Save about 70% on Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner! Three different coupons make this deal possible. First, register with Green Works and a $1.00/1 coupon will be emailed. Also, print a $0.75/1 coupon at Stack those with a Target coupon worth $2.00 on three Green Works products. After a combination of four coupons, the price drops to $0.71 each!

Buy 3 Clorox Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.29, regular price
Use two $1.00/1 – Green Works Product – (
And use one $0.75/1 – Clorox Product, Any Size – (
And use one $2.00/3 – Green Works Dish Washing, Laundry or Cleaners, Target Coupon – ( Find it in the “Grocery” category
Final Price: $0.71 each, when you buy 3


You can also use the Clorox coupon and get disposable gloves for close to a dollar:

Clorox Latex-Free Disposable Gloves, 10 ct $1.79, regular price
Use $0.75/1 – Clorox Product, Any Size – (
Final Price: $1.04

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41 thoughts on “Clorox Green Works Coupons: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Only $0.71 at Target!”

I was just at my local Target (Boston), and the store would not allow me to use the Target store coupon on cleaning wipes, the cheapest item by Green Works at my local store. Apparently, those are not considered “cleaners,” as specified on the store coupon. Will try another Target later this week to look for a different type of “cleaner.”

Oh thanks!! Happy Couponing to you too!!! 😀

did you get the error message when you signed up? I got an error message, no email and it wont let me try to sign up again saying that my email is already registered. I tried with multiple different emails.

No, everything went just fine for me. I got online & saw this post not long after it went up, so that might be why. I’m sorry you’re having trouble, I hope they fix it soon!

I hope so too, as toilet bowl cleaner is the one cleaning supply that I hadn’t been able to stock up on yet. lol

yes i keep getting an error message :(

My Target had the greenworks dish soap price cut for 2.19. So I used this deal on that rather than toilet bowl cleaner :)

Nope, no coupon yet.

A lot of us got an Error message when we signed up for the newsletter, and now it says our email is already registered, but we haven’t received the email with the coupon. I tried with 4 different emails and all of them got the error message.

:( I’m sorry everyone is having problems. I was total being sarcastic w/ the duh part of my last comment b/c even I missed reading it up at the top of the post. Hope they get it fixed so everyone can print!!

The first time I tried to register I got an error page. Then when I went back to try again, it said my email address was already registered. Help?

I had the same issue! I can’t figure out what to do either. :<

Cant access the coupons it refreshes the page back to shop now at greenworks site

I can not find the 75 cents coupon on the Clorox side. Jut the $1 for the wipes

You have to create an account, or sign in. Then it is in the offer that says “ick-tionary”, once you click there, you will see the coupon in the lower left corner

Nothing there for me, ick-tionary

Okay found the ick-tionary but only found the .75 off coupon

where do you click after you sign in? I looked everywhere for Ick-tionary but no luck:)

actually I printed that bad:). but can’t print one for $1 for greenworks. I guess that’s what I thought you were referring it too..i was looking for a ick-tionary on the greenworks website:)

the clorox website seems to be down. I’m getting an error message.

Can you use 3 $1/1 coupons, provided you have 2 computers to print from?

I wouldn’t see why not. That’s what I’m going to do.

But if you have to register and have the coupon emailed to you, wouldn’t you also need separate accounts? Two prints per computer is usually the limit for coupons, yes, but I would think that there is a limit of some sort per account regardless of if you print from another computer. Let us know if it works out!

I wasn’t able to print even though I have 2 PCs. Just got 2 print as of now :( badly need a third one . I already used up the .75 for 4 wipes

Yes, you certainly can!

I though you can only use one manufacturer coupon with one target coupon?

You can use 3 manufacturer coupons because you are buying 3 products.

oh ok thanks :)

@kcl-4db0728a01ac2eabb22a58f3a299a723:disqus is correct.

Where’s the coupon on the Green Works website?

It’s on one of the slides on their homepage but I don’t think the link is workiing for some reason. :-(

It emails it to you when you create an account

I already have an do I get it?

When I get home I’m going to print coupons and be heading to Target tomorrow to get this deal

also the clorox to go wipes are .97 cents at target making it just 23 cents per pack.

Awesome find–thanks!

when I click on get a coupon it keeps just sliding through offers. how do you get to show up?

Me Too! :-(

I can’t get it to work either :(

A coupon is emailed after registering for an account.

What if we have already registered? Can I still get the 1/1 coupon?thanks