Update: The coupon is available again!

Hurry to print a new $2.00 Glade coupon! It’s valid on any two Glade products, and it doesn’t have any exclusions! Several Glade products are on sale this month at Walgreens for only $1.00. Score free air fresheners!




Buy 4 Glade Aerosol Sprays, 8 oz $1.00 each, when you buy 3, sale price through 4/27
Or Glade Solid Air Freshener, 6 oz $1.00 each, when you buy 3, sale price through 4/27 
Or Glade Decor Scents Refill $1.00 each, when you buy 3, sale price through 4/27 
Use two $2.00/2 – Glade Products, cannot be combined with any other coupon – (rightathome.com)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 4 


Certain Glade products are also part of a monthly Balance Rewards Points promotion. Spend $10.00 and receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points. 2,000 Points are worth between $2.00 and $2.50, depending on when they’re redeemed. Try this scenario! After the coupon and Points, each freshener is between $1.47 and $1.59.

Buy 2 Glade Tough Odor Solutions Spray, 9.7 oz $3.29, regular price
Buy 2 Glade Expressions Refill, 7 oz $2.99, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points through 4/27
Use two $2.00/2 – Glade Products, cannot be combined with any other coupon – (rightathome.com)
Final Price: $2.09 each, when you buy all 4, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points 


Glade Air Fresheners are also free at Walmart!

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38 thoughts on “It’s Back: Glade Coupon—Free Air Fresheners at Walgreens!”

At Target they’re 99Cents! and I forgot which one it is but ONE of the scent is 97cent! I think it’s the Hawaiian Orange or something.

I was at my local Walmart yesterday and they had marked those same glade spray airf fresheners down to $1 so check your Walmart!

wow.. this went in a day………..

I tried getting the 4 solid air fresheners for free at Walgreens with (2) $2/2 Glade coupons, but when the cashier rang them up she said i had to get 5 to be able to use both of them and would be charged the .99 for the 5th one, so I just got 3, only got 2 for free and had to pay the .99 for the third. Im not sure why I could not get them for free, probably has to do with their new coupon policy.

new policy? same excuse they tried to use on me on Saturday using the Speed Stick coupon. I haven’t seen any changes in their policy online! Is there a new Walgreens policy Krazy coupon Lady?

I was able to use the speed stick coupon last saturday with no problems, i just had problems today so far, but if there is more problems in the future i will probably not continue shopping there as much, i saw online that starting april 1st that they have a new coupon policy that does not allow overage.

They were on sale BOGO 1@ 3.49-BOGO (-2.99) my oop was supposed to be .50 plus tax. So there wouldn’t have. Been any overage. I don’t shop at wags as often since they started their points system. I only go when they have buy and item ex: 2.99 get 2.99 RR.

yes i tried getting the BOGO on their BIC razors and they would not let me use my $3/1 coupon since the value was a dollar something on the half off package, they said since the coupon equaled more than the value they wouldnt take it, so i just canceled my transaction and went wal-mart and got them for free, Walgreens is getting more and more difficult to shop at.

I finally got it yay……

glade car scents are on sale for 2.99
$1 in store coupon
plus $2/2
makes em if you need something for you car. 😀

You’re right! Thanks!

I just printed me 2…Thank you!!! It wouldn’t at first but I kept trying and then FINALLY…Headed to the store now!!!


I STILL GOT THIS DEAL ALTHOUGH THAT COUPON WAS EXPIRED. I went on website and signed up for a membership and it gave me a $2 off coupon so I printed 2 and got 4 of the air fresheners for $0 !!!!


Worked beautifully, I got 4 cans for .34 which was the price of the tax


Coupon says expired :(

Sorry; it’s gone already!

It says it;s no longer available?? Do I need to join to print coupon?

No. Unfortunately the coupon has already been printed to the limit. We knew this one wouldn’t last long.

offer says expired! :( wasn’t fast enough.

Sorry, Michelle!

Does it matter that the coupon says one coupon per purchase? Does that mean one coupon per transaction? Or one coupon per the amount items required? If that makes sense?

“One coupon per purchase” always means one coupon per item purchased! So you can use more than one if you are purchasing more than one!

Okay, thanks! :)

When I clicked on the link provided for the Glade coupon it has exclusions. This is what it says : ‘Save $2.00† on ANY TWO (2) Glade® products (excluding 8 oz. Room Spray and Glade® Solid Air Freshener)’

nevermind I got it :)

At Walgreens, do you have to buy them in intervals of 3 to get the $3/3 deal? My mother in law would like some of the nectar scents for the glade decors!

Each product after the required three rings up at the lower price as well, so if you buy four, they will still be $1.00 each!

MUHAHHAHAHA! Thank you! 😀

I clicked the link above, and got $2/2 no exclusions. I think if you type in the address, you get the coupon with exclusions, and if you click the link above, you get the no exclusions.

I think you’re right, Brittney!

I”ve tried the link yesterday and today and it is not valid.


The link above takes you to a coupon without exclusions!

finally I got them!!!! Yay! Thank you so much

No problem!