As we mentioned earlier this week, Target is offering a $5.00 Target gift card for purchasing a select oral care product! Listerine and Crest 3D White Pro-Health are included and will be free with a coupon! Find these products in a section of the store featuring bulk-size items. This promotion is very rare; typically, you need to buy two or more for a gift card offer.

There is no limit to this promotion; however, Target coupon policy restricts more than four identical coupons per transaction.




Listerine Mouthwash, 1.5 L $5.99, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 5/4
$1.00/1 – Listerine Adult Mouthwash, 1 L or larger – (
Or $1.00/1 – Listerine Adult Mouthwash, 1L or Larger, excludes Listerine whitening, no more than 4 coupons of any kind for the same product in the same transaction – (
Or $1.00/1 Listerine Antiseptic, Ultraclean Antiseptic, Total Care, Zero or Fluoride Defense Anticavity Mouthwash, 1 L or larger, Limit one coupon per person, Limit 4 coupons in same transaction from RP 4/7 (exp 6/30)
Pay $4.99, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: Free


Crest 3D White ProHealth Mouth Rinse, 946 mL $5.99, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 5/4
Use $1.00/1 – Crest ProHealth Rinse, 458 mL or larger – (
Or $1.00/1 – Crest Pro Health Rinse, 458 mL or larger, limit 4 like coupons per household per day – (
Pay $4.99, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: Free 


Take a look at the other freebies included in this promotion!

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106 thoughts on “Free Crest 3D White Pro-Health & Listerine Mouthwash at Target!”

so disappointed right now… went to the store to get this deal knowing that the ad was a misprint and that certain targets were choosing not to honor the “wyb any” wordage in the store ad. Spoke to customer service first thing to clear this up and avoid any hassle at the register. I was told that the deal was valid and “as far as they knew” they were honoring the deal. Not really comforted by this answer (despite the fact that it came from a “manager”) I chose to verify this before checkout with my cashier.. I was then ushered over to a “floor manager” who informed me that the deal was only valid on the three-pack toothbrushes and three-pack toothpastes which were pictured in the ad. I politely explained to her that the ad states “and select others” including the Listerine and Crest mouth rinse on markdown all over the store with the same deal, Buy 3, Get a $5.00 gc.. If they weren’t honoring the ad it would have been fine, I was just looking for a straight answer. No one seemed to know anything about what I was talking about and kept informing me that the ad is only for the three-packs pictured in the ad.. when i asked why the mouth rinses were inexplicably marked with the same sale “Buy 3, Get a $5.00 gc” i was told that these were a separate promotion and that they only included Listerine..? I ended up leaving without any of my items.. I can’t stand it when managers don’t know something but they keep insisting things to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about.. even though i know the mouth washes aren’t really worth the hassle im considering emailing corporate. I won’t be shopping at this target again.

They released a new ad already. The new ad only says $5 gift card for the 3 packs. They removed the ad for the $5 giftcard for the mouthrinse. Now they are just on mark down and no giftcard deal.

Looks like this deal was a scattered like a bag loose marbles! I’m in Nebraska and the Listerine was shown in the ad, but not promoting the $5GC. Nothing else was shown in the ad. However, when I see a good deal listed here my rear end places it on a list. I too, like others I’ve seen post, have a few shelf clearing individuals here. You can usually tell they have been there by the trail of the 30+ coupons left when the deal they wanted wasn’t such a deal after all or the other clearee beat them to the punch.

Anyway, I went to the store first to find the toothpaste. They had 2-packs but no 3-packs. Okay, no big deal. No GCs were being promoted. Next I went to the mouthwash. Only the Listerine was being promoted and it, like many others here have said, read wyb3. I had high hopes since it was reported that Corporate office took action and updated the registers. I grabbed two bottles and a couple other freebies and marched proudly to the register with my BIG HUGE RED coupon binder proudly displayed on the child seat of the cart warning any who dare get behind me. The Listerine rang up wyb1, just as it was being reported here by other readers. I was ecstatic! If it wasn’t for the fact it was already closing time, only three registers remained open and I was already slowing everyone down with my massive savings, I would have went back and tried the others.

All in all, thanks to everyone for your posts and updates!

I live in Columbus, Ohio and when I went to my local Target they had the Listerine that I needed (I found it in the regular Oral Care Aisle not in the bulk section in the back of the store) but when I looked for the Crest 3-D White mouth wash it wasn’t on any gift card deal at my Target. I even had an employee check and he said that it wasn’t on a gift card deal. Any one know why?

