Make money on the morning pick-me-up. Head to Walmart and grab Folgers singles with an overage of $0.50!

Folgers Classic Roast Packets Instant Coffee Crystals, 7 ct $1.00, regular price
Use $1.50/1 – Folgers Product, any – (
Final Price: $0.50 Moneymaker 

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I used them at HEB, they are only $.94ea

I just tried doing this at Walmart. They would not allow it because it says in the first line good only on purchase of brand/size. But the coupon says any Folgers product. I’m confused Help. I don’t know what that means when it says any size but has that in the first row.

Ok so I found this while trying to find the folgers coupon and thought I’d give my input. I work at Walmart in ga and the item does not have to march the picture just the description and if it scans its good it would have to specify a bigger size if that’s all it was good for. And for those having problems with the overage talk to manager if they don’t give it talk to corporate, it is their policies, our register does ask if it right and we put yes because we have to honor the whole coupon they probably are putting no which is bull and against their policy so don’t stand for it. Also could try checking out at self checkout if you have one in your store.

Forgive Me for I am new. The coupon I printed from the link it says (redeemable at Dollar General) will Walmart accept this? I read their policy am it don’t seem that they will. Thanks.

Got mine today! Thanks KCL! Made 50 cents on each box at Walmart!


How can I get more of these folgers coupons?

How can I get more of these coupons?

My walmart took this coupon with no problem and made .50 off each one

i got two of these and made a dollar but the cashier looked at me weird because they were free thank you kcl love love your website!!!!

Does anyone know how to get more than the 2 coupons it allows you to print? Can these be copied?

no, they cannot be copied. It says it right on the Q. You can get in a lot of trouble for that. If you use a different pc u can print two more. HTH

it is messed up when it depends on who you get at the register lol im in martinsburg west va and if you get someone who just wants to be difficult they look for something to correct in the couponing thing.. i’ve had many of times i get overage and many of times where they go and adjust the amount. on something like free glade sprays i’ll let it go …. but on 50 cents overage and i got 4 coupons equally 2.00 .. forget it .. get a manager lol

and they make up whatever would make more sense to them .. ..

Yeah totally mad me so upset at Walmart for the zyrtec meds. They didnt give me the overage either. Manager said its new policy on not giving overages anymore. Also said walmart loses money(i highly doubt it) if they do it. Kinda messed up. I was totally looking forward to it too. They also didn’t price match Walgreens ad with advil congestion meds for $4.99(but with $3.00 coupon makes it $1.99-thats what my overage was gonna go towards). They said it wasnt a sale price. Too bad it was i went to Walgreens and used my advil coupons and it showed the reg. Price for 10ct. Was $7.99. Lol so wanna rub it in that ladies face. Sorry just mad at Walmart for some of their stupidity. Its ok though ive actually saved more money not shopping there that much anymore. Guess ill be going there way less now. :-/

Got two of these at Walmart just now, no issues. Thanks!

i Don’t know why you all are having issues with overages?
Very simple solution is to bring the Corporate policy with you and highlight where it saids

“If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess
may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket

No New Store Policies Changes have been made at the Corporate website. So until otherwise stated at the website they MUST follow the current policy.

Walmart stores cannot make their own rules as they go alone they must follow their own Corporate policy its plain and simple.

A while back I had problems at Walmart. The cashier was new and wasn’t sure what to do with my overage. She called a manager, who said immediately they don’t accept internet coupons. Say what???? I told her that’s not what the policy says and she replied yeah customers are always talking like they know the policy. Inside I’m cussing her out but it’s dying to exit my mouth. I pulled out the policy and asked her to show me where on the page it says no internet coups and no overage. She told me the policy changed. I asked her to show it to me and she walked away saying she was going to get it. She came back and I asked to see it. She ignored me.
She’s reading the policy then gets pissed when she sees I’m right. She told the cashier “Go ahead and do it Rita.” Then she starts hollering at the cashier. The cashier was new. YOU should already know the policy. Coupon hating heifer!

I get that All the time,Especially from Dept Managers. I would think that as Store dept managers they should at least know the Corporate Store Policy by heart. I commend you for not taking No for a answer, You did exactly what i would have done LOL

I would have taken her name down and reported her to Corporate headquarters, She had no right to yell at the cashier when she herself didn’t know what she was talking about saying that there was a new Corporate store policy.

where do you find a copy of the Corporate policy?

Thank you for this deal, KCL! These are perfect for when we go on our camping trips:) I did not have any problems with the coupons.

