This week at Rite Aid, Sally Hansen cosmetics are on sale, buy one get one 50% off. Plus, spend $20.00 and receive a $5.00 +Up Reward! Use two high-value printable coupons for Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Strips Nail Color and stack them with a new Rite Aid Video Values coupon. Hurry to print these coupons before they vanish!



Buy 2 Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Strips Nail Color $14.99, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 4/6
Spend $20.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward through 4/6, Limit 2 
Use two $5.00/1 – Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Strips Gel Nail Color – (
And use one $5.00/1 – Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Strips or Salon Insta-Gel Starter Kit – (
Pay $7.49, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $1.24 each, when you buy 2 


Thanks, Reader Monica

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40 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Nail Color—Save 92% at Rite Aid!”

worked for me! what a great deal!

Just an fyi,I work at Icing(like claire’s boutique) and we sell a gel polish that does not require an led lamp. Its only $7.50 a bottle and it lasts for up to 2 weeks as well. The colors are amazing!

Cool! Thanks!

my question is why have 16 strips when u have 10 nails. i thought i will get 2 same color so i can do my nails 3 times but no my store only had 1 of every color. just saying that’s crazy

They are different sizes, so you several of them may not fit your hand. I don’t belive these can be used for more than one application because they dry out once they are opened.

the video value for this beep so did not work.

Uh oh! Hopefully the cashier will push these through, since they are correctly used!

Had the same issue but the major came over and pushed it through. My April Garnier adperk beeped yeterday morning too but they pushed that through.. Maybe their system is just having trouble?

It seem’s like Rite Aid’s system has trouble pretty often! :)

Mine didn’t beep today when I used it..maybe they fixed it!

what if im a silver or gold member will it still hit the $20.00 mark?

Yes. The BOGO 50 sale is a greater discount that the Gold or Silver discount, so your discount will not apply.

Just a word or caution the Video Value coupon is a beeper so hopefully you get a cashier that will push it through.

yay! love this deal! so close to earning my gold status. keep ’em coming! =)


I printed off these two coupons. Cvs has awesome extrabucks coming out on the coupon center @ store, plus $4 off $20 or more spent on beauty products. They have a deal going on.. Buy the Sally Hansen starter kit ($29.95) get a Free with card insta gel polish or strips. So my total before any discounts was $48, after extrabucks & cvs card I walked out paying $13 for all. :) Tried it out today…. Feels like salon nails!

I love it!

I would recommend buying the gel polish & not the gel strips, only 16 strips come in a box & its a bit time consuming to apply each strip. First time try but defintly glad I didnt pay full price! & yes I used both coupons at CVS because I had the kit & the Instant Gel polish strips at check out. CVS offered the free strips or polish with purchase so it worked :)

u could use both coupon at cvs?

Wow, could you break this down a little further please? I bought the gel strips in Feb. during a great ECB deal in CVS as well. However, I didn’t notice that the starter kit is needed because of the LED lamp that comes with it. Obviously, I’ve never wanted to pay $30 for a nail kit so this deal you’re describing sounds great!

I don’t know about a ecb deal with it but if you do the deal and you have a 4$/12 cosmetic purchase you can do this deal buy the starter kit and gel strips 44.98- 14.99 b1g1=29.99-5×2=19.99-4$/12 = 15.99 or 7.99 each

Thanks!! I”m actually planning on using the 20% off coupon and the $6/$30 from the MCM, plus the two $5 coupons and it should come out to about $8 if I”m correct (which I’ll pay with ECB’s) =)

Awesome deal!

The 20% coupon won’t work on this deal because you’re getting the gel strips for free (B1G1). I tried it tonight.

It actually does work because the 20% comes off the starter kit which is regular price. It worked for me. It might depend when the coupon is given. I told the cashier to scan the 20% first =)

What’s the ECB deal because I’m not seeing that advertised in my ad only the BOGO deal…THANKS!!

speechless. what an awesome deal. wish i would have seen this before easter!!! what an awesome easter basket stuffer!

The deal wouldn’t have worked before Easter, but it is a great one!

I was wondering the same thing. Is this a starter kit? I have coupons for $5 off the starter kit, too.. Does anyone know the price on that?

This is not the starter kit. The starter kit is more expensive.

I wonder if you can use these kits without buying the starter kit..?

I’m wondering the same thing?Anyone know?

No, you have to have the special lamp. And that is 30 dollars. No point in buying them if you’re not going to fork out the thirty for the lamp. I was so sad when I discovered this = (

Well thanks for letting me know! I will skip on this deal then! 😀

I believe the start kit is $29XX at Rite Aid when I looked last night. I don’t have the started kit but did get these to earn more points towards Gold and paid very little out of pocket. I threw them up on a local yard sale board to see if I could sell them and make my little bit of money back. Even if not, I might eventually find a cheap lamp online and try them out.

No, it’s a special kind of gel nail polish that needs the kit to work. However, I think it would work if you have a gel starter kit from a different brand (such as SensatioNail).

Looks like a fun product! Am I understanding correctly: this is sort of a refill for the starter kit (which is about $30 retail) that comes w/ the UV light/etc?

I think that’s correct. It’s an individual polish, and the starter kit comes with one (I think) polish as well.

what an awesome way to earn lots of wellness points and spend almost nothing!