Here’s an exciting new coupon that DermaSilk released exclusively to go with an ExtraBucks promotion at CVS this week. Save $10.00 on your out-of-pocket cost for DermaSilk products, and get $10.00 ExtraBucks back. Here’s one item choice that comes up as a moneymaker after ExtraBucks:

DermaSilk 1-minute Wrinkle Eraser Pen $19.29, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks through 4/13, Limit 1
Use $10.00/1 – DermaSilk Full Size Product, valid through 4/14 – (
Or $5.00/1 DermaSilk Full Size Product from RP 4/7 (exp 5/4)
Pay $9.29, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.71 Moneymaker


If you have a 20% Off Email Coupon, turn this deal into a bigger moneymaker! See more in our 20% Off Post!

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81 thoughts on “New DermaSilk Coupon: Moneymaker at CVS!”

I always forget to use my 20% off. (:

This may have already been answered but I received a $5 off facial skincare purchase of $15 or more from the coupon machine will that work on the Dermasilk?

yes it should work unless you get a nasty reluctant cashier who will find any excuse for you not to use it. just sayin happened to me and i had to use other out of town location CVS who took other CVS coupons without hesitation.

i don’t understand how you can all use a 20% CVS coupon? This product is on sale and should not work with this coupon…hasn’t anyone else noticed this?

Krazy Coupon GUY

I still did it though 😉

At my CVS these are $20.99 (everything is always $1 or so more for some reason) and I used $5 ECB, $10 mq, $2 off facial care, so for me this was only $3.99 before tax, added in with the Stride gum deal, I paid $6.25 and got $11 ECB back, which I used on the buy $30 get $10 back deal for scott, kleenex, all, etc. I just started couponing so I am pretty proud of myself for this one lol This is my favorite site for couponing deals. Thank you for all that you do!

these are $29.99 at my local CVS! i showed the cashier my KCL print out and said they’re only $20.00 at other stores…he adjusted the price for me! i asked him if he was sure it was ok to do that and he confirmed it with a manager!

They should have done that because there are three different ones.. But glad you got one.

I can’t find dermasilk wrinkle eraser pen anywhere. I don’t want to waste gas driving around so I called 5 different stores and they were all sold out. I never got does it work? $10 MQ from Dermasilk expires on sunday the 14th..some said that truck is coming on Friday but they were not sure if they will have it..i guess my question is if I have a raincheck and my MQ is expired, is CVS going to accept expired check?thank you

Some have been known to do that. However, I would be sure to ask when you request your raincheck.

I would definitely get a rain check. CVS will honor the extra bucks in the rain check. To get a rain check just bring the current ad to the register and let the cashier know you would like a rain check for a sale ad item they are out of stock on. The cashier will write a code and ask you for the qty you would like at this price. When you go back take the rain check with you ( I save the ad too just in case but it is not necessary). CVS will honor the sale price and they will enter a code from the rain check that will print the ECB. This one of the reasons I love shopping at CVS!

My CVS will do IOUs. It is a small store and often runs out of stock for ad items. I purchase the items with my coupons then, and often in a week or so the items will be back instock for me to pick up. The manager writes a note on my reciept what they owe me and then when I pick them up!

but even if you get raincheck..we cant no longer use the 10 dollar MQ right. because MQ expires 4/14. so the deal will not be so great.

Yes you can!!! The product just cant be in stock and they should honor the expired coupon

my windows 8 reader will not let me print cpn. new to this windows 8, can anyone out there please help so I can print the cpn. would love to get this!!!

sorry ill be a can i use the 4 off 12 cosmetics with the dermasilk??

It’s not technically a cosmetic item, but facial skincare.

