“I can’t be a krazy couponer because I don’t have any stores that double or triple coupons!”

This is completely false! Couponing is not just for people in one part of the country. Opportunities to double your coupons are great but not necessary. I have never shopped at a store that doubles coupons regularly, and I’m about as krazy as a krazy coupon lady comes.  If you’re already trying to shop on a budget, the grocery store you currently shop may not be the store where you can save the most once you start using coupons. The best deals are often found at higher-end stores with specials such as store coupons, Catalina or instant saving promotions, or weekly ads with great sales. Also, take advantage of stores that allow you to stack coupons (using a manufacturer coupon + a store coupon on one item), product rebates, and reward programs. Krazy Couponers always save big, with or without stores that double coupons.

Be on the lookout for stores that occasionally have double coupon events (ask customer service and keep an eye out on the weekly ad fliers). But remember, you don’t have to be saving 90% every time you shop. Here at KCL, we aim to save 50-90% on our overall bill, which includes food and non-food items. We save where we can and focus on the positives instead of bemoaning hard situations and giving up. Run into empty shelves? Try special ordering, getting a rain check, or price matching at another store. Missing inserts from your newspaper? Call customer service, subscribe to home delivery, or purchase inserts online. Tired of negative views about being an “extreme couponer”? Turn the tide by taking charge of your attitude and actions, playing by the rules, and helping others. Know what you can and cannot control, and make it work!

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Hi. I am new to couponing. I would love a coupon parter. So we can help each other. I live in sioux city iowa. Thanks in advance =)

I live in the panhandle of florida. I have never seen double coupons . Please.let me know where they do this.

I live in a small 3000 people in our community and our local grocery store is about the size of most people’s mini markets. I have a situation and wanted to see if other people have it too. My stores’ cashiers says that they cant take the coupons at the end of the transaction and run them all through at once and have the computer match them up to the scanned items. They want all the coupons up front and then they will look through the cart for that specific item and then ring it through or they spread all the coupons out on the register area and use it as they scan an item. This is very time consuming and as some cashiers read every coupon and then critique the wording on it. I have found that anything over 5 coupons gets to be chaos and they end up forgetting to use some of the coupons and get the ones they have used mixed up. Any ideas to make this process easier on all of us?

Wow, they must have an ancient computer! You probably just want to be super organized at checkout. Just have her scan all of one item and hand her those coupons, then the next items, then hand her those coupons. Still slow, but at least you’ll be able to keep track of what she’s doing.

honestly, i only strive for at least 50 percent savings on my grocery bill. my store doubles coupons 99 cents and less. most coupons i have are for $1 and they are never doubled! it’s completely doable. don’t try to be like to people on tv. although its entertaining – it’s not very realistic for the most part.

I have problems with doubling at my stores. I live in Texas and most of the stores are Walmart. Walmart don’t double.

I just started couponing about a month ago. I used to think coupons were a waste of time and that they didn’t really save you much. I thought this until I watched “extreme couponing.” I couldn’t believe that coupons could be used to save that much. My paper only has smartsource in it and even that has hardly any coupons. I get most of my coupons from online, but I am thinking about getting inserts from a couponing service. My husband thinks i’m wasting money. He figures that if I didn’t spend it on things we don’t need right now, then I would be saving. So I am trying to find a balance to keep my self in check and not just buy everything that is a good deal. I have been able to get 70% savings at CVS, but only about 40% to 60% at safeway.

All of the coupons that come in most everyone elses sunday paper you can get online! It’s awesome, I used to buy two or three newspapers, not any more, and I print them from various places so I end up getting more than one coupon if I buy more than one of that item!

