Rite Aid can be a great place to get deals if you know how to utilize all of their coupons and rewards, but couponing there can be confusing — mainly because of the many different types of coupons that Rite Aid offers. One of the newest is Load2Card coupons. Load2Card coupons work just like other eCoupons — load them directly to your store loyalty card from RiteAid.com. But you may not be using them to their full advantage if you don’t know a few key tricks. Here’s how to get the most from Rite Aid’s Load2Card coupons:

How to get started

In order to use Load2Card coupons, you’ll need to have a Rite Aid wellness+ account. Just go to RiteAid.com to sign up. Expect to receive your card in the mail shortly after, and use your phone number to access the account in the meantime. You can also sign up in-store, but if you do, be sure to go to the website right away and enter your card number (before you lose it!) to create an online account so you can start loading up your coupons!

How to use Load2Card coupons

Loading: Log in to your wellness+ account on Rite Aid’s website and go the Load2Card page to see over 80 coupons that you can add to your card. Just choose the coupons you want, and they will be added to your account and applied automatically when you provide your wellness+ account info at checkout.

Store vs. Manufacturer: Load2Card coupons include both store and manufacturer coupons, and, for some reason beyond our understanding, Rite Aid doesn’t make it clear which are which. We’ve figured it out, though, and here’s how you can tell the difference: each Load2Card coupon will have a link that says “More.” When you click on it, the fine print will pop up. If the fine print says “Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item,” this indicates a store coupon (which can be stacked with a paper manufacturer coupon). Any other verbiage, such as a remit address or instructions to the retailer, indicate a manufacturer coupon.

Stacking: If you are stacking paper coupons with Load2Card coupons, be sure to hand your paper coupons to the cashier and have them scanned before you enter your wellness+ account info. This can avoid a lot of hassle, and makes your paper coupons more likely to come off of your total.

If you have an issue with a coupon not being deducted from your total, go to or call customer service. They can look up your purchases through your wellness+ account and make the correction, if needed. Often, a coupon not working is the result of user error rather than the store’s mistake, so you may want to double-check that you did everything right before you call.

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