Target has a nice price cut on Gerber Graduates and Good Start formula. Regularly $22.99-$23.79 each, they are marked down to $16.99! Save another 25% with a store coupon. This is a significant discount for formula!






Gerber Good Start Protect Formula, 23.2 oz $16.99, price cut through 5/18
Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula, 23.2 oz $16.99, price cut through 5/18
Gerber Graduates Gentle Formula, 22 oz $16.99, price cut through 5/18
25% Off – Gerber Graduates or Good Start Formula, limit one coupon offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $12.74

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15 thoughts on “Gerber Formula Coupon & Price Cut—Save over $10.00 at Target!”

If I were to purchase 2 cans would the 25% off apply to both cans or just one?

it only applies to one. it will take off $4.25. I did this deal today…also gerber is owned by nestle, you could also use a $5 off a $20 nestle purchase if you get two.

Thank you very much!!!

I got 4 cans (the bonus sized ones) for $13.69 today! Super happy!!

I’m so happy I seen this cause Target has it for $16.99 then taking the 25% off puts the total to $12.74 I have a manufacturer coupon for $10.00 off any gerber graduates formula so I will only pay $2.74 for a can of formula.

Wow, that’s amazing!

I have a 7.50 target coupon from baby shower registry plus 3.00 manufacturers coupon so makes it 6.49 awesome, thanks!

You bet!

Im going tomorrow to makes this deal, i have a check from gerber for 12.95 in fórmula 😀 so free formula

I have a question… Enfamil sends me checks for formula. Is that considered a check or a coupon? If its considered a check, is it okay to use a coupon? or if its considered a coupon, than it is NOT okay to use another coupon, right? Is there something you have to say to the cashier?

The cashier is supposed to run it through the check machine to endorse it. It is considered a form of payment, not a coupon. So you can use a coupon with a check :)

plus at target you can stack coupons so… Target coupon, Gerber formula Coupon and Gerber Check = Huge Savings.

I got this deal today, but even better! I used a $3 off manufacturer coupon that came under the lid of a can I previously bought. I also had a $5.00 target gift card from purchasing 2 p&g products previously. With my redcard discount, I paid $4.50 out of pocket! 😀 Love it!! I wish I could print a second coupon… it only let me print one.

Good job!

You can print out the coupon then go to make copies. The skew number is the same for the coupon. I ran each transaction four at a time with four coupons.