Ever have a couponing trip take a turn for the worst? In this video, we read an email from someone who tried to coupon and ended up spending almost $6000. Watch to see our advice!

Tip # 1: Don’t pay, walk away!

It’s okay if you get to the register and change your mind. Politely ask your cashier to put the items you don’t buy back on the shelf.

 Tip # 2: Start small, like under a grand.

Your first couponing trip should involve 4 coupons. The end.

Tip # 3: Don’t photocopy coupons, dummy.

You can print a coupon twice per computer. Each printer contains a unique barcode and cannot be photocopied.

Tip # 4: Coupon at your own risk.

The Krazy Coupon Lady doesn’t issue refunds on couponing trips gone bad. Sorry, folks!


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106 thoughts on “Video: Extreme Couponing Refund Information”

It is sad to say, the show “Extreme Couponing” has led a lot of people, usually those new to Couponing, to believe that you can get thousand of dollars worth of stuff for free or close to it. So if the email was true this may be the case for this person. I can make up many reasons what happened here but it does come down to that we are all responsible for our own decisions….which means you can’t expect a refund from this site or those that run it because it did not work out they way you wanted it to. I also have had at times where coupons were not accepted because they would not scan or I grabbed the wrong product by accident because of not reading the coupon right and I just tell them no thank you I don’t want that and usually there are no problems. Now over $5700 worth of stuff maybe a different situation but if I did not have the money I would have just told them politely that I don’t want the stuff and walk away or offer to help put it back.

As in the video- it could have been done a little differently…. I do think their points are valid but I think calling people names is not necessary here or in the video. As in mistakes in spelling, yes that can be form someone that does not know how to spell correctly or can also be from typing on a phone or tablet, has happened to me before and probably still will.

I think KCL is a great site and has helped me find lots of deals and appreciate all their hard work they do in finding and posting these deals. I also appreciate all the brags and post from readers that help me get great deals too. I have recommended this site to many of my friends/family that ask me about how do I get such great deals at Couponing.

We are going overseas to visit my family too! Happy you save $,i have a little one too!

First, you KCL ladies are not only amazing, but are saving American families and helping to stretch many meager budgets! I personally always write out a list of exactly what I am buying, the price of the items,
match up coupons, and do my own research into the deals you recommend.
Many times the deals and
sales aren’t available here in California, but that is for me to deal with, not responsibility of this website!

Second, for the people who were offended by the KCL’s demeanor in the video, I don’t think it was to poke fun at the horror of being faced with a $6,000 bill. I’m pretty
sure they were surprised at the audacity of someone believing they should foot the $6K bill for the person’s own follies and miscalculations!
If I make a mistake in my coupon planning, I have no shame asking the
cashier to take the product away. Just today, I thought I was going to
end up with a $0 total, and due to circumstances that we all know happen
in a store and in a couponer’s life, had to pay $4 and some change. I
was so butt-hurt about spending that $5. I can’t imagine that times
1,000! You have to be responsible for your own actions, your own
research, your own coupons and your own plan. KCL is an amazing
resource, but it is ridiculous to think they should reimburse any of us
for their general recommendations to millions of citizens in 50
different states and dozens of stores!

So it wasn’t Pizzaz!?

Sorry to disappoint you…lol :)

That’s hilarious! You ladies just made my day :-) I am pretty sure that this was a joke though

Here is a solution to this couponer’s problem, if she wants a refund she should return the items to the store. I’ve over calculated before too and paid maybe $10 more than I intended. I simply returned the items. Done and done.

Oh my goodness!! You girls really made my day!! I laugh and laugh… I’m a new couponer and I always make my list before go shopping with all the transaction well explained CAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE ASHAME!!! lol And as you said. beginners should start with small shopping list to not get confused. Anyway, thanks to The Krazy Coupon Ladies on every trip I save a lot!! Thanks Ladies!!

First off. Somebody said that it was embaressing to decide not to buy and item because you seem like a welfare case. WHAT?! Seriously!?! Having a set budget does not make anyone a welfare case, even if you are on welfare! I coupon with Food stamps, so I make a lot of tough decisions when it comes to making that dollar stretch. If I get to the register and that back of Cuties Oranges are $2 more than expected then I don’t get them! And I am not ashamed about it. That $2 is the difference between me getting 1 pack of Cuties and 2 packes of cuties! It’s always worth it to save that money. I don’t have assistance for non-food items, so when i went to Target for the gift card deal for toothpaste and mouthwash and they told me they weren’t honoring the ad, I DID NOT BUY! Yes, I had enough money in my account to get the 4 packs of toothpaste I was checking out with, but it was not an item i needed right then.