Check to see if you have a 3/12 facial skincare CVS coupon-i got one from the machine either this week or last week. :-)

hellooo im kinda new to couponing and today i try to used the 20%off with the Dermasilk and they didnt accept it because its a sale the end of the receipt it said 20%off not used…:/ im confused

i found one yesterday after posting and bought this item ended with 8 dollar moneymaker..woohoo

For some reason my cashier decided to be really nice and let me use the $10 printable and the $5 insert coupon for the dermasilk pen ($19.99). I also had a $.75/1 xtra laundry soap, i used two Orbat Gum $1/1 CVS coupon expirering today. Had one $1 ecb, paid $6.49 and got back $10 ecb! (I was lucky with the dermasilk coupons though)

Where did you get the Xtra from?

I found it in a blinkie machine in Shoprite and I think Price chopper if you have them. I grabbed a few for future deals. Ended up paying .24 cents for the xtra with the cvs coupon and manufacurer coupon

Can you grab me a couple please.

Sorry but I’m pretty sure the cashier didn’t notice you used both or probably thought the $10 coupon was a CVS coupon so she allowed them to stack. If I may ask, if you knew both were MQs why did you present both?

I understand they were both mq coupons, and I didn’t present both of them, she actually asked me for it, and I told her I wanted to use the $10/1 instead and she stated that others had used both so I gave her the coupon and it went through. I’m not sure why, but this is how it worked for me. I wasn’t trying to “cheat” the system if that is what you are thinking.

Sorry, but, If I may ask, why the coupon angst? the callous accusation wrapped up in seemingly polite language…

hey, at least I’ll be blunt about it. Oh, and BTW the acronym of your name spells out KKK….

Got mine today!! WHOOP! Thanks :o) Also I bought this with the physicians formula, used a $5 off $25 facial care coupon from last week and a $3 off $15 facial care from this week (as I bought a ton of the physicians formula make up, no limit to get the $6 off) so it was a huge MM for me!

I went to 4 different CVS stores and not one had the DermaSilk pen for $19.99 so instead I bought the DermaSilk Flawless for $29.99 minus the $10 coupon and I had $5 ecb so my oop was $17.24. And I got back $10 ecb. I had more ecb to use to make it free but I am collecting them so next week I can make a large purchase.

in hickory hills stores they are 39.99


I just used the $10/1 coupon and a $5/$25 coupon to buy the Dermasilk pen and CVS brand make-up wipes( $4.99 to use the $5/$25) , then used $10ecb from sunday and beauty= $0 oop and got $10 back :) :) :) and finally triggered a 20% off !

Is the $10 coupon a manufacture coupon or a CVS store coupon? Because my store is all out of the Dermasilk pens and I got a raincheck, however per the corporate polich only CVS store coupons will be accepted past the expiration date if it is associated for that raincheck. Thanks

It’s a manufacturer coupon

Hi KCL, I had a trouble with the dermasilk coupon at my cvs they said they needed a manager to “okay” it because it is a printable how do you recommend me talking to the manager?

I’m not sure… I would need to know their reasoning for not accepting it. It is a valid coupon and they accept printables. If they refuse it, contact corporate: 888-607-4287

Well because they thought it could be fake and cant authorize it

I can’t print the coupon because it’s a PDF file, I have no idea of how to convert it so I can print. Any suggestions.

You can print PDFs. You just need to use the print function.

Actually when you have window 8 it is much harder than it looks like over all if u haven’t bought Microsoft office . I couldnt print it or figure out how to fix that so I had to use and older computer and it took me a while because it kept turning off on me LoL . but I used it at cvs and it worked out perfectly !

Just right click on coupon and hit print.

Can we use the 20% on physicians formula concealer?

no its a sale item.

I used 20% off, $2 ECB, $10 Dermasilk mfc, and a $4 off $12 cosmetics from CVS coupon machine. $7 MM for me!!!!

i bought the dermasilk, physicians formula concealer, and venus razor. My out of pocket was $6. Used $10 coupon, $3 razor coupon, $1 physicians formula coupon, my 20 percent off and a cvs machine coupon for $4 on $20 or more facial care item and automatic $6 off for physicians formula. Then I got back $12 ECB! I love CVS

Very nice.

Hi, I was wondering if I could use 10 ECB and the 10 coupon from the website to get the final price to be free. If I made them scan the ECB first and then the coupon would it maybe work?


