We’ve all seen those ladies on Extreme Couponing who have 50 or more coupons for one item. But how the heck does the average person collect that many coupons without buying them? You’ve probably heard about dumpster diving for coupons and asking friends and family to save old newspaper inserts. But did you know there are tons of other ways you can stock up on old newspaper coupons?



1. Check schools

Call your local schools and see if they have a recycling program. Many schools have newspaper programs to helps get kids involved in the local and national news — that means a recycle bin (with tons of coupon inserts) in almost every classroom!

2. Visit gas stations

Check with the gas stations and convenience stores around town. In some cities, the gas stations only have to give the first page of the unsold paper back to the carrier. What do they do with the rest of the leftover papers? Toss them in the trash! Ask the manager if they’d save the newspapers for you rather than throw them in the garbage can. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work everywhere — some newspaper carriers actually come and collect all of the old papers.

3. Scout curbside recycle bins

I like to walk around my neighborhood (and surrounding neighborhoods) with my preschooler on recycle day, and not just because we need the exercise. There are usually tons of old newspaper coupons in my neighbors’ curbside recycle bins. Most of my neighbors are okay with me taking their discarded inserts — but you might want to double check with yours before you go rifling through their trash.

4. Charm your delivery person

If you currently have a newspaper subscription, ask your delivery person if they could give you some extra inserts. My delivery person gives me four free extra inserts every Sunday. And all just because I asked nicely. Although this might not work in every case, it never hurts to ask.

5. Run to the store

I like to scout out my favorite grocery stores on Monday morning. I usually find discounted Sunday newspapers — once, the manager even let me have some for free!

6. Take advantage of apartment life

If you live in an apartment complex (or condos, townhouses, etc.), go door to door and ask your neighbors to save their newspaper inserts for you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, see if your apartment manager will allow you to post a notice in the office, or check to see if your apartment complex has a newspaper recycle bin.

7. Play the trade game

Host a “Coupon Trading Party.” Post invites on your city’s local couponing Facebook page (if your city doesn’t have one, consider starting one yourself!), hang notices at the library, run an ad in the local paper or ask friends and family to spread the word. Parties like these are not only a great way to get old newspaper coupons, they are a terrific way to meet coupon gurus just like you. If you’d rather trade online, use websites like AFullCup, HotCouponWorld, HaveCouponsWillTravel or Freecycle.

8. Look for free local papers

Some cities publish free little local newspapers that carry coupon inserts. One newspaper found in several cities, called Yes!, is actually delivered right to your door for free (do a Google search to see if Yes! is available in your city). Sometimes you can spot free local papers like these around town on Sunday morning — just be sure to only grab a few from each location. You don’t want to wipe out the entire supply in one spot.

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61 thoughts on “8 Ways to Get Extra Newspaper Coupons”

Hi, Newspaper Representative here…

The only issue I have here, is this..”4. Charm your delivery person”

Newspaper Carrier can and should lose their job for handing out extra coupon inserts.

Both Smart Source & P&G do not allow newspapers to give out extra inserts.

I live in Des Plaines,Illinois And still haven’t been able to find a store that has the tribune.

I live in Springfield mo, I’d love your rejects.

Another option is local libraries (Hopefully no one in my town reads!) most libraries carry several Sunday paper to read, but I arranged to have the inserts put aside to pick up on Monday afternoon!

If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, check there for $1 papers. Our Chicago Tribune costs $2 (I think) and our local paper is $1.75 — although the tribune always has better coupons so I go for that one if they have it. You have to get there when they open on Saturdays or else they’re sold out but for the price of 1 newspaper, I can get 2!

So… I’m contemplating delivering papers just to possibly have access to some free inserts. I realize that’s slightly crazy but I have the time and could use the money. How likely would I even get inserts?

I delivered papers for 3-4 years and hardly ever got any extra papers but that could vary by newspaper.

i live in RI & i get my inserts on Saturday for 50 cents a paper (they dont have a sunday edition) the papers arent free but its better than paying $3 a paper!

Whatever you do please don’t lie if you have the newspaper delivered to get more coupons. Your delivery persin gets charged 5 for each phone call. Just a fyi and heads up. Thanks

Also if you can just talk to your carrier or leave a note. Most carruers dont mind leaving extra coupons. I know I do it for my customer

Charming the delivery person has worked wonders for me. I have left her a few bags of goodies with notes attached thanking her and explaining everything in the bag was free becuz of coupons. She regularly leaves me extra inserts. This past Sunday she left 21 extras which I shared with some fellow couponers at church. So worth leaving her some of my stockpile every once in awhile!

My case is different. The delivery person doesn’t allow to the stores to sell the newspaper that they didn’t sell instead he picks them and then he offers them for .75 each insert and does the same with the free papers he keeps the inserts then delivers them

charming the delivery person? ours comes at 4:00 am so……?….and i really don’t think they should be giving extras to some people & not everybody! i mean, i don’t do a couponing blog so most won’t be so open to the average person asking….and the people on extrem couponing get printed coupons before the show, just like how they let them use as much as they want in *one* transaction!!

Actually, the person who wrote this article is a reader like you! It never hurts to ask!

Hotels are a great place for extra coupons too!! If you live close to one call them up and see if they will save the coupons for you! We always have extra papers at the hotels I work for!

Great tip, thanks!

I found out where my local recycle center was and it was loaded with papers… my kids and I go once a week and they “love” to dumpster dive as they call it…lol but seriously I get probably 10 papers out of their a week. takes about 15mins and they are totally free.. Once I cut out what I need we take the rest back to the center to be recycled… so teaching them to coupon and recycle!! :)

how did you find where the recycle center is located?

