Score more free copy paper at Staples! Go to to print the coupon. Then use the coupon at Staples to trigger the rebate offer and complete the rebate online. Stop by Staples through 5/4 to get this deal:

Hammermill Copy Plus Copy Paper, ream $6.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for $6.99 Rebate through 5/4
Use $6.99/1 – Hammermill Free Copy Plus Copy Paper Ream Rebate Offer through 5/4, limit one per household – (
Pay $6.99, Submit for $6.99 Rebate
Final Price: Free

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19 thoughts on “Free Copy Paper at Staples!”

Ha! So much for observing the coupon first! SO excited to see this, I just printed off three of these… 4 days after expiration. *Not so smart on the couponing side of things.. :( *

Yes! I need free paper to print more coupons!

I bought this paper and got the same rebate deal in April. Can I do the same thing twice and get a another rebate if I purchase a second?

Yes, Staples rebate deals reset from week to week.

I love paper deals! I’m in grad school online and print like crazy.

I have $20 in staples rewards, can I just spend the $6.99 on this deal and keep the rest for another time or do I have to spend the $20 at once?

You can use it! They’ll give you the left over rewards ($13.01) as a coupon, which must be used all at once.

thank you so much, I love how people here are so helpful

Thanks for the great answer, Ryan!

Can I use my staples rewards to pay for the paper and still get the rebate?


You will need the coupon to be able to do this purchase. They won’t let us do it with the rewards card. Kind of a bummer.

How does this work, exactly? I print the coupon, take it into the store, buy the product and then the scan the coupon so I can take it back home and fill out a rebate form?

After you hand them the coupon and pay for the item, they will print out a receipt for you that has instructions on how to submit for a Staples Easy Rebate online. Follow the online instructions, and you can receive your rebate check in the mail or via PayPal. It’s super easy. You can even track the status of your rebate. I do it all the time. Never pay for paper again!

Thanks for the great reply, Maryann!

I’ve never been to Staples before. Can I just go there and buy the item mentioned above with the coupon? or do I need a reward card for me to be able to get the rebate? Thanks.

You don’t need a rewards card but you do need the coupon. It’s not a bad idea to sign up for a rewards card if you plan on doing the paper rebates frequently.

Thank you so much! :)

Maryann covered it well! Do exactly that. and the best part is, you can do it again every week that they have a new rebate available. So if there’s a paper rebate next week, you can get more paper!