Thank you so much! We got two bottles for free with coupons, and
8 more bottles for 7.92! Now we have enough for our family for six months and for our parents and extended family too!

Thanks for posting this. I live in Miami and Target Dadeland had the Listerine. Thus, I got free mouthwash yesterday. I will try again today as I still have 2 Listerine coupons left. I have to choose a different cashier, though, as the one yesterday seemed too unhappy to give me my GC.

I overheard them say that they had actually pulled all the items that were prompting a GC WYB 1 off the shelves Wed, but some items remained. Look carefully couponers. The GC shows up on the price scanner.

My target in ny is not honoring their ad. It says buy the items listed but it’s not showing up at the register to get the gift card so rather than argue I just didn’t bother to buy. Same thing with the crest toothpaste

In Brooklyn, NY they are honoring the ad. I was able to get Listerine, Colgate and Crest Whitener deals. The corporate office stated that you only need to buy 1 to get the gift card. Call corporate office and notify them about your local target. I had to do that and they took the sign down for making customers buy 3.

So I went to my local Target which I love and they were sold out of that type of mouth wash … I went about 10 ish minutes away and I got to the store and found it there I was in Euphoric heaven until I decided to ask the manager if that item was the correct item, he walked over to the shelf and he RIPPED! LIKE TORE the price tag off the shelf and said it was wrong … “THIS IS A MISTAKE!” he said and then told me b/c of that he would only give me the mouth wash for 99 cents no gift card … so i was excited b.c that’s still cheap but shocked b.c he like totally tore them off super passionately … we got to the register and they rang out for 5.99 plus the 5.00 gift card i had four 1.00 off per item and got 4 bottles and let me tell you there was an extra bounce in my walk all the way to the car … and i did a little dance by the truck hahaha…. I LOVE COUPONS

i think all the targets near me pulled everything off the shelves. I went two days after getting some free toothpaste and they replaced the section where they had these items with other things.

requires you to buy 3 for the gift card and my target only has the promotion for the gift card on Listerine only not the crest.

Check it at the scanner my target sign also said when you buy 3 but it was actually when you buy 1. If you scan it at the scanner a little thing will pop on the side saying $5 GC or something like that.

Everyone: soooooooo much hassle can be saved if you remember to profile your cashiers! Look for the 20-something males. They will diligently scan your coupons and not try to make judgement calls they shouldn’t on them. If there isn’t a coupon friendly cashier you know, and you must take a chance, still go by age (youngest to oldest is the order of preference–of course, this is a generalization but if nothing else they are faster) and don’t be shy about asking the cashier “How are you with coupons?” or, “Are you okay with a lot of coupons?” This preps them by letting them know you have a lot coupons and because if they are not confident on working the register or knowing coupon policy, you can always switch cashiers before you start.
As for this deal, since gc deals prompt the cashiers to hand out a gc, I don’t understand why any cashier would argue it. Going tonight, we’ll see how I fare.

I just bought the Crest and Listerine and neither spit out a gift card, so I returned both to customer service. When the clerk asked me why I was returning, I told her, I thought it was receiving a $5.00 GC. She scanned the items and said they weren’t eligible and apologized. There was no signage in the store about any gift cards, but there was a ton of products!

so do I use the gift card to buy the second mouthwash and then I would get a second gift card? How many times could I do that and still receive the gift card?

I just went and did two seperate transactions, each time I got a five dollar gift card, going back for more to stock up once I get enough coupons!

is there a limit to how many gift cards you can recieve?


So I am SUPER DISAPPOINTED!! Went to Target yesterday and got a few Listerine’s bc I didn’t have all my coupons with me..went back today at 8am when they opened and there wasn’t a SINGLE thing that got the $5 gc. Luckily I found one Listerine bottle..scanned it and it said “item not found”. I asked a Target assoc why that would be (bc I bought some yesterday) and she told me that they had SALVAGED everything that had gotten the gc. Said it was more cost effective
:( Super bummed. Now I have a ton of printed coupons and wasted ink :/

it’s not really free, you pay $4.99 and get a $5 gift card yeah, but you have to spend that gift card in the store, your NEXT purchase will be free, not the one you paid $4.99 for. SCAM.

No, it’s not a scam. You could do 4 seperate transactions. Pay the $4.99 up front (w/coupon), get the gift card to purchase the next one, etc.. etc..I already had a gift card from my Gevalia purchase, so I got 4 huge bottles of listerine for free. How is that a scam?

Every SINGLE Target in San Diego has been out of all these products all day! Maybe since yesterday. It makes me wonder if they just pulled everything to the back until the sale is over…? Out of all my couponing friends, only one was able to find any of these deals and between all of us we went to 6 stores. Not cool Target.

