+Up Rewards are Rite Aid Coupons, similar to a Catalina coupon in a grocery store, CVS Extra Bucks, or Walgreens Register Rewards. Earn reward dollars for purchasing select items. Combine +Up Reward promotions with coupons, and get incredible deals—including free items!  Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of Rite Aid +Up Rewards:

How to get started

In order to receive +Up Rewards, you’ll need to have a wellness+ account. Visit RiteAid.com to sign up. Receive your card in the mail or use your phone number in the keypad at checkout. You can also sign up in-store, but if you do, be sure to go to the website right away and enter your card number to create an online account—you’ll need it to take full advantage of Rite Aid’s deals!

How to use Rite Aid +Up Rewards

How +Up Rewards work: Rite Aid’s +Up Rewards are similar to Catalina coupons in a grocery store. Receive +Up Reward dollars with your receipt at the end of the transaction. The rewards are automatically loaded onto your wellness+ card. +Up Rewards can be redeemed beginning at 6 a.m. the following day and are valid for 14 days.

Though +Up Rewards used to print out on the bottom of your receipt, in September of 2012, Rite Aid started loading rewards directly onto your wellness+ card, instead. However, you can opt to have the rewards print on your receipt like they used to, which gives you more control over how you use them. When your rewards are loaded onto your card, they will be redeemed automatically the next time you use the card, starting with the highest value reward first and working down. This means you have no say over which rewards you use and when. If you prefer your rewards to print out on your receipt, just ask your cashier or customer service to change the preference on your account.

Where to find them: The main source for information on which items will earn you +Up Rewards is Rite Aid’s weekly ad. It will tell you all of Rite Aid’s advertised rewards deals for the week, but you can also find unadvertised or monthly deals just by browsing the aisles in the store. And be sure to come to KCL — we’ll tell you which coupons to combine with +Up Rewards promos to get the best possible deals!

Stacking coupons and rewards: Save more by combining manufacturer coupons with +Up Rewards — just remember to have the cashier apply your manufacturer coupons before you swipe your wellness+ card, or you may end up with too low a balance to use your manufacturer coupons at all.

Limits: There are usually limits associated with +Up Rewards, but it’s important to remember that the limits are on the rewards, not on the items purchased. For example, Ricola and Sucrets were on sale 2/$3. Rite Aid was offering $1 in +Up Rewards for every two of these items purchased, with a limit of 4 (remember, a limit of 4 rewards, not a limit of 4 items). This means you could buy 8 items and receive your limit of $4 in +Up Rewards. You can buy more than 8 packages of Ricola or Sucrets at the 2/$3 price, but you cannot receive more than $4 in +Up Rewards on these items.

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31 thoughts on “How to Use Rite Aid +Up Rewards”

Since the rewards load automatically to my card, how can I check how many rewards I have? I keep my receipts but since they are good for two weeks and get used automatically, I am never sure how much I have left.

Just answered my own question: the Rite Aid app makes it easy to see what rewards one has and when they expire.

Can I use my up rewards to pay for something else that gives me up rewards and still receive them?

I went to rite aid today and purchased 4 Neutrogena acne prone facial bars. The deal right now is buy 2 get $5.00 in +up rewards. As well as b1g1 1/2 off (limit 2) It ended up being 3.29 for 2 and 1.64 for 2. Making it a .7 cents money maker. My question is , is there a way to go over the limit of purchasing two of these deals = 4 soaps other than having my husband have a rite aid card? My other question is I contacted rite aid so my +up rewards would print on my receipt. My receipt has two $5.00 +up rewards on it from this purchase and says from any purchase of SLCT NEUTRONGENA*. Does that mean I can only use these (2) $5.00 rewards on Neutrogena items? I am a new couponer so full of questions :-) Thanks so much for the inspiration! I love learning from you ladies xoxo

Need to know if i use uprewards to buy a product, then will it still earn me up rewards for next time

Rite aid had a great customer service chat. I asked a few questions a lot of people seem to have. See below:

Welcome to Rite Aid Customer Support. This is Guadalupe_O, how may I help you?
jessica: If I use up rewards to pay for something that has up reward, will I still earn up rewards for the item purchased?
Guadalupe_O: Yes, you would still earn the plus up reward.

jessica: Can I use my up reward and my husband’s up reward on the same purchase (both are printed on reciepts).
Guadalupe_O: Yes, you can.

jessica: Is there a limit to the number of up rewards I can use per day or transaction?
Guadalupe_O: No there is no limit. You can use as many as you’d like as long as your subtotal is at least the same as the plus up reward amount.