Dear KCL couponers,, if you all stopped watching “Extreme Couponing”, mayb it will make an impact, so they will stop showing the off the wall hauls, since you know now that most coupons are limited to “4 at one time of purchase”,some only 4 per day per household, and so on. So when the shows have a haul of 100 toothbrushes then you know if they were pg or unilever products the couponer didn’t make 25 separate purchases, or if the couons said “4 per day per household”. I am getting such a hard time at Walmart trying to use coupons in Alabama tht its nearly impossible to use them here anymore. Esp the other day when I used the $5 off any 2 Neutrogena and I done exactly as KCL posted, the cashier got a calculator totaled my items, took that price off and when I explained that she needed to subtract the $5, she intentionally out loud told me that I was stealing, and that Walmart doesn’t give money back, talk about embarrassing. You could have heard a pin drop with everyone around me and the other lines watching as she contionually said, ‘I was stealing, it’s the same thing as stealing, that im already getting the items for free and that walmart does not give money back”.

The following are guidelines and limitations:We only accepts coupons for merchandise that we sell.
Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
Only one coupon per item.
Item purchased must be identical to the coupon (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc).
There is no limit on the number of coupons per transaction.
Coupons must have an expiration date and be redeemed prior to expiration.
If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.
SNAP items purchased in a SNAP transaction are ineligible for cash back.
WIC items purchased in a WIC transaction are applied to the basket purchase and may not be eligible for cash back. Refer to state-specific WIC guidelines.
Great Value, Marketside, Equate, Parents Choice, and World Table coupons have no cash value and are ineligible for cash back or application to the basket purchase.
The system will prompt for supervisor verification for:
40 coupons per transaction.
A coupon of $20 or greater on one item.
$50 or more in coupons in one transaction.
Straight from the WalMart coupon policy, I’ve had so many problems with Walmart. But I usually carry a copy of their WalMart coupon policy and if they have a problem I tell them to read it. I will not have someone make me look stupid. Because how dumb is WalMart going to look when you have to tell their employee how to do their job.

I live in a small town and we have 5 different big bake stores, none of which double. We have to go 18 miles to go to Kmart, could double but their prices are higher than other stores. I look into it all, doesn’t take long, I wish it was different. Many of the stores don’t even carry some of the items that are in sale. But I always ell the stores to carry them and I keep looking for good deals. I’m getting 40, 14 oz Palmolive soaps for $20. It’s 50‰ I wish I could could do more but this is my first haul. I’m proud, I get disappointed at the potential hauls I could bring in. But oh well, keep digging and you will be ahead of everyone in your area. People are jealous of my first haul lol

My grocery stores double coupons up to $1.00, but that’s not where I get my best deals… most of my best deals come from reusing the rewards at the drug stores… and I love getting overage at Wal-Mart!

Iim 18 and i just started couponing but in so confused on how you guys are getting laundry detergent, paper towls, and toilet paper for really cheap and even free.? If anyone has any tips for me i would really appreciate it.

Read the book! It tells you everything you need to know. The link is at the top of the page. Keep reading the site, as well!

i agree with Marie read the book! it’s cheaper if you get the kindle version. if you don’t have a kindle, download the app to get the better price. for me, to get laundry detergent, i use store & manufacturer coupons when the opp. arises. haven’t seen anything great for paper towels & tp yet but i gotta keep searching. dont worry, you’ll get some killer deals on those items soon

I remember the first time my husband go with me to a store and I have coupons to use he walk away from me ..
when I get out of the register with a $600 in grocery and paid $400 he just can belive . That was my second trip with coupons ever now he buy the news paper and help me to organize my coupon binder . now the savings are bigger but im still lerning.

WOW, How big is your family???? $400 is A LOT of money for groceries. ouch.

My coupon binder lets me know that I don’t have to pay full price for anything. Sale or not. Now that I went through getting a stockpile to help 7 people survive in this economy, I am able to pick and choose the deals I need to restock, doubling or stacking aside. I find that refilling what I want to keep is more satifying than getting the killer deals on something that I will never eat or use. Plus, now that my husband has seen the fact that I saved us more than $5,000 on things we bought anyway last year, he is more than willing to put up with my couponing.

here in north florida NO store doubles it is hard to be “extreme” but we do the bogo with a free coupon that helps.

I’ve saved maybe about 40%, I have my game plan but it don’t plan out right all the time.

The game plan doesn’t always work out the way we plan. Sometimes due to product availability in the store or maybe just poor math skills (my Achilles heel) but sometimes you just have to chalk it up to your couponing education and let it go with the knowledge you will do better next time.