Lynnwood Washington Walmart was more like Boo mart. They don’t carry the Folgers coffee, nor the 5ct. Zyrtec, nor do they carry the Earthbound farm carrots or Duncan Heinz frosting creations. It was almost like they scanned the Sunday ads and pulled everything off of their shelves that would have been a great deal. I did find a few other items and was going to use my buy1get1 on El-Monterey burritos at $1.00 each but when I got to the register the cashier said only one coupon per purchase, per customer, per day. I conveniently had the corporate policy with me and pointed it out that it sais there was no limit to how many coupons a customer used(I only had three by the way I wasn’t trying to clear the shelves). He said that it didn’t matter what corporate policy is, the individual store could change the policies as seen fit. I asked to speak with the manager and he said the same thing. That they could change the coupon policy as they saw fit. I asked if they had this posted anywhere and he said no, they only have corporate policies posted. I said well then if that’s what’s posted shouldn’t you have to honor it? He said no that it was at the individual stores discretion which policies to follow. At that point I was so astounded that I walked out. Really they were only 1 dollar burritos and not worth the fuss but the whole principle of it was just wrong. Moral of my story, steer clear of Lynwood Walmart.

Hmmm…was it the Customer Service Manager or the actual STORE manager? The CSM makes up whatever they want as has been my experience. You actually have to call the service desk while you’re in the store and ask to speak to the store manager and THEN the store manager adheres to the corporate store policy.

He claimed to be the store co-manager. That’s why I was so astounded.

No no no…then he’s not THE store manager. At my Walmart there are signs in front of each register with the managers picture and phone number. So I called today and was able to get my overage back in cash (that was my only issue) However, the CSM insisted that it wasn’t their policy to give back cash even though I had the corporate policy in hand. Henceforth – you practically have to demand to speak to the store manager or you aint’ gettin nuthin lol!

If I had been able to get everything else on my list I probably would have put up a bigger fight. But since they didn’t stock any of the items I was there for, I only happened upon the burritos, it wasn’t worth it. I’ll stick with Target and Fred Meyer’s. There they always tell me food job and congratulate me on my savings. LOL

*Good job! not “food job”. Oops!! :)

have corporates number on your phone and call corporate right then.

I wonder if Rite Aid still has some Folgers on Clerance !!

I am not sure why so many people are having issues with their Walmart giving overage. I ALWAYS get my overage, no issues, no questions asked. The only thing I notice is that the register asks them if it is a valid coupon amount. They click yes, and that is it. So I feel bad for all of you having issues bc its the corporate policy and my store honors it.

same here

So on overages…what if the coupon like the Zyrtec, I guess the coupon stated “up to $6.00 off” so are they suppose to adjust down the coupon to the prices of the zyrtec? I think it was something like $5.27 or something. My hubby went to get 3 of them and that was all…they adjusted down the coupon and made him pay the tax. I was dissapointed. Was that right?

My cashier asked the mananger and the manager said take off the $6. I think it depends on the store and the cashier.

my store in Ohio gave me the overage amount for it with no problems.

If a coupon states “up to a certain amount” then the cashier is prompted to input the amount of the product. There should be no overage because the company is saying they will only deduct that amt. so if the item such as the Zyrtec was more than $6…you would get the full amount. Overages occur when a set coupon amount such as $2.50 off Polident exceeds the Walmart price of say $1.78. Walmart is not picking and choosing…it is how a coupon is worded. Hope this helps.

Just emptied the shelf at my local Walmart – it took an hour b/c the CSM wouldn’t give me cash back even though I had the store policy in hand. So like someone else mentioned I called the store manager whose number is listed at each register and he apologized. I got my cash back with several dirty looks at the return counter.

I wanted to add I had no issues with the coupon – but the cashier was really friendly so I think that helped. When in doubt, contact the actual store manager.

I dont think its polite to say you cleared the shelves. Be thoughtful of other couponers. You have plenty of time to pick up more on your next trip.

Hmm…orrr…lesson learned – I just won’t comment at all!

please continue to comment. Don’t let others ruin your fun. Hey everybody……..”I’m a shelf clearer too”. You know how many times I went to the stores and the product is already gone…You win some, you lose some.

most people say they don’t clear the shelves but don’t even listen because they know if they have coupons and find the product in they are gonna clear the shelf too to make sure they get to use all their coupons…i’m a shelf clearer too…if I have 12 coupons and they have ten on the shelf and I have been there several times looking for it and it’s never in…u better believe i’m gonna take them all

How could you have cleared the shelf if it says LIMIT 4 on this item per DAY on the coupon??

