It depends on the store. Target and Albertsons will not take coupons that display another store’s logo, even if it is a manufacturer coupon. Stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer and Safeway (click on the store name for the Coupon Policy) will accept manufacturer Catalina coupons that may display another store’s logo as long as it matches up exactly with an item they carry that you are buying. This does not include drugstore reward printouts, as they are store, not manufacturer, coupons. Also, Catalina coupons may be refused if they state they are ONLY redeemable at a certain store.

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31 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Who Accepts Competitors’ Catalinas?”

Pizzaz, that was so true to the T! Some stores make try to make you feel bad that your saving money. A lot of them are untrained or do not care enough to go by the policy. Atleast i am not the only one going through those problems lol

LOL…They have no idea what ‘customer service’ is all about! :)

Target does take Competitors coupon even if the show the name of that competitor. It’s works at my target in zip 20147

Wal-Mart is the worst. I have had a customer service person say coupons were like stealing and people should not coupon. I was so taken back by her as she was screaming at me at the front of the store. We had scanned coupons and the computer quit working. It happens but she did not want to hear any of it. She kept saying over and over “If the coupon is over the product then its stealing.” I was so freaked out that I would not go back to that store and even stopped checkout and walked right out the store.

Shoppers that live in the Northeast and have Price Chopper can use ANY competitor coupons, not just Catalinas. I have done it several times and have never been hassled about it. That was a great find and proof that it pays to read the store’s coupon policy. I never would have known otherwise.

Sorry for the bad experience. You must have been shopping at the Walmart in Queensbury, NY. I refuse to go in there any longer because the cashiers are so rude to people. There’s another one a few miles away that I prefer. The cashiers are friendly and will actually have a conversation with you.

I didn’t know this! I have questioned about it. I have a lot of great coupons from all of those places. Now I know I can use them else where. Thanx KCL!

In Oregon, Albertsons will except competitor Catalina. I was told that as long as the Catalina does not say “only at ______” then it should be able to be used at any store that excepts manufacture coupons.

I used coupons that Kroger had sent me at Albertson’s and the snotty little cashier girl made the biggest deal out of it, they said manufacturer at the top. I just assumed she didn’t know how to read OR deal with customers. If you coupon in Euless, Texas, check out the Albertson’s on Main and ask for Chad Ellis, he’s the store director and has heard way too many of my complaints to not accept pretty much any coupon.

I usually do not have the best luck using catalinas anywhere else except from where they printed from.

If you’re in the midwest, Meijer will take catalina q’s & oyno q’s from Kroger and vice versa. Meijer will also take oyno q’s from Wags. ( Although you will usually get a frown & the silent treatment from the cashier )

Hi, Roci! Long time no chat! Anyway, I have tried this at multiple stores in my area and they will not accept them. I’ve tried self-check and cashiers with no luck. I’m glad it works for you. My Meijer also declines the use of stacked Target and MQs. Booooo.

Hiya! Sorry it doesn’t work for you! On the flip side my Meijer will not take Target store q’s period. Isn’t it funny how there are so many differences in the way individual stores take q’s even though there is a corporate q policy? That’s okay w/ me though. I’ll work with in the guidelines of each store.
Take care & Happy q’ing!

My Meijer will not accept Target coupons either.

Pizzaz- Good morning. You look lovely today. Here are my coupons.
Cashier- We don’t take these.
Pizzaz- May I please ask why you won’t accept them?
Cashier- These say Kroger on them and this is Walmart!
Pizzaz- Yes, I know this is Walmart. I could tell from the scattered shopping carts blocking all the best parking spaces and the associates outside on break sitting around smoking. Nevertheless, these Catalina coupons are also manufacturer coupons and can be used here unless they say ‘Redeemable ONLY at Kroger’.
Cashier- “Hey, Cashier #2, These are no good here, right?”
Cashier # 2- “No! If they say Kroger you gotta go to Kroger. This ain’t Kroger. This is Walmart!”
Pizzaz- Clearly, this certainly is Walmart. However, please notice here what it says in the Walmart Coupon Policy.
Customer- OMG! Isn’t there another line open?! How long is this going to take?
Pizzaz- I’m sorry miss. I understand your frustration. Hopefully, this won’t take long. I notice that you must be menstruating from your mood and from all of the feminine products in your cart. To thank you for your patience, please accept these coupons that will make most of them free.
Customer- Whatever…okay…thank you.
Pizzaz- Now, please note that the policy clearly states that Walmart will accept manufacturer Catalina coupons that may display another store’s logo as long as it matches up exactly with an item.
Cashier- Wait! Let me call the Customer Service Manager.
Customer Service Manager- What seems to be the problem?
Cashier- This customer is trying to use a bad coupon.
Customer Service Manager- (Thinks to himself…..”What should I do? I’m getting off in 10 minutes. Why now? This customer comes in here all the time and knows all about coupons. Yet, everyone is staring at me to see how I handle this. I do make $0.50 more an hour than they do. I need to show my authority!) Okay, I will let you use the coupons this time only!
Cashier- (Rolls eyes)
Pizzaz- Thank you. Free Dentyne gum for Pizzaz! WooHoo!!! :)

OMG!! Was this script picked up? I can SO see this mini-movie played out word for word in my mind :). HILARIOUS!!!!!

We can call it ‘Pizzazezz Great Adventure’…LOL 😉


I sooo love this! Isn’t this how we get treated? haha. I’ve heard every reason in the book from why stores supposedly don’t accept a certain coupon. They all act like they can’t take it or will “let it slide” just this once. If only these people were ACTUALLY trained on what they accept! When I know your coupon policy better than you, they MAY be a problem… :) Thanks for the continuous smiles!

Ha! Ha! What we go thru for a free pack of gum!…LOL :)

My husband and I loved this! It’s soooo true. lolololol

Thanks Sunny! You always brighten my day! :)

hahahaha, “… Yes, I know this is Walmart. I could tell from the scattered shopping
carts blocking all the best parking spaces and the associates outside
on break sitting around smoking…”

What makes that statement funny is that we have all seen it and know how true it is!..Ha! ha! :)

Wow…almost sounds like my trip to Walmart today in verbatem…along with the “We changed our coupon policy 2 days ago and now must scan each item that has a coupon and then it’s corresponding coupon right after it and so on and so forth…” Then the cashier takes a min or two on each coupon (even if it was the exact same item & coupon she just scanned) to read each and ever word….and complained more and more with everyone coupon that “these stupid coupons make things so complicated now and are more of a hassle than they’re worth….and someone should sue the coupon manufacturers for sending out coupons to anyone…blah blah blah…” Needless to say after an hour long checkout that should have taken maybe 10 – 15 minutes I was ready to scream “Calgon Take Me Away!!!” lol

I never run out of material with Walmart! :)

I once saw an article about “reasons to always read comments on KCL,” but they left one out: Pizzazezz comments! You should have a blog…

Thanks for the compliment! :)

lololol that was amazing and incredibly accurate. Fortunately at my Walmart they’re really, really coupon friendly and I barely ever have a problem. My biggest problem is at Dollar Tree or Kroger, sooo many people who know nothing about coupons and teen cashiers who don’t give a crap.

Don’t get me started on teen cashiers!…LOL :)

Pizzaz, thank you for that Everyday conversation, most of us couponers have at Walmart. You made my Monday by making me laugh. :)

Monday is a good day for laughing!…LOL :)