Interested in big rewards for shopping at the stores you love? Sign up with Plink, spend $10 at any partner store by April 28 and get 1,000 Plink points free. That’s enough points for a free $10 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, Target or one of Plink’s many other retail partners.

Plink is easy to use. This free service links securely to a credit or debit card. As a read-only encryption service, there is zero possibility of unwanted fees or unauthorized access to your credit card.

There are no coupons or membership cards to keep track of. Simply shop and dine out normally to earn rewards. Best of all, it’s worry free. Plink has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and great online reviews!

The Details:

  • Make an in-store purchase at any of 40,000 retailers or restaurants.
  • Points are automatically added to your Plink account.
  • Reach a set number of points to earn rewards.

For example,1,000 Plink points earns a $10 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks. More points earn major rewards like discounts on travel and hotels. Most purchases average 150–600 points, though totals of 2,500 or more are common at many retailers like Gap.

Get Started:

  • Visit Plink to sign up for free in under 5 minutes.
  • Enter an email address and password.
  • Link a credit or debit card to your Plink account.
  • Plink away! Rewards are waiting.

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24 thoughts on “Shop In-Store with Plink and Get a $10 Gift Card Free!”

I registered for the $10 gift card, which they say was supposed to be issued on May 2nd, but nothing shows in my account. Anyone else experience this?

Does anyone know how long it takes for the points to post to your account? I did this deal on the 28th and still haven’t received them.

I agree with jenna. I’m not comfortable giving out the information Plink wants.

Plink is a little confusing for me. I signed up when the reward was a BK giftcard and I got the points and the 10 dollar gift card and everything worked just fine. They advertise that they are connected to 40,000 retailers, but it seems that they are actucally connected to a handful of retailers with 40,000 retail locations (BK is one retailer with hundreds of locations.) I wish they would expand. I’d love it if I could add Target to my wallet. I’d get lots of points. :) Right now I don’t see Target as an option.

Plink is working to expand its retail partners. They are growing fast and adding new stores all the time. Be patient—hopefully Target will make the list one day soon :-)

Lately I have been feeling like more and more of this sight is becoming a big advertisement. less and less about actual couponing. Has anyone else noticed that too?

Hey! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

If it was a scam, KCL wouldn’t post it. They check every site they post about.

True. We check them, and also rely very heavily on our readers’ input.

I signed up and I am a new member, but I am still waiting! I made a $10 purchase at Target. I contacted pink several times and no response!

I have to agree with the people below. Giving away the login information to my online bank account doesn’t seem like the best decision… even if I do make $10

I signed up with Plink, but there is not an offer to shop at Target and get a gift card. In fact, Target is not even one of the retailers I have to choose from to earn rewards. How does one earn the $10 gift card by spending $10 at Target, especially if Target is not an option for them to choose from? Is it automatically done, just not advertised??

If you signed up through the links posted here on KCL, everything should be in order. Just make an in-store purchase of $10 by 4/28. As soon as the purchase posts, you’ll get notification about your free gift card. You’ll have the card itself within the following 7 business days.

So even if Target is not listed as part of my Plink wallet, it will work?

I did use the link provided, so hoping all is in order. :) Does “by 4/28” include ON 4/28?

How long do purchases normally take to post?

That is the sketchiest thing ever….having to enter the credentials you log into your online banking website with? To include username, PASSWORD, and PIN!? I don’t care what the BBB rated them. That is the first thing you are told NEVER to do and for $10? Never.

I second that….My exact thoughts. No thank you. I have had my ss# stolen a long time ago and took over 6 months to clear everything up a big hassle not worth $10.00

Sorry to hear you had some security issues.

This is good for people like me who have no money in the bank. We have no problem giving away our information. In fact, just to prove it to you, here’s mine-


Oh, Pizzaz. Not much chance anyone will want that account!

Your reservations are understandable. However, Plink is a safe, read-only service that is growing very fast. The bank information is to easily tie purchases to Plink rewards.

I agree the first time I went to sign up I was not going to do it because they wanted me to sign in to my online banking, but like Pizzaz I have no money to lose.

I signed up and I am a new member, but I am still waiting! I made a $10 purchase at Target. Is this a scam?I sent several emails and no reply!