4. Charm your delivery person
I get between 3 and 8 extra inserts every week because I asked. What I have an excess of (and don’t really want) I share with friends who don’t get extra inserts.

I live in Chicago and every Sunday they throw plastic packets of just ads and coupon inserts into doorways and courtyards of apartment buildings. Tons of them usually. I don’t even pay for a newspaper and never have. Course if you live in the suburbs, this isn’t the case.. so I know it’s lucky.

Freecycle will not allow you to post for extra coupons on their site. People can OFFER them, but you cannot ask for them. Honestly, its a worthless website. They have their parameters and refuse to allow posts that don’t fall in line with what they want to promote. You would be better off posting on Craigslist.

Correct, I tried this also & was ignored. NICE!

Me too! I was actually contacted and was told not to post about obtaining paper inserts.

I have gone to both my local convince store and grocery store, both of which have to return unsold papers back to the Sun Sentinel. :( My newspaper guy won’t leave me extra inserts either…:(

I have this same issue so i buy 3 papers a week then hope to find trades for what i need and thats difficult since i only have a few stores

I have three gas stations near me that have a modest supply of leftover newspapers that they are willing to give. I go to one every Sunday and the two others only if there are really good inserts/coupons. Plus my cousin delivers the paper and sometimes he has extras too. Before I did this, I was wasting money on clipping services. Plus these stations supply the papers of two major cities near my town so I have the chance to get a different variety of coupons!

My surrounding neighborhood has free spanish papers with coupon inserts. The free paper sits out in front of peoples curbs all week right before trash day then gets thrown away by the owner or gardner. My husband and I have noticed this happening for months. Now we go for a walk at night before trash day and pick them up. We figure since they have been sitting there for a few days then nobody really wants them and why have them go to waste. I wouldn’t be doing this if this was a subscribed paper but they are all for free so I figure why not.

Same situation is here too. Almost all houses in our neighborhood get free papers with coupons and many of them keep laying for days there not picked. Many go waste in rain and snowfalls. I was thinking to pick some but my hubby said no bcoz its not on our property. :s

I don’t see why you can’t just ask your neighbors if you can have them?

You mean actually talk to them? 😉

Since we moved here 5 years ago, we hardly saw any of our neighbors except neighbor next to our house. Its a very quiet neighborhood.

You mean you actually let your hubby tell you what to do?

Well we usually discuss things together. One day we were talking about couponing and I have mentioned about so many inserts going waste outside and if we could pick some that were laying there since some time now as they all are free papers that come every saturday and he said that it doesn’t sound good to him.

Sounds like somting my husband would say.

I felt the same way at first because the papers are on someone else’s driveway but then I got over that real quick when I saw that they were being thrown away. I always wait a few days and give people a chance to pick them . After a few days, my husband and young son go on an evening walk and pick them up. It’s usually the same houses that leaves them laying around. The way I look at it…..#1 you are cleaning up the neighborhood #2 coupons go to good use and not wasted and #3 paper gets donated to local animal shelter who is always in need of newspaper for their animals. It is a win win situation for all.

Good point!

My hubby and i do the same thing. I call it neighborhood beautification. Who wants to look at those papers all over the driveways.

Totally agree with you!!!! Neighborhood beautification.

Great tips. We have trouble around here. I used to get a lot of ads and coupons in the mail, but they suddenly stopped. Now I’m almost always looking for ads from family after the Sunday paper comes!

Pizzaz believes in ‘Positive Reinforcement’. I like to help people who help me. So, I reward people who save their coupons for me with products that I have gotten with the coupons. I want to make sure that I am taking care of the people who are taking care of me. You’d be amazed how many more inserts you get that way! :)

Ditto Pizzaz! I do this at work and have several people dropping off their inserts every week. They love the free/low cost products I get for them. And they laugh at how excited I get when I see them coming with their hands full of inserts for me. Woohoo!!

Pizzaz keeps the restrooms at work stocked with everything from razors to air fresheners. The ladies restroom is overflowing with feminine products and the mens restroom with Depends. Sometimes, I find clipped coupons waiting for me on my desk when I arrive at work!…LOL :)

Way to share the love, Pizzaz!

My local Kroger throws coupons into a bin every week. I feel greedy if I take a bunch so I only grab 5 of each and leave the rest for fellow couponers.

I get about 50-100 extra coupon inserts every sunday because my mother in-law charmed the delivery person. Now my garage is cluttered in coupons. 😀 Happy problems.

I wish I am near you so I can just drop by and ask for some. :-)

😀 I wish there were more couponers where I lived.

Where do you live?

Springfield, Missouri!

I’m in Kansas City – You should send some to me – I would pay for shipping and for your trouble – it would still be cheaper than the paper!!!! I seriously would do that!!!!

My mother in-law (who gets them) lives in the KC area! well Concordia!


I live in Kansas. I typically get 4 Sunday papers. I don’t have children so if you are looking for diaper and baby wipe coupons, I would be willing to trade. There are others that I would be willing to trade. If you are interested, let me know.


Nixa is a great spot to get newspapers from the gas stations like Caseys. We should coupon!

Good to know. We should!

Lol same here. 😀

Wow, way to go!

I haven’t seen my delivery person. One Sunday at 3 am I heard something dropped outside so I peeked out the window and I saw a newspaper but no delivery man. He’s so quick!

and he’s so early.

yep they usually very fast like a flick of light. How am I going to charm them? especially the beauty look on my face at 3 a.m. :)

I soooo want more inserts!! How does the delivery person have enough inserts to give you? I didn’t know they get more inserts than papers they deliver. I will just get my cutie hubby to charm her!! :)