Im also a shelf clearer, and proud of it. In my little town, I have met several other couponers, and we get together every so often to swap products. So if i have 120 bottles of liquid dish soap, and one of them has 90 bottles of lipton tea, we will trade for retail value. I also donate things that my family cannot use before it would expire, like yogurt, to our local food bank.

For those who dislike couponing at walmart, target has these for $1.02. I was there this morning getting toothpaste. Thanks kcl!

if it says redeemable at a certain store can I still use it at a different store ?

As long as “manufacturer Coupon” is typed on it, then it is not store-specific. However if it says something like “CVS coupon”, then it is only allowed at CVS or other stores that accept CVS competitor coupons.

Just recently this week I noticed when the cashiers scan my coupons and there is an overage, they have to confirm that it’s a valid coupon amount. I haven’t had a cashier (yet) tell me anything or remove the overage. Hopefully Walmart is not preparing for a coupon policy change :(

I had the same thing happen they confirm it and it automaticly deducts the amount, I did this with the buy one get one free Dr. Pepper 10. It ended up taking off 1.99 for each coupon. This is the first time they gave me an overage, And like in the book pick Another checkout Lane honey, they talk about cashier profiling.

my walmart has always been like this.when I have a coupon for over the amount of the product the computer just asks,” valid coupon amount?”and the cashier just pushes yes.

I’m happy you guys posted about this coupon :) I just had to let you guys know about this great coupon! Enjoy everyone!

Walmart gave me the hardest time with the folgers coupons this morning. It seems like whenever there is an overage that try there hardest to not honor the coupon. This morning they told me the coupon is only for the 64 oz. containers and I cannot use it for the folder packages that $1.00 I told her there is no size restriction on the coupons but she says it has to be the same item on the coupon(same as picture). : (


Im a cashier at walmart, there is no training on coupons :( The deal with the overages is simple enough to explain, some coupons prompt us to input the actual price of the coupon, some coupons automatically subtract the full amount of the coupon resulting in an overage. We do not have control over the register it will do one or the other.

I am also a Walmart cashier………The new system is messing up a lot of people. Sharon is right, so far no training or meeting about the new sysem.

I would like the add, I check my store still take face value off. I also went the another Walmart store and left with 3 folger’s 2 Dhines mix in and a valsic ralish and they gave me $1.78 back. My store is not a super canter so we do not have all the stuff other stores have

i agree totally…. what is sad is when the cashier tells the bossman that they dont allow overage and the bossman said oh yea we do … i think they need to listen to the boss…

the boss isent the store manager,all the employess whether is at walmart target or any other store tend to make their own policy on couponing and that upsets me because when u ask them again what they mean they tell u the second time something diffrent. or when u say i need a manager they change thier stories as well not vryone is like that but in my expirience the ones whove been there the most! snd it sucks that wjen they hire and train them they dont train them everything i.e the coupon policy!


Try a different cashier. I have had the same problem but then I just move to a different cashier.

Yes I agree – try a different cashier. The younger cashiers are awesome! Especially the male cashiers! Also establish a relationship with your cashiers and you will be just fine!

KCL was right when they said that male cashiers are the best, Because they are and they’re so nice and interested in couponing when I go to them. Women are grumpy, which is sad because I know I wouldn’t be like that.

That happens all the time at the dollar tree. I would suggest printing out a coupon policy for walmart and taking it with you. That way when they say they can’t give you an overage on the rest of your purchase, you pull it out and say, “Bam! What now! You’re policy states you can give me an overage.” I always take my policies with me.

I do this 😉 Luckily the last two times I’ve gone in, I haven’t had to use it. We’ll see if I have to pull it out tonight since I’m getting a bunch of overage.

the cashier says it says u may be given she said i dont have to give u overage and cleared it out like i wasnt due money back …i said yea i bet she was gonna pocket it herself ….

I’m totally going to start bringing a copy with me, good idea!!

I have a walmart question. I wanted to preorder some of the Zyrtec that are free with last weekends coupons so I called the store and the lady in the pharmacy said she would be the one to order more stock, I told her how many I needed and she said she could order the amount requested but could not put them on hold for me so they would be on the shelf when they came in. Now I am worried that the other couponer in town that always clears shelves might beat me too the ones I ordered since it is a 24 hour Walmart. Is there a specific person I should be asking for when ordering like a CSM or General Manager?

