Dollar Tree carries an assortment of Maybelline lip products. Print these high-value Maybelline coupons and score free lip products! Dollar Tree will adjust the $2.00/1 Maybelline coupon down so there will be no overage. Shop, coupon policy in hand, to avoid any hassles at the register.

Remember, inventory varies from store to store, and the coupon policy limits printable coupons to two per person per day.



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16 thoughts on “Maybelline Coupons: Free Lip Products at Dollar Tree!”

I scored 27 Colgate toothpaste at dollar store for free and they gave me 0.78 cents back in cash!!

Dollar tree is nuts. They told me i could use 4 coupons a day. But i could also do separate transactions as many as i wanted. They don’t have half of what they advertise. I donate almost everything i get for free.

my dollar tree said if the coupon exceeds the dollar amout they will not honor it .. they said this is in their policy now .. i saw it when i asked them .. unless its say for 2 .. but a $2 coupon for a $1 item will not be accepted in idaho

I found one at one store but the only color they had was a halloween like deep purple…..

Went to dollars tree today for nivia and the wouldn’t except my coupons because the product was .35 ounce and the coupon said .17 or 30 or.59?? Wasn’t happy:(

It seems like after accepting coupons my dollar tree changed all of the brands that they carry in order to make using coupons difficult

Just keep an eye out! They’re inventory is always changing.

or they keep that portion of the shelf

yes! ii was thinking the same thing! we used to have a bunch of Loreal, Maybelline, Suave, Vo5, Nivea, Carmex…..since the coupons have been allowed, only been able to find Loreal eyeliner in an odd bronze/olive shade & than the lady takes 5minutes inspecting my coupon & searching through the bag to inspect the product, annnoying me & other customers (who already get an attitude b/c i’m using a coupon in the *dollar store*) anybody that has even been without work or worked for less than they should, totally understand the value of that saved dollar!!

I bought Kellogg cereal,pop tarts,men’s sure deodorant,and spooner cereal.

That’s awesome!

Was just there yesterday and this brand was not at my store and the Nivea was not there either. It is like a treasure hunt with them.

Bummer! Keep an eye out, they’re inventory is always changing.

or you could pair this with a target coupon and save 3 dollars on a color sensational lip color at target! :)

Thanks for sharing!