Grab a free can of Mountain Dew KickStart! Print a new coupon and redeem it at Target, where these are $0.99. This coupon won’t stick around for long, so print it while you can.

Mountain Dew KickStart $0.99, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Mountain Dew KickStart, 16 oz – (
Final Price: Free 


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30 thoughts on “Free Mountain Dew KickStart at Target!”

I was going to print these & get a couple for my husband, but I got a security warning when I tried to run the program to print the coupon so I just deleted the whole thing from my computer…why can’t they just offer their coupon the way everyone else does w/o having to download stuff to your computer?? :/

I installed everything and now it says “Coupon already printed”! Never printed it before. Well I guess now it’s time to uninstall!

I did this deal! love it! We bought six total, but the register would only allow 4 per transaction, so if you purchase more than that they will need to be split up!

Someone posted that the coupon says one per person per transaction…..

can someone tell me the name of the downloaded software? I am searching for it to delete and i just wrote winRAR as the name but my computer says that’s been there since 2010 and i don’t want to keep the download

I think it was kickstart. A shortcut was saved to my desktop. I looked at the properties of the shortcut and was able to find it.

Thank you DreaLlewys—I took your advice and removed kick start.

I am fairly certain the CVS logo is just an advertisement. I have gotten little things like that on coupons before (ex: “Available at Walmart”) and the store I use it at redeems them fine. In fact I had a line like that on a Bengay coupon I printed recently and Target took it, and this location super analyzed every coupon I had. As long as a coupon doesn’t say “Redeemable ONLY at . . . “

Thank you!

I downloaded it but when I clicked print coupon it said validating for a really long time and then Error #2032

Mine printed fine

Downloaded and it made a change to my computer registry. Looks very fishy.

As a Computer engineer I must say that Adobe Air is safe for your computer. Coupon printed only once

I was able to print the one coupon. Then I searched for and deleted what was downloaded on my computer because I’m paranoid! I don’t know why I took that risk to save $0.99 on a drink that is bad for me.

Not crazy about having to download and install something to print a coupon. Sorry MD, that is a no-go for me.

adobe air said it my comp didn’t meet requirements. I assume its because i have a mac. anyone else on mac experience this?

I have a mac and the same thing happened to me. Oh well. Not worth it for one $1 coupon lol

wouldn’t work on my mac either

I had the same thing happen to me too.

I was able to print the coupon, but it says CVS Pharmacy on it. Will target take this coupon? There is not a CVS in my area.

yes i already used one today that i printed from my moms windows. won’t work on my mac to print.

Thanks Lisa!

This coupon is sort of off looking… I’m kind of nervous about redeeming it. And the wording completely throws me off “one per purchase, per person, per transaction, per day.” So does this mean you use one and only one? I’ve never had a coupon so… specific?

I’ve seen coupons say this before. It does mean you can only use one per transaction (how are they gonna know if you used more than 1 a day?).

printed it, but it says CVS pharmacy. can I use it Target??

pretty annoying that you have to install an application to print 1 coupon(no duplicated allowed)
though i love these things :)

Same thing happened to me. Chickenwang555 I agree on being happy or sad. lol

When I downloaded everything needed and pressed ‘get my coupon’ or whatever it said, it said coupon has already been printed and wouldn’t allow any prints. :/ I don’t know if I should be happy I avoided getting a drink that is bad for you or upset that I lost out on a sugary drink that would make me hyper.

same thing happened to me.

Same thing happened to me