I successfully bought two bottles of Listerine in the South Hayward, CA store with no problems. 8 cents each with tax. I cashed out the gift cards and left paying just 16 cents for the bottles (CA law says that stores must redeem gift cards under $10 for cash!).

where do you ask for the cash? at the cashier?

You go to customer service to get the cash.

I think it was a print error in the ad, because at the store the signs say with the purchase of three.

Yea, but I called the manager and when I went to checkout I told her about the ad and how I talked to the manager ans it was cool I recomend checking out at guest service

My store said wyb 3 in the main toothpaste aisle, but in the very back of the store there was an endcap that said when u buy 1. I would try it anyways, because it seems that many stores are honoring it.

At my target in fremont Ca i was told that the ones with GC have been sold out. They very smartly told that these 1litre ones are on sale for 5.49 and don’t generate GC.

I just did this deal at target got 20 bottles for free used the coupon that was attached to the bottle

I just did this deal at target got 20 bottles of listerine and got the gift cards came down to completely free with the coupon that was attached to it :)


Thank you KCL! I was able to get Listerine deal, flip flops, Covergirl, and Advil, they were out of Crest. Thanks xo

You’re welcome!!

can you use the giftcard on the same transaction you got the giftcard from

No, but it can be used on a subsequent transaction.

My target had the signs up but no product in the bulk section. I went to another target and they had nothing. I guess I will have to go back to my normal target to see if any of them scan up right. Can you tell on the scanner if the $5.00 gift card is attached to that specific item or only on the register?

The Listerine at Target is buy 3 and get $5 gift card…. IS NOT FREE!

Did you try purchasing one or are you just going off of the tags on the shelf? The tags read $5 gift card with purchase of 3 but they are ringing up buy 1 get a $5 gift card at the register which is what is advertised in the sale ad. You can also scan the item at the price scanners at the end of the isles, should scan as $5.99 and $5 gift card with purchase of one.

For some, you need only buy two. This promotion varies by region.

Tami’s right, you should have scanned the items at one of the price scanners. I went today & the Listerine had signs that said “$5 GC wyb 3” & the toothbrushes didn’t even have signs! When I scanned them though they said “$5 GC w/ purchase” & at the register it prompted the GC after each item was scanned.

I bought three Listerines today, used my coupons and got my gift cards no problem, no questions asked.

this was not a true advertisement for my local target. iw as so sad!! it’s buy 3 oral products get a $5 gc

In California,it is stated that you buy 3 item to get the $5.00.not one.

I’m in CA and at both the North Hollywood and Burbank Target stores this worked. I did it both yesterday and today on my lunch break. I’m going to try one of the Woodland Hills locations today too. If you grab the 1.5 L Listerine bottles, just scan it at the scattered end-of-isle scanners, and certain ones will say they’re $5.99 with a $5 gift card. On the shelf it says they’re $7-something, but the register rings them up with this promo. My family is going to be set on mouthwash!
Seriously, don’t always take the what the tag says at face value! The scanners are there for a reason, double check how they’re ringing up!

I am in Glendale. I saw the sign and the guy said you have to buy 3, but I tried anyway. The GC came up with the 3 pack toothpaste! :)

Yeah, I just tried Woodland Hills and had no problems at the register. The only problem is I now have 10 giant bottles of mouthwash…

yes i went to try it today and didn’t give me gift card bummer but they do have the toothpaste and toothbrushes

iam in california and i just did it with the 3d white 32 oz with a free 3d white oz with no problem at all!

I went to do this deal and the red tags says you must buy three.

For some, you need only buy two. It varies by region.

You must buy three to get the five gnc.

Just for the info..spoke with a target sales clerk who told me that it is misprint in their ad but they are choosing to honor it anyway…

i just returned from target after a fail. I attempted to buy the Crest mouthwash and did not
get a gc. I went yesterday and had a successful trip with purchasing the toothpastes but no luck today. I didnt even see a sign mentioning it.

Anyone else have this problem?

same here I had an associate scan the mouthwash and nothing came up then I went to the register and it did not prompt a gift card ( so I didn’t get it ) but yesterday I got the toothpaste promo , go figure!!

