This offer is still available for anyone who hasn’t seen it before. Get a free Schick Hydro Silk Razor by texting SCHICK to 24444. You will receive a follow-up text with a link. Click the link and fill out the information. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

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40 thoughts on “Free Schick Hydro Silk Razor!”

I got mine the other day!!! :-)

i just texted the number and i have got the web site. when i type it into my computer it said it can not find a web page for that name.

Who does this text go to and what kind of service do they hook you into? Junk texts or some other junk?

u need a web able phone for this deal. so u ladies w the basic text/ call palns it may not work.
furthermore none of the coupons mentioned work on the disaposable packages (all our target ever has in stock! )lol…
personally, save some time use a coupon on wal-mart’s lower price & be done w it.

I dont have internet on my phone either but you can just type in the url on a computer!

I received mine yesterday and it I ordered not even two weeks ago.

Am I doing something wrong? I did what the post says but get no follow up message.

I did this deal (text) less than two weeks ago, and I already received the razor along with (2) awesome coupons. This was very fast.

I just did it a while ago. I also informed my friends to do the same. Thanks for posting about this.

With all the free razors I get from couponing, my 3 sisters and their families don’t have to buy as I give them loads from my stockpile.

Do this I got mine yesterday in the mail after about 8 days!!

Just signed up for mine. Can’t wait. I love free stuff!

I just got mine in the mail today! Was impressed how fast it came! I have stockpiled enough razors to last us probably 6 mos or more, mostly this Schick Hydro line for both men/women. They’re awesome!

I received an EMPTY BOX a few days ago…ugghhh!!!! I was looking forward to getting my new razor :(

Yes..NGOs mine today in the mail too.. :)

**** Got!

I just got my free razor. It’s pretty nice. Didn’t take the full 6 weeks. Maybe 2 or 3 I think.

I got mine yesterday too…

I received mine in the mail today with 2 coupons with it :) Also if you check out the tampon radiant or pearls boxes they offer up to 9 dollars worth of coupons inside.

P&G products are really good about adding coupons in with the box/package! I always find a coupon booklet in the Pampers diaper & wipes boxes!

I received mine today in the mail! woohoo!

anyone know what to do if they mistakely sent a canadian version of coupons with razor?

I got the coupons with the us version on one side and the canadian version on the other. maybe just flip it over? :)

Same here

hmm ok i ll look ty

It only took 1 week for me to get the free sample! Woop woop

sharmin simpleton can u use 2 target coupons for 1 item? or for a free item?

You’re buying 2 items not 1. I did mine and going back for more. It works

Their is free schick hydro 5 at target.
Buy 1 schick hydro 5 razor @$8.49
Buy 1 schick hydro shave gel @$2.99
Use 1 bogo buy one razor get shave gel
Use 1 $3 off target coupon
Use 1 $4 schick hydro razor
Use 1 $1 off target coupon for shave gel
They auto deduct $4.50 for shave gel
You then only pay tax of $.76 (CA)

sharmin simpleton can u use 2 target coupons for 1 item? or for a free item?

No. Exception: purchase based target coupon can be paired with other target coupons. Example: $5/$20 Nestle purchase target coupon.

this is awesome, thanks for sharing!! I’m in So Cal :) Though, I dont see the TGT Q for the shave gel anymore, still a good deal.

This is a questions I’ve never quite figured out. So you use the MQ $4/1 for the razor, but there is a 2nd MQ for the buy one razor get one shave gel. Does this 2nd MQ work since it’s on the razor? Or does it count as a MQ for the shave gel? Or can it count towards either, and in this case it would be the shave gel since a MQ was not already used on the shave gel? I’ve never quite understood if this would work or not.

I wrote that wrong. Since there’s only one MQ allowed per item, which item does the buy one razor get one shave gel apply towards? I would have thought it would have applied to the razor (which is already using a MQ) but maybe it applies to either item in the BOGO?

As i wrote before the BOGO coupon is for the Shave gel which deduct $4.50 (MQ) and $1 target Shave coupon; then $4 MQ is for the Razor + $3 Target coupon is for the Razor. Another way to look at it is Shave gel ( BOGO coupon MQ + $1 Target coupon). Razor ( $4 MQ + $3 Target Coupon). So all coupon rules were followed as far as I know it and if KQL can put more clarification to this please do :)

I am confused with the target coupon policy. I believe somehow it changed. It now states that with a bogo coupon you are not allowed to use a coupon on the item that you are purchasing. Does anyone know when this changed or if it is changed?

The Q that says buy x product, and get y product free, applies to BOTH products. You cannot stack Manuf. coupons at ANY store I know of with a 2nd manuf. Q that applies to the same product. Can only stack that Q with a STORE coupon, like Target, Riteaid’s or CVS’s STORE coupons, NOT another MQ!!

That’s how I understood it too :/

the target $3 off coupon it is for the disposable razors?

I’m sorry, but there are two reason why this should not be done. First, the BOGO coupon excludes disposables and the $3 Target coupon is for disposables (unless there was another one that I’m not aware of). Secondly, you can’t use a cents off coupon with a BOGO coupon. KCL did a post on this not too long ago. It’s important for us as couponers to read our coupons carefully and do our best to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturers.

Seems like there is two manufacturer coupons used on one item. $4 schick hydro and bogo….bogo attaches to two items, unless I am wrong?