Do o need to buy in one transaction for buy $30 receive 10up rewards?? Or could I do two separateones ?

Can I use Up Rewards to buy Gift Cards… the Gift Cards are on sale and will trigger more Up rewards. Will I still get the Up rewards that would come from the new purchase?

I think on the coupon policy say u can’t buy gift cards with +up rewards

Thank you!

My husband I both have cards. I want to use his card to get a deal that I have already done on mine. I also have paper UP rewards to pay for it. Can I use my rewards to pay for the deal I do on his card??

You are limited by deal

If you buy an item that’s priced at 5.99 and you have a $3.00 reward and a $3.00 coupon could you use them both? If you can which do you hand over first, reward or coupon?

I have a question about +up limits. Is it limit 2 per day period or 2 per day by deal? For instance, if I purchase 2 Oral B power and receive 2 +ups for those, can I purchase Trident gum and get +ups for those as well on the same transaction/day?


If I purchase an Oral B battery toothpaste and it gives +up rewards, will this interfere with buying Crest pro-health mouthwash that also gives +up rewards??? I am not sure if they are the same maker because one time i purchased 3 items, 2-colgate toothpaste (limit 2 Up+) and 1-colgate toothbrush (limit 2 Up+) and was only rewarded 2 UP+rewards, when it should have been 3.

there is an offer this week for BOGO brawny and quilted northern and it says you get a $5 up reward when you buy $15 worth – does the price of both items count towards the up reward even though you are getting one for free? for example, say it was $8 and you get two making it $16 but you’re actually getting one free and only paying $8 – would you still get the up or would you have to actually buy 2 of them, getting another two free, to get the up reward? i hope that made sense…

You would have to buy 4 getting 2 free. When it is rung up at the register the free one is given a vale of $0.00.

If I have a $4.00 Up Rewards, i have to purchase an item that is $4.00 or higher for the Reward to work on my new purchase?

Depends. If you have 4 rewards for $1.00 and you make a purchase $3.50 it will take off $3.00 of Up rewards and leave $1.00 reward on card.

Recently I bought several sets of false nails from rite aid (Get $3 reward when you spend $10). I used the up reward on another purchase. Now I realize some nails are missing out of a set. If I return the nails or exchange them for a non nail item will I have to pay additional $3 because I used he up reward already? If I had kept the reward would I have to return/lose the too?

Yes you will! 

It counts before your coupons. Although you are not paying for $30 worth of merchandise you are still buying it, for dirt cheap :) and the ads says when you BUY.

If it says get 10 up rewards when you buy 30$ worth, does that 30$ count before or after your manufacturer coupons? ex: if I bought 30$ worth of laundry soap and my coupons brought it down to 15$. Would I still get the 10$ up rewards, or would I essentially have to buy 60$ worth of soap (30$ after coupons)? Thank you

If you use Up Rewards to purchase an item that’s on sale and has Up Rewards, will you receive those new Up Rewards? (For instance, Sucrets 2/$3 and $1 Up Rewards. You pay with a $1 coupon and $2 in Up Rewards Will you get the new $1 Up Reward?)

I need to know this as well

If you use Up Rewards to purchase an item that’s on sale and has Up Rewards, will you receive those new Up Rewards? (For instance, Sucrets 2/$3 and $1 Up Rewards. You pay with a $1 coupon and $2 in Up Rewards Will you get the new $1 Up Reward?)

I also need to know this

when I first started and had the rewards loaded to my card I had gotten about $30 in rewards, later in the same week I went to get another item and they told me that it automatically took the money off the card (the whole amount) even though I was only purchasing a $4 item, are they no longer doing that??

You can manage which rewards are redeemed during checkout following the instructions Allyson and Desieli posted about clipping rewards via the riteaid app or riteaid website. Riteaid has offered this option ever since they started loading the rewards to cards. I’ve always controlled my reward usage this way. I find it quite simple.

Thank you! Very helpful!

If you want to manage your rewards easier i would download their app on your phone. You can see what rewards you’ve earned and when they expire. You can select which ones you want ”clipped” and which ones you don’t want ”clipped”. That way when you checkout the only ones that would get redeemed would be ones that you actually have clipped. I’ve had no problems with that so far and you can also clip the load 2 card coupons on their too.