Use the new, high-value All Detergent coupon from the 5/5 Red Plum insert and score All Mighty Pacs for more than half off at Target! Combining a high-value coupon with an inexpensive product is a great way to save.

All Mighty Pacs, 10 ct $1.99, regular price
Use $1.00/1 All Liquid, Powder or Mighty Pacs, excludes trial/ travel size from RP 5/5 (exp 6/16)
Final Price: $0.99 

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45 thoughts on “All Mighty Pacs, Only $0.99 at Target!”

KLC says that it is the regular price, so it should be good until your coupon expires

I been wanting to thank u for this website I am on it everyday !! Thank u soo much for sharing this with us I love couponing !!

Where can I find this product ? With the rest of the detergent ?

i bought 2 of these at target. they retailed at 1.99each. i had 2-$1/1 coupons making my total 2.00. then i had a free $2 target scanable giftcard on my phone from downloading the shopkick app last night making both of them free:) so if anyone has 2 of these $1/1 coupons, download the shopkick app redeem your free giftcard and these will be free for you as well at target:)

Til tomorrow, Saturday.

I would go back and try a different cashier or very nicely ask to purchase it at the electronics desk. This is in no way a travel size item. A travel size would probably include 2 or 3 tops. This size is made for customers to spend only a little bit of money to sample a product and (hopefully) get hooked on it so they come back and buy the big bags. You were dealing with a nasty cashier. Don’t give up!

Used Tide all my life but will definitely try this because of the price. Thanks for posting.

Had 11 Qs. Got 11 packs (in 3 transactions.) Yeah, I won’t have to buy detergent for a while. Thanks KCL.

I only had one of these coupons sadly so I used it Family Dollar. Their packs of 24ct are on sale For $3.50 (reg. $5.50) -$1 coupon made them $2.50 per bag or .10 per pouch. If I had more coupons I’d do the target deal but the Family Dollar deal is still a good buy/almost the same with just one coupon if you think in terms of individual pouch price. :)

I’m going right after work!

Can I buy 4 of them in on transaction with 4 1.00 off or do i have to break it up?

yes you can :)

Yes, 4 is the maximum you can do in fact. =] Target accepts 4 like coupons per transaction unless the coupon states otherwise (like limit 2 per transaction or limit 1 per customer). A printed coupon for $1 off All and a newspaper coupon for $1 off All are considered like coupons. So if you got 4 newspaper coupons and 4 printed coupons, you would still have to break it up into 2 transactions.

My Target here in Gig Harbor, Washington has both the standard “stain fighter” as well as the “free and clear” in the 10ct size–and my Target seems to skip out on some other misc. small ct/size items. I scooped up one yesterday and will be grabbing some more today. I make my own powdered detergent which works great, but I grabbed the “stain fighter” pacs for anything extra soiled.

I think these would be PERFECT thrown into a gift basket for a graduation present if the graduate is moving out and/or going to college. You can’t mess up the amount and it’s a little funny! =P

I actually did the same thing! I bought a few of these from my target (Lacey, Wa) and gave them to my husbands cousin who is in College up in seattle. He actually shares them with friends in return for help with homework and food items and such. Haha. I think it’s a pretty good trade off.

is this a stock up price?

no, i think stock up price is a couple cents a load this would be 9 cents a load. if you need laundry detergent its not a bad price at all. in my experience its hard to find detergent for stock up price.

For some reason they say the 100oz is stock up price, but it is the same price per load if you are using the actual oz stated for a load of laundry. I say they are a stock up price if you are completely out of laundry (only about a 3 month stock though). But I have not actually seen free or close to free laundry detergent in the past 4 months. So I’m sticking with these.


This might have just been my experience but if you only use cold water to wash your clothes be prepared to have problems with these pacs. I have a HE front load washer and the pacs did not dissolve properly and made my clothes stick together. I did not realize what was happening until the third shirt came out stuck. (I thought the kids left gum in their clothes again) And the first two shirts got ripped apart causing holes. I have emailed All, they have not responded.

Interesting, thanks for letting our readers know.

Yikes! I actually am not a big fan of any ‘pacs’. Laundry or dish detergent. Too bad they haven’t responded. Maybe try mailing them a letter or look for a customer service number on their website?

I use cold water, but I’ve never had this problem…but I don’t have an HE washer either, so it might be something to do with the HE washer. But, it does say that they are HE compatible. All really should respond to you about this issue. Definitely sounds like a problem on their end.

i have the exact same thing with my HE front loading washer while using cold water, especially with the tide boost packs but not for the regular tide pods with cold water..

Yes I have notice this. I don’t throw the pac in on the clothes. I put it before the clothes goes in and let the washer machine wash and then start putting in clothes. This way I know it is dissolved. On some of the HE front loader machine I put the pac in the slot where the laundry detergent, softener, bleach goes. The machine running water will start to dissolve it. Maybe this will help….

Are you making sure to put the pack in the bottom of the washer first then put the clothes on top? I find if you put them on top, they get folded into the clothes and cause problems, but in the bottom they seem to dissolve just fine.

I have had the same problem! It leaves a hard plastic junk on your clothes. I have an HE washer. Only have the problem in cold loads. I have found if you soak it in warm water you can then pick it off. I emailed All and they called me right back. They sent me 6 coupons each good for various free All products. About $40 in coupons. It was worth complaining but I will not be buying the pacs anymore!

Ive only used purex since I was a kid because of skin rash with other detergents. Wonder if maybe I should give all a try. Always a good donation item for the spca too!

My husband is allergic to most detergents also, but he has no reaction to all free & clear. Never tried the original.

Great, glad this deal is good for you and your family.

I actually have really bad detergent allergies as well and was only using the free & clear for a while there, but ran out recently and was given the regular kind. Turns out I do not have a reaction to them. I don’t know what’s different. I know they don’t have downy which is one of the worst allergies that I have. But they must use different scents or colors as well.

my 7 year old has bad eczema and i use all free and clear on her clothes towels and bedding. its the best i use the liquid in it but i hope i can find some pacs at these prices for the free and clear.

We have sensitive skin around here and always use the free and clear kind and have never had a problem!

My son has very sensitive skin and his doctor told me to switch from tide to all. He hasn’t had any issues with the all. Now if only I could find his very expensive wash for cheap I would be happy.

Thanks for all the encouraging responses. Headed to target now to give it a try.

I have VERY sensitive skin, and All Free and Clear works fine for me. You might try it.

I love this brand. Its so much easier to use, the small pac. I stopped with the bottle detergent. I feel that I was using to much of it. The pac is the right size for a full load. The deal is great. I belive there is a printable at Red Plum site.

sure is thanks!

Wow, thanks for letting us know.

I think KCL had an article posted on how to make your own ‘pacs’. I only say this because there are 32 loads in what is an 18 pac bag. So if you knew how to make your own pacs you are in business!

I still have a few laundry detergent bottles currently but I do love this brand so I’m tempted to get some

Inexpensive and quality products are great!

dont use all but might start with this deal

I use the liquid and I love it!

Glad we could help.