Did you get the high-value Poligrip coupon in the Red Plum insert yesterday? If so, head to Walmart for a big-time moneymaker! The 0.75-ounce Poligrip costs $1.72 at Walmart; use the coupon and take home $0.78! Even if this isn’t a product that you personally use, it makes a great donation item.


Poligrip, 0.75 oz $1.72, regular price
Use $2.50/1 Poligrip Denture Adhesive, 0.75 oz or larger from RP 4/7 (exp 5/7)
Final Price: $0.78 Moneymaker 

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45 thoughts on “Poligrip Coupon, $0.78 Moneymaker at Walmart!”

I’m having an extremely hard time finding a wal-mart that has this item in stock

is there a way i can have it ordered and set aside?

I couldn’t find this coupon either

I used two of these and at the end I spent $.67 cents for two bags worth of items!

I tried this deal and the cashier and supervisor wouldn’t let me use it. They said it had to be the one in the picture. They wouldn’t even scan it. What should I do?

They are incorrect. It’s frustrating when stuff like this happens! I would try again with a different cashier at a different time of day. Or try a different Walmart altogether. Good luck!

Thanks! I’ll try that.

Wishing I had read your website first before I went to Walmart but I only spent $.91 on a $10.80 total because I used coupons. I had 4 of the Duncan Hines ones and made 14 cents on each. Used the Tena coupon I sent off for and got a pack of 20 liners FREE. Used another coupon (50 cents off) on the Angel Soft facial tissues (reg price $1.17) and a Glade warmer coupon (normal price $1.38) and paid 38 cents for that. Now I find out about the Poligrip coupon. I have 10 of them! They came in the Raleigh News and Observer Sunday edition. I bought the last 10 copies from Lowe’s Foods on Tues! and it had 3 different sets of coupons in it. Not to mention getting another set from RedPlum at my home address that had different coupons in it. I ended up with 3 sets of those so far (mine plus 2 neighbors). Usually I get another set at my Post Office box. Have not seen them yet. If I do I plan to raid the waste cans to recycle as many sets as possible… lol

I am disappointed that I don’t get the coupons that the inserts post. Seems like a lot of people are able to donate items and I use coupons to sustain my family weekly. I just recently lost my job and couponing has become a way of life just to feed my family. Wish I could stockpile items myself. Not for donation but because my family has a true need for it. Extreme couponing has made too many people greedy!!!

I’m sorry that you didn’t get this coupon, Dee : ( We don’t always get the best insert coupons either.

I registered but it did not give me a $4.00 coupon. :-( The $1 coupons are the only ones available.

Awww my inserts didnt come with this coupon! =(

It’s always hard when the hot coupons don’t come your way : (

I printed a few and went back to print more and now I can’t find them on Redplum.. Any suggestions?

Yes, the printable Red Plum coupon is gone. The only one left is the insert coupon.

Also found another great money maker on goodnites website, before they had the 2.00 off but now they have 4.00 off making them a 2.52 money maker at walmart. there site is running slow right now. was able to get 2 on one computer can’t get my other computer to load.

I went to the site and all I found was a couple 1.00 off coupons..

You have to register to get the $4 coupon

What site was that. Googlinh “goodnites” took me to a site with only some $1.00 off coupons

Sooo if I place a large order at walmart for these will they still give me the overage on each coupon? I would like to know because I would have to order the coupons first and dont want to order them if I wont get the overage.

Take walmarts policy with you. It says that any overage will be applied to the rest of your purchase or given back as cash.

Thanks I just dont know if there gonna have an issue with me placing an order for them and then using coupons.

They should. Make sure the coupon doesn’t say limit 4 on it or any limit for that matter.

Yeah that was the first thing i looked for lol and since there wasnt a limit I wanted to do it. Not only is it a great donation item its a great MM!!!

Check with your store manager before ordering.

I tried to have my walmart order some deoderant that I had a great coupon for. she told me they can put in the order but they may not send it….supply and demmand.

Hope this works for me. Plan to donate them to the nursing home where I work. Tired of seeing my poor patients struggle through meals with poor fitting dentures.

Fabulous idea!

If you live around Charleston, SC Martha’s Closet accept these items for donations. If not, your local church food pantry or food bank will gladly accept them. :)

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

I actually got this coupon, yay! My inserts didn’t have the coupon for Wet and Wild sadly but this makes up for it. :)

You’re lucky that you got this one!

mine didn’t have that either

I love this deal. My mother has dentures, but they need to be re-sized. She looks like she is all teeth!

I’m glad that this deal will help your mom out!

I think I live in the wrong area lol I never get any of the good ones that pay overages :(

Same, I hardly ever get the coupons like this that are posted on KCL

It’s frustrating when the best coupons don’t come your way : (

I told my hub w were moving to follow the coupons lol

You can get them on ebay for not that much I seen like 20 of them for $2.49 with free shipping.

I use a lady named “nikkiheat” on eBay & have for over a year now. Great prices, speedy delivery!

I live in Ohio and I have subscribed to have 4 of each insert sent to me every week from Florida. I love it!

Does anyone know where to donate this? I also have a new Glucometer to donate. Thanks

I donate mine to retirement homes…

Try a church, retirement center, shelter or food bank.

Thank ya’ll so much