The right person would be the person at the pharmacy. I would go in to the store personally and ask her to do the order for however many you want. I would also ask her when the shipment comes in and show up the day of as early as Walmart opens. Good luck! 😀

I think that is what i will do, thanks!

Also check the checkout lanes. I was able to snag 4 of the Zyrtec there. With all the chap stick and hand warmers (opposite the candy at my Walmarts). I was so excited because the shelves were cleared.

What a great tip! Thanks!

Might I suggest ordering more than you want to ensure you’ll get some? Sounds to me like since they won’t hold it for you and just puts it out on shelf, that you won’t be accountable for any extras that you don’t buy. That’s what I would do if I was fortunate enough to get the coupon! 😉
P.s. I can’t imagine how frustrated I would be if I did the right thing and ordered what I wanted and someone swiped it out from under me. GROWL

Yes I thought of that after I got off of the phone with the lady I spoke too. My exact thought was “well if I need 10 maybe I should have her order 20 so they have another 10 on the shelves for other shoppers!”. Basically Im going to have to call each day to see when they come in because I have no idea how many coupons this other shopper has so I have no way of telling what amount she will take to clear the shelves at this point.

my store wouldn’t put anything on hold. They just told me when their shipment comes in

I went to three different walmarts looking for these and then I went to walgreens and the shelves were fully stocked.try family dollar too.

dee where in la

Baton Rouge

Texas Folks: Does HEB allow overages to be applied to the final balance? i know they don’t give cash back, but to me it’s just as good if it gets applied to the balance.

They gave me cash back last week on the poise.

Does anyone else have this issue at Walmart now: our registers automatically adjust the coupon amount, no more overage!!! makes me sad….

Danielle, where at? I just got overage Monday at my Walmart. I hope nothing has changed! I’m in Louisiana.

Scottsbluff, NE…..I went there again last night and the same thing happened….super frustrating, I would’ve saved almost $4 more if the full face value was being taken off!!

One some products. I used a coupon that was supposed to give me overage on shaving cream but when I used a coupon for Dr. Pepper Ten, it took off the full “up to 1.99 value”.

Morriseville NC said they will not pay overage anymore. I will no longer shop at Walmart. Too many other good stores anyway. :)

did their coupon policy change? they tryed to pull that on me when i got poise products it was overage of .24 but i had to show them their policy and they finally gave me the 24 cents…. i dont see what the biggggg issue is it not like they are not getting their money back… i mean after all they dont double or triple coupons …. they have no kind of extra bucks or anything soo i dont think overage is gonna break em … and i agree im about done with walmart they cant keep their shelves stocked….

I’m sorry to hear so many people are having trouble with Walmart. Have you tried contacting corporate? Here is the contact info:

Who told you that because the corporate policy hasnt changed

it just seems automatic now when you go through and ring up, at least here in NE it’s like that now :-/

Like I said below, the registers prompt us to enter the exact amount of the coupon or it automatically subtracts the full amount resulting in an overage. Believe it or not, we do not control it, the reg. will do one or the other and it seems random to me Ive seen a 50/50 split on which way it goes. Sorry if Im not much help.

which should be illegal. When a store sends in the coupon, they in return get face value of the coupon plus .08. Am I wrong?? That sounds like stealing.

that’s what I was thinking!!!

I have had issues in the last week. Coupons that are for free – the system automatically finds the price. And some internet coupons wouldnt scan that did the week prior. They cashier told me they are doing something to their systems. Super annoying becuase I have a ton of these BOGO dog food coupons that will not scan now. And Walmart is the only store that carries the brand!

wow, I guess it’s good that ours isn’t the only one doing that stuff, but it’s definitely frustrating – I had one last night that wouldn’t scan either, the cashier typed it in manually, and then her register beeped when she finished the transaction and a manager had to come do something to her register, and I asked her why it wouldn’t let her finish it and the manager said “because she manually entered a coupon.” what a joke!!

Yes, the registers say to check the coupon and then the cashier adjusts it to match the price. I show them the coupon policy but honestly, it’s so stressful to argue over pennies on a free item when one lady was taken out in handcuffs once just for possessing a Walmart coupon policy… then again, I should probably be glad if that happens.. take out phone;start recording… get lawyer…

Omg why have her arrested if the policy is for customers to read? Can you say lawsuit!!!!!! And the cops are worse for actually arresting her for that.

That isn’t what their policy says

Too bad I didn’t have these for Walgreens last week but a MM is good too:)