Looking for another way to save on printer paper and ink? Whenever you can, print 3 coupons at a time!

At many printable coupon websites, including Coupons.com, Target.com, SmartSource.com, CouponNetwork.com, and RedPlum.com, you can print multiple coupons at once. Selecting and printing in sets of three can conserve ink and paper.

Many times, when you only select one coupon at a time, an advertisement will print either before or after the coupon. Another consequence of only printing one or two, especially from Target, is the coupon(s) will print in the center of the page. But when you print coupons in sets of three, this maximizes paper space, saving you money in the long run.

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33 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Save by Printing 3 Coupons per Page”

this may sound crazy but I cant ever find where I can select 2 or 3 coupons to print, am I missing some thing ? I have always thought it would be nice to print 2 at a time .

Hi, Melissahall. They are printing 3 different coupons at once. example: Tide, Cheerios, Pert Shampoo on one page. I too wish they would fix these sites where we could select to print 2 of the same Q at the same time. example 2 Tide Q’s without having to go thru the process again.

I live in an apartment complex, and one day while taking out the trash I noticed a giant box of computer paper, I thought it would be like old printed stuff that someone had thrown out, but no! 40, UNOPENED reems of printer paper! I have only gone through 2 so far. It’s amazing!

I will print a coupon, flip the paper over, print again, and do a target coupon in the middle:) even though I get paper for free, I still don’t like to waste it!

I have two kids in school now so when they send papers home I get two of everything. If its nothing important and printed on one side I use that paper for coupons also.

Agree with a lot of these responses…printing 3 to a page, printing black and white, and flipping the paper around to print another coupon on the back. I don’t know about you guys, but I HATE throwing away printables, so if it’s getting toward the expiration date and it’s something I won’t use, I tend to leave it at the store. This way, hopefully someone else gets use out of it when I was just going to toss it!

Sometimes the “come-on” ads that come in the mail are printed on one-side only. I save those and use the blank sides for printing coupons.

I cut my paper in half to print my coupons. Lots of times I don’t find 3 or more coupons to print at a time. So, when I print 2 of the same one, I print one and click “go back” 3 times and print the next coupon .

I also follow the tips below, but I print two pages to one page (just change, in advanced settings under preferences for your printer, the setting for the multi page. Its usually unchecked, so just check it and make sure it says 2). This effectively makes them half size. The only down sides are that half the time the barcodes are a bit small so the cashier has to input manually, and also that if you want to print something other than coupons, you have to change the settings beforehand. And, if you want to count this, you walmart cashier might be dumbfounded by the size and mutter during the whole transaction, “these are so small…. Why are they so small?” Lol. 😉

I print as many as possible. If I receive a receipt printed on copy paper I will use the back to print coupons..

can I print it in black only? if so – how?

It would be a setting in your printer preferences. I have an HP photosmart and I have to open up the HP dashboard on my computer, go to preferences and advanced settings, in there it says “Grayscale” just turn that on and everything prints in black and white!

I can actually get 4 target coupons to a page. I print 3, flip the page & re-use to fit the 4th on the bottom. It is very close though so I wouldn’t cut any of the coupons until you have the 4 printed on the page.

Sometimes its not possible print 3, many times they are solo coupons, but I just put the paper back in backwards and upside down so I can get 2 to a page. Anytime I am printing a solo coupon, I stand by the printer and if I notice an ad is printing, I cancel the job once the coupon part is printed to save my ink and just get the coupon. Also, Target updated the way the coupons print. They no longer print center, they print all the way at the top. I am so happy for that

I never buy paper
Staples frequently has a 100% rebate on reams
I have at least 10 reams of paper stock piled right now
You can file the rebate on line, It does take around 6 weeks or so to get the check, but have never had a problem

When I print one, I cut it off leaving me with a shortie piece of paper. Then I print another on the shortie, flip the shortie and print another. I can usually get three single print coupons to one piece of paper. I also started taking the larger scraps and putting them in a binder clip to use as a notepad.

I typically don’t print unless I can get 3 on a page. But if it’s for a bricks coupon or something, I print, then turn it on the other side to print the coupon a second time so I still don’t have to waste paper. I also don’t print in colour to save money

I always print one at a time, I hate printing coupons if I might not use them, so I print what I will use that day. Then cut the bottom off and reuse the paper again.

I recently had to reinstall the target and couponnetwork printing plugin and the single coupons no longer print in the middle. Is there anyway to change these settings?

Do you have to print them with color or are they accepted as just black and white?

I never have a problem redeeming B&W coupons. No need to waste color ink.

Thanks, I’ve wondered if they’d take em as B&W due to making them think they were copied?

yeah i think that was my worry! I wouldn’t want to get there, do my shopping to find out they wouldn’t want to take them just for that reason… :/ But I’m gonna try it on a small shopping trip to see what happens! Thanks!! :)

I always print “draft” and in “grey scale” to save on ink. When it gets light then I change it to normal and finally best to get every ink from the cartridge.

same here, I have never had a problem with B&W.

Thank you KCL for all your money-saving tips. I have doubled the life of my toner just by following one of your previous tips to print coupons on “EconoMode.”

The post shows coupons in color, which isn’t necessary – I always print in draft – black/white and have never had a problem redeeming.

Great tip! I do this! (If I am only printing one, I will cut the coupon and feed the paper back into the printer to re-use !) Also, I just went through my filing cabinet, took the staples out of the old files, and am reusing the old paper! Yes, I’m cheap, but I find it much easier to save money on paper, than ink. :)

That’s not cheap, that’s frugal! I haven’t tried cutting the coupon before refeeding the page back into the printer. I usually just turn the turn the page around and feed it in backwards so that the second coupon prints on the bottom.

I do the same and then cut carefully and use the small empty middle sheet to copy another coupon! I used to save the middle as scrap note paper but soon realized it was the perfect size for 1 more coupon!!

I do the exact same thing! I try to never get rid of any paper unless I’ve used it to the maximum. :)

I’ve tried printing three but the bottom of the barcode gets cut off. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Yes, I think I played around with the scale-to-fit or resizing options. Try printing preferences, effects. I hope that helps.