Ladies Ladies most web sites limit the coupons to 2 but nothing say’s you cant copy it how many times you want!!! Do it all the time!!

That’s kind of illegal…

Yep! Illegal!

IPs can be traced back to your computer and your printing privileges can be disabled. Surely you’re just trying to get some commenting going and not serious, especially since your comment has nothing to do with the topic.

A lot says you can’t copy it. It’s illegal to copy. Each individual coupon has to have it’s own unique bar code, if you are copying, they will all be the same, even if you use them in separate transactions, when the manufacturer gets your copied coupons they will send a message to the site that hosted the coupons and they will block your computer from printing coupons.

“Here at KCL, we aim to save 50-90% on our overall bill,” This is awesome to see. If I save anything I am happy, but like you guys, aim for 50-90%. I sure wish some folks had the same goals, rather than misusing coupons to get 90-100% savings. Saving money honestly means a lot more to me than bragging about a low OOP cost.

I live in the land of doubles and half price BOGO, but the stores that do double only double $.50 and under coupons and one of them only doubles up to the cost of the item (so no overage). There have been many times I would have much rather had true BOGO, especially when there are BOGO coupons. I also know some states pay no tax on groceries which is another advantage some have. I read of overage deals at Publix all the time, but when I add in the 9% sales tax I pay, most deals are not moneymakers for me. I love to coupon to help my family and though I can always look at another situation and wish I had it over mine, I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to save my family money. And thanks KCL for running an honest site and striving to keep things on the up and up.

OMG! Every time I watch ‘Extreme Couponing’ I cringe, cause all they show is people buying crap, that’s not healthy, full of sodium and carbs, feeding their family only because they have a coupon. And I just don’t think some of these folks are all up in there… if you know what I mean… LOL. I save anywhere between 30-40% (I’m a newbie). I took my hubby shopping and saw how my bill went from $157 to $86… He was impressed! :)

Yeah the hording ones are a bit crazy but I’ve been in a situation where I only had $50 for the whole month, for 3 people, and I didn’t coupon back then. If its a choice between eating every meal that month or just 6 meals, well there really isn’t much of a choice there. We ate a lot of eggs. Living in the poorest and the fattest state in the nation is a perfect example of whats wrong with the mindset of people here. I almost cried one day because an apple cost $1 that feeds 1 person, not even a meal, where as the eggs would make 3 – 4 meals for 3 people for the same price. We need more fresh fruit and veggie coupons and we need to teach people how to do it.

Where do you live? I’m just curious.

I live in Mississippi, just about an hour from New Orleans.

Very true, I remember my mom struggling with her family of 6, she somehow made it work, she rarely used frozen/processed foods, she cooked and it fed us. But I do understand, sometimes, you gotta do, what you gotta do! :) I agree, we need more fruit and veggie coupons. I go to Meijer, and they do print out produce catalinas.

Hubby told me he was impressed with my cleaning supply stash. I mop a lot due to doggies who are getting older so finding a deal on floor cleaning products is a must!!!

Stores that double coupons in my opinion are in higher cost of living areas. I live in the Washington, DC area and prices are very high, sometime almost double what it seems they are a lot of other places. The major grocery stores double coupons regularly up through $0.99 but that is because their prices are so high to start out with.

I live in an area with a very high cost of living and no stores double coupons here. I’ve learned to do what another site calls “strategic couponing” which is using coupons and sales to save as much as possible on certain items so that i can afford the items that don’t go on sale.
I’m a single mom, work fulltime, and commute, so I have to consider the amount of time and fuel necessary to get the savings I need. Running to four different stores in a day or even a weekend just isn’t on my to-do list, as it uses up too much time and too much gasoline.

its definately not impossible, but living in socal, i don’t have double coupons with any regularity. The prices are higher, coupons have lower values sometimes, and the only store that doubles is albertsons, (but it isn’t very often we had a 6 month “doubler Drought”). My favorite store is target because the prices are usually pretty low, plus they have nice sales, and target coupons. I still average a 95% savings though, so it definately is very possible, just harder!