I’m having the same problem? I live near Columbus, Ohio. Maybe it’s regional… Not really sure. :-(

Went to my Target yesterday and couldn’t find the toothbrush and toothpaste that give you the $5 gc, so I asked, I believe it was the manager, if they had any in the warehouse and she told me that they were way in the back where the furniture is at and that they were in a basket cart and that I was only allowed to take one. Of course I didn’t just take one I took 4 and went to the cashier and he gave me my four $5 gc’s. If this was a miss print or whatever and Target Corporate office says it’s legit then why are they trying to hide the items and then tell you that you could only take one….huh

The manager of one of the Targets at El Paso TX told me yesterday that I am only allowed to take one. Plus they were not at the health and beauty department they were way at the back where the furniture is at and they were all in a basket cart. I don’t understand, if it was a miss print or whatever and corporate office says it’s legit than why are they doing this.

I didn’t get a target ad in my sunday paper this week… not sure why. But when I went to the store the ads there didn’t have a single thing in them about the promo, and the signs said buy 3 get $5 GC. So I didn’t try it, I figured I’d run into all kinds of trouble trying to prove I was right! lol

You should have scanned the items at one of the price scanners. I went today & the Listerine had signs that said “$5 GC wyb 3” & the toothbrushes didn’t even have signs! When I scanned them though they said “$5 GC w/ purchase” & at the register it prompted the GC after each item was scanned…I have never been so excited to buy mouthwash!!

I am grateful to target for honoring their misprint. Often times they would just put in a retraction. awesome deals.

ok I see the coupon, but where do you see it advertised for the $5.99 price. The paper we have on page 15 just list the crest and the oral b tooth brushes. No mouth wash. is this just a item that is on the shelf in the store?

These items were not advertised in the weekly flyer. But they are included in the $5.00 Target gift card promotion.

My local Target didn’t stock any of the items that were included in this deal. Guess they figured, if it’s not stocked then people can’t buy. So, I drove to the next closest Target (20 miles away) and was happy to see they had a display up. Fortunately, I didn’t have any issues with my transactions.

I was just at Target and had the lady in the electronics scan the Crest Rinse and the only one that was qualifying for the $5 card is the one with another small bottle attached to it. I wonder if it varies per store.

I would check with your local Target. My local ad says WYB 3 and when I took them to the register, it was a g/c per three. They also pulled all of the toothpaste and toothbrushes from the shelves, so that was disappointing, as well. Oh, well, onto the weekly Publix match up! :-)

Do all Listerines that are 1.5L work? I scanned a lot of different 1.5L ones but only the Listerine Zero Mouthwash said it was part of the $5 gift card deal.

Check with the price scanner. I got the original listerine 1.5L for $5.99 plus gift card. The ultra clean listerine were marked $6.99 plus free gift card.

Yeah, I got both the Listerine Zero and the Original with this deal. Also check the giant Crest 3D White mouthwashes, I got a couple of those :)

I know the “Original” Listerine (the amber colored kind) wasn’t included in the gift card promotion. :-(

It works !! Just go to the register, when a cashier scans it, the 5 dollar gift card pups up on a screen, they HAVE to give it to you

Who said it was a misprint? If it didn’t come from Corp. then it wasn’t! It was managers making their own judgement calls from what I can tell. Our Target honored it and I saw no notices posted etc. I didn’t buy 20 of them either. Just got me a couple of this and few of that. I told my hubby I didn’t want to abuse the deal!
While I was there, there was a woman who clearly wasn’t a couponer; she was so excited about the deal. I offered her some coups, she said, oh I don’t need the coupon; with this price… I’m happy! Lol That so tickled me!

alot of stores are trying to say it was a misprint… mine is as well…but i still got them to honor it for a few items.

Yeah, but good luck trying to tell those managers that corporate said differently. Was in the store once for an hour because those “managers” had to hear it from corporate’s mouth themselves and were on hold most of the night!!!! Getting sick of target

Target In Denver Co. there were no signs at all so I took a chance and I did get the gift cards! I was able to get 3 packs of Oral B toothbrushes and 3 packs of Crest toothpaste and the register prompted the cashier to issue the gift card after each item…’s worth a try even if there are no signs or signs that say you have to buy 3.

Absolutley! I went to the Louisville Target and the signage on the shelf says any 3 but I took a chance and went to the register and sure enough! I got a $5 gift card for each one

I shop at the Target in Thornton, but am unable to get to the store until tomorrow. I’ve been wondering if it’ll work here, thanks for posting! All I really need is some mouthwash, maybe some toothbrushes…fingers crossed they have some tomorrow!!

That’s great!

Make sure to bring the ad with you from the newspaper. It does not advertise that you have to purchase more than one. We purchased the max and received the gift card for each one. The store honored the ad.

