Stacking coupons at Target is one of the best ways to save money. This deal uses coupons at the right time to save big! There is a price cut at Target on Tide Boost Duo Pacs: the 18-count bags are $5.99 through 5/18. Use three manufacturer coupons with a Target newspaper coupon and pay only $2.99 each! It”s not often that we see savings of over 50% on Tide products.




Buy 3 Tide Boost Duo Pacs, 18 ct $5.99, price cut through 5/18
Use three $2.00/1 Tide Boost Duo Pac, 15-37 ct only, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 4/28 (exp 5/31)
Or $1.50/2 – Tide Detergent or Tide Boost, excludes Pods and trial/travel size, limit 4 like coupons per household per day – (
And use one $3.00/3 Tide Detergent, Tide Boost Duo Pacs, Downy Softener, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Sheets or Bounce Dryer Bar, excludes Tide PODS and trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 identical coupons per household per day, TARGET Coupon from RP 4/14 (exp 5/11)
Or $1.50/2 Tide Detergent, Tide Boost Duo Pacs, Downy Softener, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Sheets or Bounce Dryer Bar, excludes Tide PODS and trial/ travel size, Limit of 4 identical coupons per household per day, TARGET Coupon from RP 4/14 (exp 5/11)
Final Price: $2.99 each, when you buy 3 

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27 thoughts on “Tide Boost Coupons: 18-Count Duo Pacs, Only $2.99 at Target!”

There are $1/1 q’s in the P&G Home Made Simple coupons you order through their site.

Does any one know where can I buy a bag of the 18-count…. Pasadena, CA

My Target had this at $6.99 and I stopped at another Target and they didn’t carry this size. I’ll be checking another Target today :)

I went to my Target and it was still priced at 6.99

Perhaps the sign was missing. You can always bring it to a price scanner for verification.

I scanned it at a price scanner and it still came up as 6.99.

It must be regional. Here in Va. they are not on sale either.

I did this deal but with the small tide detergent, it was on sale for the same price $5.99. if you buy 3 and use two coupons one from the p&g $3 off 3 and one $3 off $3 target coupon you get it for 11.97. I had a target $5GC so I only spent a little over $7. I as so happy, it made each bottle only 2.32

That’s a great deal. Thanks for sharing!

Would we be able to use the red plum target coupon as a stacked coupon? since it is actually a target coupon?

Yes, they’ve actually already mentioned using that coupon in the deal scenario above.

Does Target still price match or was that only something during Christmas last year? Walmarts everyday price for these is $4.44!

yes target still price matches, you might want to call your local store to mak sure. but from my knowledge they still do. hope that helps.

Yes, they do price match. At least my store does so assume yours will. I just did it 4 weeks ago.

I think the one you are reffering to is the 14ct not 18ct so i sont think price matching will work

Yes, they will price match- only some stores though. Any store that uses any kind of club card they will not price match. If you are price matching another store (just FYI) you can’t also use a Target coupon on the item- only a manufacturer’s coupon.

I’m pretty sure Target requires a copy of the ad.

Target will price-match, with restrictions. To get Walmart’s price at Target, you would need to show proof of the price (either in a weekly ad or online).

I know that this is a different item, but I just stumbled across this and thought it would be ok…. what is the trial size on the Tide Pods? Is it 5 ct.? I found a 5 ct. at Walmart today but I didn’t have the coupons at the time and I thought it was the correct one… so does anyone know what the trial/travel size for the Pods are?

I have been trying to get the answer to this question for a while cause the 5ct. Bag is $1.97 at Walmart

I am new to couponing so I’m betting there is an answer here that I’m just not seeing: I live in Marin County, CA, north of San Francisco and some weeks we have ZERO inserts in the Sunday paper. Such was the case on 4/14 so I do not have this coupon. How can I get inserts or papercoupons if my Sunday paper doesn’t have them? Is it possible to have a subscription to another area paper sent to me? If so, any ideas of which one I should aim for? HELP. Sincerely, couponless in Marin 😉

Hello. I work in Novato and sometimes have to buy the paper during my lunch…from my experience the MIJ is a hit or miss with having coupons, if you can, get the SF Chronicle. The inserts are larger and they always have coupons.

Also, expect the target prices in Marin to be slightly higher than listed here. Unless its a product featured in the paper ad, I find the sale
Prices to vary anywhere from .50-2.00!

I know what you mean! Its more of a surprise if the prices on here are the same at my store.

Yes…try SF Chronicle. There are always inserts in there. However, some of the coupons listed on this site, are regional, so we may not get them. Plus, prices are a little higher. I am I the City, and trying to coupon, too…

I have never tried this product, can someone who has used it give us a comment. Is it worth it? (I recently tried the ALL gel pacs and had it ruin two of my shirts so I am now leery to try anything in a gel pac)

I use them all the time, and have never had it discolor anything in my wash, but I only use it with whites or light colors that have stains on them. It works pretty well.