Calling all KFC fans! Get a free piece of boneless chicken today, 5/6 only. There’s no purchase necessary to receive this freebie. Just be one of the first 100 people at a participating location between 2:00-4:00 p.m. Say “I ate the bones” and score free chicken! There is a limit of one free piece per person.

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12 thoughts on “Free Boneless Chicken at KFC, Today Only!”

I went to 2 locations in Houston.( Even though the “map” indicated they were participating). Neither location were. So, when it says “at participating”. Find one….. haha

Could this “deal” have any more restrictions? Today only, 2-4 pm only, first 100 only, “I ate the bones” must be uttered. If I wanted to debase myself, I could not find a better opportunity than this.

I wouldn’t eat that if they PAID me to. Dog food smells better, and our KFC is notoriously clean and delicious but the boneless chicken is just gross…

we tried it the other day and really liked it. however, let me point out, we have 3 kfc’s in this town and we will ONLY go to one. the one we go to has really nice people, good service and clean. and pizzaz, thanks for making my laugh on a monday. i needed it, lol.

Monday’s are when we need laughter the most! :)

I tried it the other day with a BOGO coupon and it was horrible!!! Won’t be buying it again!

Thank God I’m not the only one that thought that… I was way over salted to the point my twin toddlers wouldn’t even eat them… and they’ll eat anything.

I thought it had to much pepper.

That’s good to know–we stopped last week to use the BOGO and asked if one of the orders could be substituted with the grilled. No dice. Either the person working there didn’t understand what I was asking or could not vary from the way the coupon was worded. So we went to Wendy’s.

This is what I see happening-

Cashier- What can I do for you?
Pizzaz- I ate the bones.
Cashier- What did you say?
Pizzaz- I ate the bones.
Cashier- OMG! This customer is choking!
Pizzaz- No! No!
Cashier- Does anyone know the heimlich maneuver?
Pizzaz- Am I one of the first 100?
Cashier- We need help quickly! I think this person is delirious!
Pizzaz- Please don’t put your arms around me!
Cashier- Don’t be afraid! I got you!
Pizzaz- Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Cashier- Everything is okay now…You’re gonna be just fine! Have some free chicken and a drink on us!
Pizzaz- Would you mind making that ‘original recipe’ and also thanks for saving my life!!! WooHoo!!!

Sounds about right. :)

Love it–thanks for making me laugh!