Get ready for summertime scrapes! Stock up on Band-Aids and Neosporin. Head to the Healthy Essentials website to print a rebate offer for a free first aid bag and $5.00 off a $10.00 qualifying purchase! To print the offer, log in or create an account.


Rebate Requirements

  • You must spend $10.00 or more, and the purchase must include at least one Neosporin Ointment or Cream product and one Band-Aid bandages product.
  • Purchases must be made between 4/7 and 4/30.
  • Requests must be received by 5/31.
  • Mail in the completed rebate form, the original store receipt with products circled, and the UPC barcodes cut from the package.
  • Limit one offer per household mailing address.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks to receive a $5.00 rebate check and first aid bag!

This is a great week to buy Neosporin and Band-Aids at Walgreens, even without this super rebate. Earn Balance Rewards Points on top of sale prices, coupons, and the rebate! Even though one of the coupons reads “Redeemable at Rite Aid,” it is a manufacturer coupon that can be used at Walgreens. Take a look at this sweet deal:

Buy 1 Neosporin, 0.26 or 0.5 oz $3.99, sale price through 4/13
Buy 1 Benadryl Itch Relief, 1 oz $3.99, sale price through 4/13
Buy 2, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points through 4/13
Buy 4 Band-Aid Bandages, 10-80 ct $2.99, sale price through 4/13
Buy 2, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points through 4/13
Spend $10.00, Submit for $5.00 Mail-In Rebate and First Aid Bag through 4/30, Limit 1

Use one $2.00/1 – Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment or Neosporin Lip Health, Excludes Trial Size – (
Or $2.00/1 – Neosporin Product – (
And use one $2.00/1 Benadryl Topical Product, excludes trial size, Limit one coupon per person, Limit of 4 coupons in same transaction from RP 4/7 (exp 5/24)
And use one $1.00/2 – Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, excludes trial size, limit one coupon per person, no more than 4 coupons for the same product in the same transaction, redeemable at Rite Aid – (
And use one $0.75/2 – Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, excludes trial sizes, limit one coupon per person – (
Pay $14.19, Submit for $5.00 Mail-In Rebate
Final Price: $1.53 each, when you buy all 6, Receive 9,000 Balance Rewards Points ($9.00 – $10.75) plus free first aid bag


Take a look at this week’s list of cheap Walgreens filler items

Thanks, Stace0915

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25 thoughts on “New Rebate: Better-than-Free Neosporin and Band-Aids at Walgreens!”

I contacted Johnson and Johnson and they said it. Was $10 b4 coupons

I’m using a mac and cannot print the rebate. I checked all my java settings and everything is fine. Any one knows how to fix it?

Is the rebate no longer available? How do you find it?

Nevermind, found it from another article. Thanks!

Went to Walgreens today and got this great deal. When I got home I was flipping through the “First Aid- Answers at Walgreens” pamphlet (found in the Pharmacy) and saw
more Manufacture coupons for these products…
$1/1 Bandaid Flexible Fabric 100 ct. and…
$1/1 Neosporin Essentials any size
Both expire 4/30/14

Just thought I would share with you all!

Can you apply for the rebate with the prices of the items $10.00 total, before using the coupons?

do you have to do 2 transactions on the bandaids to get the 6000 points or will they give u all the points in 1 transaction?

Is there another site that I can print rebate from. I’m not able to print anything using Java? Tried numerous times installed, unstalled.

This is the only site! Java has been acting up, but for me it works in Firefox. Did you try that?

Yea I tried firefox too:( Such a bummer cause I bought 6 bandaids, 4 neosporin, and 4 benadryl.

I had same problem with Java. My husband installed older version Java 1.6. For some reason Java 1.7 did not work for me. Good luck

Just tried to print rebate form and it says it was out? I am in the wrong spot?

If you buy one Benadryl, how do you get to 9,000 balance reward points?

Buy one Benadryl and one Neosporin and earn 3,000 Points from the purchase of those two.

Thanks for clarifying!

If you do just 2 band-aids it works out to be great also 😀

We want to be sure that the rebate works, which is why our scenario above is for $10.00 after coupons, not before. Better safe than sorry!

Is the 10 before or after coupons?

It doesn’t state anything on the rebate, so we assume it has to be after coupons. Better safe than sorry!

I did this deal yesterday when they were doing the bonus points. I was pleasantly surprised when the kids Band-Aids (Cars, Princess and Hello Kitty) all rang up @ $2.00 each!

That’s great!

You received the pts for the kids band-aids? So happy to hear that!

To clarify: I don’t think it gave me points for the kids Band Aids…but I was happy with the .99/each savings :)

Can you insert the fine print from the bottom of the rebate form? I CANNOT read it! I’m sure others will have this problem too. My printer settings were on fast draft, black/white. Thanks KCL!

It is hard to read!! Option 1: use a mag. glass; Option:2: scan onto computer and enlarge to read Option 3: Copy at a magnified size