Check out this hot deal on cereal at Dollar Tree! Dollar Tree carries a variety of Spooners cereals. Use one of the coupons below and score a bag of cereal for a mere $0.25!

Remember, inventory varies from store to store, and the coupon policy limits printable coupons to two per person per day. 



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23 thoughts on “Spooners Cereal Coupon, Only $0.25 at Dollar Tree!”

  1. snarf says:

    my dollar tree said they are not allowed to accept BOGO coupons so I put the spooners cereal back. :(

    • newcouponer says:

      that’s unfortunate, since their policy states that they accept them, as long as you’re required to make a purchase:[

  2. newcouponer says:

    Was able to use the bogo coupon with the 75 cents off coupon and snagged two bags for 25 cents total! or 12.5 cents a bag!

  3. Amberica says:

    So, Dollar Tree only accepts 2 printable coupons per day per person? That means I can use 1 printed Spooners coupon and 1 printed Maybelline coupon, but after that they will not accept any more printed coupons? Is that right?

  4. Shay New says:

    I got 2 packages of this, 2 cokes and 15 olay bars for $0.62. i’m happy

  5. Terri1958 says:

    Picked up two boxes of Spooners yesterday at the dollar store for $.25 each they are my all time favorite cereal.

  6. Shay New says:

    just saw these at my dollar tree today when i was picking up my Olay bars, so glad there are coupons

  7. holly says:

    I used the bogo coupon at the Dollar Tree which I had. Then I found the $.75 coupons. I went back to the Dollar Tree, I got one bag for $.25 and they didn’t have anymore of the flavor I like so I got a price match at Walmart. I got all total 6 bags for $2.00.

  8. patty says:

    I used my bogo and my store did take it, the chocolate flavor is delicious !!!!

  9. Samantha says:

    I know our dollar tree will not take them and our walgreens, which really stinks

  10. kouponkate says:

    Can the coupons that say “redeemable at Walmart” redeemable anywhere or only at Walmart? Those coupons confuse me because they are manufacturer coupons but have that message printed on them.

  11. I have a question? If you buy two, can you use the BOGO coupon, and than the .75 cent coupon on the one that you are paying full price for?

    • shelbiefowler says:

      it depends on the wording on the coupon. If the BOGO says “cannot be combined with any other ‘whatever’” then you can’t. Also, check DT’s coupon policy to see if it says anything about it. My guess is that they probably won’t allow it.

    • No, you can only use one coupon.