The only place I know that is near where I live that doubles coupons is Tom Thumb and I get confused shopping there. Are the Just4U coupons different from the paper coupons? When it says one-time, does it mean for one product or those products in one transaction?

I get confused about the “one time” thing as well

It’s really not that confusing. Before I went to Safeway, I loaded the Just4U coupon for the cheez-its onto my card. On my Just4U it was $1.99 “one time”, no limit stated. So
basically, you can buy as many as you want whether it’d be 1 or 10, but it has to be on one transaction/same shopping trip. So let’s say you bought 2. You would get the Just4U priced at $1.99 each. So then you checked out and paid but then decided you wanted to buy more. If so, you will no longer get the crackers for $1.99, instead you will be paying regular price for it. So if you plan on getting an item that says one time (no limit) and you think it’s a good price, buy as many as you want that very same day/transaction. I ended up buying 3 boxes of cheez its for $1.99 each. I went home and checked my Just4U account and I noticed the cheez its coupon that I had loaded was gone. So that’s kind of how I knew that the deal for that item is done for me. Hope this helps.

Do you know if it works the same way for “cents off coupons?” Like, save .50 off hotdogs “one time.”

Each Just4U coupons can only be used once, so even if you buy 4 of that item, only 1 of them will get the coupon discount, the rest will stay normal price. Just4U coupons still count as the same kind of store coupon and the ones in their ads, so you can only use 1 Store coupon and 1 MQ

I have asked this question at safeway. It kind of depends on the coupon. But usually if it states a specific price and says one time that means that you can buy as many as you want (or whatever the limit is) but you must do so in one transaction.

My “Krogers” doubles and I shop there mostly because of free items + the fuel points. I really enjoy the fuel points. It’s easy to buy some coffee cream during the mega event and give it to my mother, mother in-law, and send some with me for co-workers. 😀 BUT I shop mostly at Wal-Mart…which everyone seems to dread on here.

I live in Nor-cal and feel like I’ve mastered personal care items shampoo, razors, makeup Ect. But I have a hard time getting my food bill down. Any tips welcome I only have one computer that prints so when I find a good deal I can only print two prints and newspapers don’t seem to have as good coupons as online.

I live in Nor-cal too, and for food products I shoot for 50% + savings on the bill. By far.. my go-to grocery store is Safeway, they have common food items on sale and Safeway coupons can be combine with MC coupons for bigger savings.

Their online JFU program gives me usually one free item a week, and big savings on meat can be found at my store Sat after 4pm, when markdowns happen. I also find good luck with sale items being in stock, I never have an issue stocking up on items.

They also let us use coupons on clearance items, and post tear pads everywhere! Their sale items are also very cyclical, so you can establish a habit of timing the sales on staple items like coffee to correspond with Catalina deals and MC coupons out at the same time.

They often do $10 off $75 purchase catalina Q’s. It takes some planning, but it is worth it to save half on groceries, our biggest expense.

I’ll have to try signing up for safeways card again. I lost the card and even though I signed the card up online the system didn’t recognize my phone number. So I gave up. Were in Nor-cal are you located I would love a coupon buddy.

Thanks for the information on Safeway. I am trying to get our food savings down too and I need to give Safeway another try.

You can print coupons at your local library.

Tried its restricted on the computers :(

A lot of libraries don’t allow printing that sort of thing, especially if it requires downloading the coupon printing software.

hi i go to the library you can print coupons .our library charges 10 cents a sheet and i can . print 3 different coupons on each sheet. i go to differen computers and get double coupons.I hope this helps.

I wish my library allowed it but because your required to download software the computers at my library block it.

I live in SW Washington state and have been couponing for about a year. I too feel like I have mastered the drug store items, and I feel like I do “O.K.” at the grocery store but could also use some tips to get the costs down and the item numbers up. It probably doesn’t help that we have a house full of 10 and 3 are teenagers (2 boys).

