Produce coupons are rare, let alone coupons for organic produce. So print a high-value coupon from Earthbound Farm Organics and score carrots for just $0.13 at Walmart! (Even though it looks like the coupon is only for organic spring mix, it is actually valid on any Earthbound Farm Organic product.)


Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots, 16 oz $0.88, regular price
Use $0.75/1 – Earthbound Farm Produce – (
Final Price: $0.13

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18 thoughts on “Earthbound Coupon: Organic Carrots, Only $0.13 at Walmart!”

  1. Amberica says:

    My Walmart does not carry Earthbound Farms products, but my Meijer store does. They are also offering a store coupon, in the MPerks section of the website, for $1 off 1 Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Spinach, Half N Half Blend, or Miixed Baby Greens. Add that to the printed coupon and it would be $1.75 off one item. Not sure how much those above items are, but good amount of savings! :)

  2. cfarmer72 says:

    Went to Wally world only to fin them .74. Ca Chinga .01 money maker!

  3. Paola says:

    They were only $0.74 at my walmart :)

  4. thanks got 2 bags of baby’s with it

  5. texasgirl says:

    Well went shopping today at Walgreens, of course had to pre order what I wanted. I ordered 40 Crest mouth washes, 56 Jimmy Deans breakfast bowls. Used fillers of .33 cent candys and with the 2 RR from each Crest and my $1.50 off coupon for crest I paid $56.92 for $399.80 of merchandice. Had to do 40 different trans but well worth it.

  6. Nitty says:

    i have never seen these in my local walmart:( printed last time but never got to use it!

    • btexas says:

      I couldn’t find them either (DFW, TX). My Walmart only had Grimmell Farms carrots. ARGH!

      • Nitty says:

        mine has the green giant:( couoldnt find it in shoprite either although the website says they do carry!

  7. Where is the coupon?

    • Fatima Botello says:

      you have to become a member of the site to get the coupon then look somewhere on the screen where it says “save” click it and then print. if you get a popup that says something about javascript just hit run this time at the top left of the screen and then hit print coupon.

  8. Rose says:

    They are $1.28 where I live but they still end up being cheep carrots. They are so good in a pot roast.

  9. Where is the coupon?

    • jes_xo says:

      it’s on the lower right hand corner, where it says “Today’s Step SAVE” (has a picture of romaine hearts, spring mix, and strawberries) – you click it, sign up, and it will give you the coupon :)