A BOGO Sally Hansen Insta-Dri offer popped up on coupons.com! This coupon requires a specific zip code: 84121. Go to print.coupons.com and enter that zip in the upper right field. Select the blue arrow, then return to this post and click on the link below. Use the coupon to get two nail polishes for the price of one! Save it for a sale or use it at Target for this price:

Buy 2 Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish $3.59, regular price
Use one B1G1 Free – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Product, up to $4.00, zip code 84121 – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $1.80 each, when you buy 2 


Rimmel Nail Polish is only fifty cents at Walmart!

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27 thoughts on “Sally Hansen BOGO Nail Polish Coupon—Save at Target!”

Took this coupon to Walmart got 2 of the Polygrip Made $1.26 I was gonna use with this coupon and the cashier said they wouldn’t accept it. Even though it said redeemable at Walmart. LOL

Dollar Tree also has the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.


Its telling me that the zip does not match the state. Any one else having this problem? Please help I really want this Q!

When you change the zip code, you must also enter the corresponding state. The one for this is UT.

I’m going to CVS later today. Can I use my $4/$12 cosmetic purchase from last week’s coupon machine when I buy 4 Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail polish? I will also (2) B1G1 coupon. I will save me a lot for these items.

I will also use (2) B1G1 coupon with the $4/ $12 cvs coupon. It will save me a lot for these items.

if you were to use (2) B1G1 coupon with the $4/12, would you have to buy 4 or 8 since it’s buy 1 get one free?

It’s 4 Insta-Dri if you use (2) B1G1 coupon.

I didn’t buy it at CVS because I checked the price last night it costs $7.49 each. And the B1G1 coupon says up to $4 only.

Oh! Orange Chicken I just saw your post about CVS that’s great! Thanks!

Is there a way to get coupons in the mail? I do not have a printer currently and don’t know how long before I will.

Are these offers only good at Target?

This coupon can be redeemed anywhere coupons are accepted. So you can use it at Target, Walmart, CVS, etc!

the coupon say reedemable at WALMART
eather way, can I use in target, walgreens, etc???

Yes, that is just an advertisement for Walmart. If it said “redeem at Walmart only” or “redeemable only at Walmart” then it would be a restriction.

I can’t figure out how to change my zip code. I don’t see anything in the upper right. I tried going to local and changing it there but it doesn’t stay.

when you hit local up in the top you can change your zip

I got it now. I had to change browsers to get it to apply the new zip code went from Internet Explorer to Chrome.

You either have to log in and change your settings or follow the instructions that we outline in the post.

I had no problem printing this by just clicking on the link for the coupon given by KCL above. Did you try it?

How about CVS. There’s that Sally Hansen EB promo, spend 12, get 5. Not sure what the regular price for these is but, if it was 4… $16, – $8 (2 bogo qs), – $5 eb = $3 for 4 bottles. Even. Better if combined with a 20 % off cvs q.

Good point, Orange Chicken!

I went to try that today and in Missouri the reg. price was 5.29, so it wasn’t really worth it since the Q’s only go up to 4.00. I was bummed. Would work better with a 20% cvs q but I didn’t get one of those this week so I left empty handed. Boo hoo lol

If the coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart” does it mean you can’t use it at Target or anywhere else?

You can use it where ever. If it say “ONLY redeemable at walmart” then it can only be used at Walmart.

Thanks so much Katy – makes sense to me!!