Oops, sorry! I felt the same way and was so discouraged from even trying. I’m new to blogging/comments (couponing for that matter)! Anyways, yes…I live in Orange County, CA…i KNOW high prices. I just started and doubling isn’t an option (for the most part…but I hear on occasion there are stores that have similar events). However, I still have found “free” items using my coupons and all the stores allow “stacking” which helps. I always look for what I call the “trifecta”: Clearance or Sale+Manu Coupon+Store Coupon= HUGE savings. I’m never going to experience “money makers”, but if I can score things I normally use for $1 or less (I have to justify it being a better deal than Dollar Tree or .99 cent store), then I’m stoked! This is my 2nd week and stock pile coming along nicely. Its VERY time consuming but I’m getting more efficient. Plus, I LIKE it…so its fun and doesn’t seem like work to me

I feel your pain, Newport Beach, CA…

Costa Mesa 😉

Same here, Aliso Viejo, CA….I’m looking for a cpn buddy, anyone interested?

I’m also in OC and Target is my favorite store right now. Target allows you to stack manuf coupon + store coupons + cartwheels. I also use my Target store card, which is hooked to my debit card, to save an additional 5%. Target also has great sales, like buy 3, get one free or buy two and get a $5 or $10 gift card. Prices for certain brands tend to be cheaper here, so when you combine that with couponing, etc. you can save a ton.

I live in Orange County, CA…so I KNOW high

I live in Florida…a land that prohibits doubling coupons. When I first moved here I was shopping at Walmart and Target a lot. Target I could at least stack coupons. Walmart nope. And most of the time the match ups werent verbatim enough for me to get a price match on anything in another add.

Well…thankfully a friend turned me on to some websites that focus on Publix a lot. At first I was skeptical thinking they had higher prices than Walmart and Target, but they were very similar. Then I figured out how to maximize a bogo sale with coupons. You can stack a manufacturers coupon and store coupon on each bogo item. Sometimes I even run in to overage and can apply it to other items. Or do a strategy where if I have 5 off 30 etc coupons, I try to coupon 25 for free, then throw that 5 to a full price item. There are strategies. A little stick-to-it-tivity and you’ll be alright. 😉

I am definitely up at Target more now that Kroger in my area
stopped doubling coupons, but only if it’s a really good deal. Mostly because I
hate their parking lot, and the next nearest one is probably a 30 min drive
I wish my regular grocery store had store coupons. You’re lucky in that.

I live in Florida as well and I’m new to couponing. What websites did your friend refer you to? I’d like to check them out.

I live in Florida too and get amazing deals at Publlix….try southern savers & coupon mom.

I tried coupon mom and it was to confusing!!

I agree, I do not like nor do I use cpn mom for that reason. It’s not like KCL, VERY USER FRIENDLY

And BTW I have been watching Extreme Couponing a lot lately and I know for a fact that so much of that show is skewed. When they say, “I get my inserts from neighbors and friends and buy 10 or 20 papers” but then they go and have 400 coupons for one item, I just know they are pulling hauls bigger than normal and getting those coupons from other means so that they can have a crazy haul for the TV show. Also they are trying to get the craziest numbers they can for shock value so its not a actual representation of what their hauls normally are.

” I just know they are pulling hauls bigger than normal and getting those
coupons from other means so that they can have a crazy haul for the TV

Definitely! I this it was in the first season with the woman in SoCal, she pulled a 70 or 80% savings—I was unimpressed (lol). I do that on a weekly basis. After all, it wouldn’t be “good TV” without shock value—110% savings on a $1000 haul…all done by a toddler, you say? Lemme DVR it now.

Agreed… who needs 200 bottles of mustard?

That’s why I love KCL and learning Krazy couponing from this site. Its all about getting what your family needs. If its rock bottom prices, and doesn’t go bad (like toothbrushes) get a year’s supply. But thats not 1000 toothbrushes!!! Unless you are the Dugger’s I guess! Sale’s always come back around and you WILL get a good deal again!

me. hahaha, jk! 😉

Charities and people of need! You do not have to glut-up all the benefits, many places do take donations. I am stock piling personal items to donate to a organization that help out drug addicts become clean. They need deodorant, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, ect….I feel my dollar stretches more by also giving them my time and effort which is a priceless gift back helping those who truly need!

