ads.

if you go on this week and there is none left ask for a rain check for next time remember that the rain check don’t expires

Good advice!

I was told that Wags rain checks are only good for 30 days.

When I ask for a rain check I always speak to the manager in charge on that week if the rain check will expire, they told that never will, to make sure always ask.

i am not sure if someone answered this type of question or not but I did the the bought 2 liter soda and got the $1 register reward(I think that is what it is called), can I use the coupon from the April booklet and also the $1 off I received the other day and get the 12 pack for $0.99? Is that considered 2 walgreens coupons?

Yes you can do that! One is considered a Walgreens coupon and the Register Reward is considered a manufacturer coupon.

Does the qpon from the April Savings Book count toward my coupon total? (Can I use an RR with this deal and no filler?)

Walgreens coupons don’t count, so you won’t need a filler!

Awesome, I was just about to ask about coupon total! Thanks KCL you are the best!

next week or the week after they will be on sale for $1.99 so $.99 after the qpon:)

Thanks! :)

If you mean week of 4-7, I believe they are advertised at $2.99 with the $1 savings Q making them final price $1.99 shown in the Ad. :) Or did you mean week of 4-14, I have not seen that ad yet. I ask becasue I have $1 off Q’s to go with this, and am wondering if I should wait.

The packs at my store had coupon attached that gave $1 off 2

Nice find!

I bought one today on the box there was a $1.00 off peelie so $0.99 total


I got this yesterday, when i was still able to use the .75 off 1 coupons!