If you have a $10 ECB yes you could use it with $10 coupon hth.

If you’re asking if there will be no tax, that will depend on your state. You can get it free before tax though – they will just need to reduce the EB down a penny (or whatever’s left of the balance after manufacturer coupon).

This deal worked out great for me!!! I grabbed the last wrinkle eraser pen at my cvs and used the $10q, and my 20% cvs q and 5 eb I had from last week, and ended up paying $2.15 oop and recieved the 10 eb back!!!

Can I use 10% off and $3.00 extra bucks with the $10.00 off coupon even tho it says ‘cannot combine with any other coupon’ ??? Help I’m new with this

Yes you can. Its not to be combined with any other manufacture coupons but CVS coupons are fine.

I cannot get this to print. It keeps pulling it up as a document and says cannot print. Any advice?

It is a PDF coupon, may be the pop-up blocker is on. please try to turn off and see.

It should open as a pdf file, either in your browser or with Adobe Reader. Then you can print from browser or Adobe. If not, save as a PDF file to your desktop and reopen.

could i use $4/$12 cosmetic crt?

yes. I used it.Thanks to KCL. I just did this and it is a nice MM, if you can find one in store. I got the last one at our store. Coz rain checks wont help due to the coupon expiring this week.

If non are left in the store, my store will honor the expiring coupon…

Actually, CVS policy states that if you get a raincheck, it will extend the expiration of the store coupon. When you pay, you will need to give the CVS coupon & the rain check. Hth

That goes for expired MF too

Yes I just did it also!!!!! This is great for the Cvs Beauty Club.

so if i use the $4/$12 coup will it reduce the amt of my 20% coupon?

Yes, the $4 will come off before the 20%.

I would say no because dermasilk isn’t considered a cosmetic item, but I think it kind of depends on the your cvs you go to. I’ve always been told the cosmetic coupon is only for the makeup section.

It is facial care, technically. Not a cosmetic, although others have said it is being accepted. Your experience will vary.

The defention of cosmetic is to help look beautyfull? yes? Then wouldn’t this make people look beauty?

Unfortunately we don’t get to decide. You could kinda make this argument about many things at CVS: skin vitamins, health food, etc, lol. Cosmetics is basically defined as makeup.

Didn’t you say in that post about coupon cosmos, it is anything that makes you look beautyfull?

i have signed up for the beauty club and got 2 10% discount coupons on beauty products. can i use them along with this deal?

You sure could!

Would this be considered a cosmetic or facial purchase? I have a $4 off $20 facial that would make this a $7 MM when combined with a 20%.

Nevermind! Got my answer from savingsmom’s post.

Dermasilk wrinkle eraser is a facial care product, not a cosmetic. HTH!

I have a $3 off skin care purchase of $12. Can I use it?

You sure can. Great deal!

I bought the DermaSilk 1 Minute Wrinkle Eraser Pen today for $20.99, used my 20% off ($4.20), the $5 coupon from today’s paper and a CVS coupon for $4 off of $20 on skincare, then got $10 in extrabucks on my receipt. It ended up being a $2.21 MM. I didn’t have the $10 coupon I’ve seen other people referencing or it could have been better.

Nice deal!

The coupon says “Coupon cannot be combined with any other coupons” in big letters at the top. Does this mean no other coupons used on the same item, or in general for an entire purchase? I have a scenario for a $10/$50 beauty purchase CVS coupon that I wanted to use with this, will I be able to?

you can always combine Manufacturing coupons with CVS coupons, so yes.

The purchase-based coupon applies to your purchase, not this item specifically. So you may use both.

Bought the DermaSilk pen for $19.29 and 3 John Frieda products for $18. My total was $37.29. Used a $6 off $ 30 CVS coupon, $10 DermaSilk manuf coupon, and $3/2 and $2/1 John Frieda manuf coupons. Total came to $16.29 + tax. Got back $10 ECB and a $5 ECB. Also, I will earn $3.72 in beauty rewards.. So I got 4 products for free and made $2.43.