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14 thoughts on “Free Kindle Books on Amazon!”

  1. millie says:

    most of them are not free anymore,check before download.

  2. Terri1958 says:

    I just downloaded 5 free books that should keep me busy for awhile. Love free!

  3. Bellelamb says:

    Just finished the first one I downloaded to my phone, thanks for these links!!

  4. How can I get my free books on this site?

    • Anonymous says:

      I would tell you, but then you would have to change your username to ’51 Things to Know’.

  5. Christine Dilullo says:

    I’ve downloaded so many free books on my kindle. Only problem, now I spend my free time couponing instead of reading!

  6. richacoupon says:

    Thanks, just bought few

  7. richacoupon says:

    Thanks, just got 13 of them for free :)