I totaly agreed on this why buy cat food i you dont even have a cat . Or 250 pain relever when they have expiration day. This is the people the hurt the honest couponer

I would never pass up a deal on animal food. However I have 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs so I can stock up on them items. But I came across a deal on dog food, cat food and such. I had coupons that made them free. I don’t use the brand that I had a coupon for so I just donated it to my local humane society even gave them some air freshners. I would rather get it for free and donate to them so they can spend their money on saving animals. Now I can see if someone has 100 boxes of cat food, don’t have a cat and don’t plan on donating it. Then there’s something wrong.

Saving ANY amount of money is better than paying full price! If your store doesn’t double, then make sure to hit up Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid as much as possible to save on personal care products, get as much overages with Walmart to help pay down your bill, and you can make up the rest that way. Just because you don’t go into one store and pay $50 for $1000 worth of stuff doesn’t mean you can’t save tons of money!!! I just started couponing in December and I had NO idea that my local Kroger store (City Market) doubled. I NEVER shopped there but got to know Walmart, Walgreens and Rite Aid very well. Those months, I saved 40-50% on my groceries/personal care for that month! That’s still huge! Now that I know my City Market much better, I am saving more and building on my food stockpile but I am prepared that someday they will most likely stop doubling. But even at our most expensive store here (Albertson’s Market) I got a screaming deal on 2 and 3 ply TP for $1.99 per 12 rolls! And that was just a regular sale and they don’t double. So its totally possible to still save tons of money!

I love Albertsons Market! They have buy one get THREE free pork loin and $0.29 red gold ketchup (when you buy 10 participating items. you could buy the same stuff too)

I am SO all over that 3 day sale this weekend! Perfect timing too bc my husband wants ribs for his bday on Sat! And they just doubled coupons last week!

Most tablets are not equipped to handle the Java Applet that the coupon sites require. What happened to your computer?

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This past weekend I was at my parents’
place and “Extreme Couponing” was on. I was grumbling
aloud, saying, “Of course your whole stockpile is free—it’s
because your store doubles! And your stores’ markup price is lower.
And you pay lower tax. And your general cost of living is lower.”
LOL, obviously I was “in a mood.” My mom, in the kitchen,
chimed in: “There’s no store that doubles here?” It’s been
a very looong time since she’s stepped foot in a regular grocery
store—after all, why should she when I get her what she needs (darn
filial duties!).

Long story short, I live in L.A.—the
suburbs of L.A., where prices are even higher than metro L.A. (which
are already higher than the rest of the country)—and it’s not easy
being an “extreme couponer” (I got that badge when I went
shopping with my mom and she said “it’s embarrassing”
shopping with me now—and all my coupons). How do I “extreme
coupon”? I almost never buy something for regular price now, try
to combine sale prices with MQs and store Qs, and be conscious of
catalinas/store rewards/incentives. It ain’t easy, but neither is
making money—so I gotta do what I gotta do to save as much of it as
I can.

Oh no! Why would your mother be embarassed by you saving money? My mother appaulds my couponing efforts. Sometimes literally. My friends think I’m a bit silly, but I make less money than all of them…

I think it’s karma. I used to mock her using 1 coupon (this was way back in the day, before I could even work and didn’t understand the value of a dollar), and now, when I check out, I use like 10 coupons for 5 items. Plus people usually stare, and don’t get me started on the cashiers with their deadpan faces after I break out the coupons.

My brother thinks it’s embarassing but he expects me to get him laundry soap. I asked him if he had a coupon for something and it made it free would he use it, he told me no… He’s a cheap @$$ too, I mean big time! I only feel embarassed when my husband goes with me and talks the whole time to people how I get stuff for free, and that after they see my end total they’ll want to start couponing. I’m just like shut up I really hate attention, makes me feel like I have to get a really low total or else I’m going to be VERY embarassed.