I heard this ad was a misprint. It was supposed to be buy 3 to get the gift card. The ad mentions oral b 3-pk toothbrush and crest 3-pk toothpaste. My store pulled the 3pk size of toothpaste and toothbrushes. Listerine is not specifically mentioned in the deal in the ad, but I did see it on the shelf as buy 3 to get a GC. If you guys are able to make it happen for you, congrats, but I wanna give you the heads up so you dont make a disappointing trip. I get free toothpaste/mouthwash all the time at cvs, so I going to save my coupons for that.

Good luck couponers! :)

whether it was a misprint or not Im not sure. but I emailed Target corporate, and they basically said the deal is legit and still on. Some store still have the buy 3 for gc sign, but their registers have all been updated to prompt a gc after each item included in the deal. it really does suck that some stores have decided to pull the items from the shelves.

they had this same “misprint” last year on the same items. Also target has there ads ready 6-8 weeks in advance they had plenty of time to correct the problem. right?

It seems to me that Target just recycles the same ads over and over again. Most of their prices are inflated to make up for the 5% off with Target RedCard and 5% off Target Pharmacy Rewards. Most of their price cuts simply bring their price down to the level of Walmart’s everyday price. Example: Gas-X 18 ct. tablets…Target’s everyday price is $4.94, currently on price cut for $3.99. Walmart’s everday price is $3.98.

I can’t get this deal :( the Target by me requires that I purchase 3 for the giftdcard

No, try it again. Each mouthwash will trigger the cashier to scan a gift card for u.

Don’t leave without trying. At least take one to a scanner and see what it says. The signage all says wyb 3, but they are honoring the “wyb any” wordage of the ad.

Netsirk is correct, some of the stores will not honor this sale…they are stating it was a misprint… i basically threw a temper tantrum and was able to get mine to honor the sale but only for 2 toothpastes and a oral b toothbrush pack… they limited what i could bye.. 8(

Just take one to the register, it should prompt the $5gc if it doesnt then don’t get it. good luck

Scan the mouthwash at the scanner yourself as i went today and brought 2…it’s the biggest size they have and take the ad with you.good luck

Yes my store said the same thing. And the “bulk section” did not have any listerine in it. Like someone else suggested, I am going to scan it myself and see what it says, or have a cashier run it. But the fact that there are Listerine at my local target tells me that they probably won’t let me get the gift card, because someone else who coupons there clears all the GOOD shelves every week. Uhg.

The Listerine wasn’t in the bulk/seasonal section of my store, it was in the regular oral care aisle. Check there if you’ll be heading back to Target before the promotion ends. I used the price scanner beforehand and it did say it would produce the gift card, even though the signs said otherwise.

You can always test it out at the register!

I usually test it out at the scanner but I did that yesterday and today in two different targets and no large Listerines or Crest said $5 gift card with purchase as it did with the crest toothpaste

I bought 2, I didn’t know there was a coupon :(

My printer has been out of ink for a while now, so I’m jealous of anyone getting better deals printing out these coupons. =[ Waiting on pay day to buy some more ink.

you should try your local library. Thats what I do when I run out of ink. you can also print multiple coupons if they have multiple computers. Just an idea. Been in your shoes many times and the library is a cheap place in a pinch. :)

My libraries do not allow you to install programs like the coupon printing ones.

Amazon sells 3rd party ink cartridges that fit most brand name printers, I bought a 4 pack of all colors for $7, prints just fine.

That’s actually what I did, but when I put it into my printer it says it’s for a older generation. Bah.

haha omg So am I this sucks!! bought a refill kit at CVS using the 25% off and ECb but didnt realize it didnt come with the black ink and thats the one i really needed.

I believe you can set your printer to print in color that almost looks like black

I have tried to find a way to do this, but I cant seem to find one. I have an HP photosmart 5520. =/

Im not good with printers/computers, I ended up buying the black from target. And i just refilled the color ones. when i print out a report it says the ones i refilled are empty but i just filled them. Thats weird its prob that chip i see in the cartridge

when you go back take the coupons tell them you forgot to use them, they will scan them and give you your 2 dollars. make sure you take the receipt to show your purchase

I’ve done this before, they handle it without issue. But it is for same-day transactions, I’ve been told.

Always assume there is a coupon and check the coupon databases! For products like these, there are almost always coupons, but even for other products, always check if you can. (I check online data as well as my coupons from magazines and coupons that came with samples in the mail, b/c these are regularly listed here.) Sometimes you can get good deals w/out coupons, sure, but if you’re an extreme couponer you need to get as many freebies and MM’s as you can to offset the tax you pay on the volume of products we buy to get the deals.