There aren’t any doubling stores here, at least ones worth even trying. Freds and Kmart do but its extremely limited. What I do instead is to hit all the BOGO sales that winn dixie has. I can use 2 coupons since I’m buying 2 items! Basically double couponing. The important thing to remember is that you must scan your manufacture coupons BEFORE your store card, as the store card basically makes the second item disappear, therefore invalidating the second coupon. They are really good about matching up their BOGO deals with coupons found in the most recent sunday inserts. I even have their app to track my deals. They give out a $5 off $55 dollar purchase Catalina often, but that has to be at least your final total or it won’t work. That coupon scans last after your card. I also watch for closeout deals and close date discounts, because I can use manufacture coupons on those items too. Recently I got Welchs Juice on closeout for $1.30, and used my .40 off two for a real deal! I’ve got juice coming out my ears. They had Juicy Juice for 3.29 BOGO and even though I didn’t have a coupon, I still stocked up. $1.65 for Juicy Juice! Heck Yeah..

Did you know they have their own coupons now? Knorr pasta and rice sides are $1, and they have a coupon for $0.50 off of two, and I have a manu Q for $0.50 off of two, making them $0.50 each! And I only get salad when they have them bogo free, because they have the $1/1 coupons out and you can use 2 making each bag under $1. It’s easy to rack up the $55 when you buy their BOGO Free chicken and beef. I love buying their chicken legs- you get like 40 chicken legs REALLY cheap when it’s bogo. It will last a long time and there’s a ton of recipes out there on how to cook them in other ways rather than just fried and baked!

Yes! I load them on the card but I always forget about them since I can’t see them. 😛 I have it a little easier since I’m vegetarian, I don’t cook as much meat for my family as most people. They have the Fruitfuls BOGO right now, and I have 2 of the $1 off coupons! woo!

I like the BOGO deals at Winn-Dixie, but I haven’t gotten down the couponing there. I know that my store does accept competitors coupons (Publix), but I haven’t noticed any Winn-Dixie store coupons. Where do you find their store coupons?

On their website, onto their shopping card. The one I go to won’t accept competitor coupons, so always double check the first time around.

There only 1 local store that double near me.They only double 1coupon the rest don’t double.(They double up to 60cents)So I went in there i had a 4 coupon for 55cent off Bistro Favorites meat and 2 for Maccormick taco seasoning.The meat was on sale for $2.27(paid $1.27each)and Taco seasoning was 2/$1(paid 5cents). I get to register I was going to do seperate purchases for the meat.The girl was like I can’t check you out more than 1 time with a coupon because the store doesn’t want your coupons to double.So I had to go 4 different registers to check out so my coupons would double.Then the last person checked me out twice because she said she didn’t know about such a rule. Why would a store be so cheap and say we double coupons if it only wants 1 coupon to double?

The Krogers in my area recently stopped doubling coupons,
although they lowered prices throughout the store to make up for it. (They are
supposedly trying to compete with Walmart.) In response, the other grocery
chain, Remke/bigg’s, had a one-day double-up-to-$2 event, and loosened up their
everyday coupon policy from four like coupons per transaction to six. It’s an
exciting time to be a couponer!

That’s great!

The two grocery stores near me does not double coupons. When first starting my reaction was that I can only save on beauty/personal care products but this week proved me wrong. Just by checking the ad for my local grocery store (Hy-Vee), I found ten cent pack trident gum (better than last week’s walgreens) with their buy three get two free promotion and free golden Graham’s cereal with their buy 4 save $4 off instantly and earn a $4 Catalina in addition to $2/2 peelies I found on the boxes. But some weeks are hit and miss like last week where there was no deals to be had ( well at least what was in ad since I don’t have time to do any further research). I am slowly learning how to shop at stores that are not on KCL as well that don’t double. Plus my store has a fuel saver program!

oh and there is a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in my town there prices we so high that i almost never go there..now i even go there when there is a sale on an item i have coupons under 1.00 dollar and they double and combine that with catalina and it does not get any better then that.

i have learned so much in last couple months and saving so much. i feel terrible all these years i had been paying full prices and throwing away so much money i could have put away for my kids college. i continue to learn and keep increasing my savings. thank you so much KCL. it took lot of time at the begginning but now i have better routine and still a challenge but lot easier. cashiers are surprised many times.lol

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Hear, hear, Pizzaz!

Pizzaz says, “Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory!”