At most stores they have people who work there who, their only job is to pick up items from the front lanes that people decided not to buy and put them back on the shelves. If anything, deciding not to buy stuff at the register is just keeping extra jobs around. ;D

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. That person had to be soooo desparate to save money and way, way over the top excited to do it wrong lol.


Ok,First just remember that not always is 2 coupons printable sometime is only one on some place, Second, there are some place where the coupon is the same bard code, what about this?, this come in PDF and you can print how many?? because some said like all coupons (Limit 1 Coupon per purshase) but not specified per transaction….

i dont usually use those pdf coupons and i always check coupons i printed off if they have the same code..

I always just use 1 of the PDF ones. Sometimes if you close the PDF and download it again from the site it will get you a 2nd one with a different barcode, but it usually will not let you download anymore after that.

So funny!!!

Thanks for the tips! I was not aware that I cold print a coupon twice. I don’t recall seeing that listed on your site. But I might have missed that one. I am still learning, but have loved the deals I’ve gotten in the past couple weeks! Thanks for all you do!

I suggest and HIGHLY recommend buying KCLs’ “Pick another checkout lane,honey!” The book explains so many awesome things about couponing! Now, if you dont like it, i dont offer refunds either! Lol hehe

I admin a facebook resale group in my local area where we buy/sell/swap used items. I cannot tell you the amount of emails we get every day where we just shake our heads, and the groups have a total of about 10,000 people…I can’t imagine what you ladies deal with every day. This video is HILARIOUS and so so awesome. Keep up the good work KCL! I say you may as well go ahead and refund this woman the amount she has paid to participate in the KCL website (yes, that’s right ZERO dollars!!!!!)

Your Website should be renamed to The Krazy Coupon Costumers.

Ttwo of you are a mess lol… Great job!

Love your video!

OMG, haha!! Too funny.
And I have to say, I love seeing video posts by my favorite bloggers, to finally “see you in person”. You ladies are the cutest!!! :)
Thanks for doing what you do.

Awesome job ladies, just the kind of laugh I needed!!! People are seriously out of their minds these days!


Okay… Is it just me or does sound like an episode of Judge Judy? :) Wouldn’t you just love to watch that one?

Hilarious, tears are running down my face. Thank you for sharing your couponing advice

Where’s your green top from? Can’t find it online;-)

I totally loved this video. That person suffered from an ID10T ERROR.

P.S.- June? 😉

If this is a true story, this person needs to forget couponing and just pay full price. You can’t fix stupid.

Super funny and basically brought out some common sense tips that I know are extremely useful. I love the walk away one. It’s hard sometimes but I’ve done it and I’ve been mad but it isn’t the end of the world. The comments though, ppl!!! Don’t call people who use coupons and when it doesn’t work and they don’t want it, classless and a welfare case. The way this world is I don’t know how many people aren’t on some type of assistance. I used it years ago when I was a single mom and dirt poor starting out to get on my feet and it helped I got my job and left it quickly for someone else that might need it. Now we need the medical part but that doesn’t make us classless. Hubby works 40+ hrs a week and side jobs plus I shop for others and we still have to use assistance for medical costs. Don’t put yourself above the others.

(See Comment…LOL)

That was the Greatest!!! My husband and I had a good laugh!! I had tears in my eyes!! If it’s true PLEASE if they send you a copy of the reciept PLEASE put it up on the site!!!! Thank you for everything you do you have saved our family so much money. I have six kids and five of wich are girls 16-22. I used to spend at least $100.00 a week for beauty and personal supplies now I only spend 0-$10.00 every two weeks. So Thank You Again.

lol… you girls rock!!!!

Solid advice. You guys, I love you. This video is awesome.

I couldn’t help sharing this vid on my FB…ha-LAR-ious. Now I’m just waiting for the reality-show episode to air…this haul better be KILLER for $6,000… ;-). Can you imagine what that would look like, in product, withOUT coupons, though? Pretty measly. Especially if it’s all paper clips or, like, those $25 bottles of vitamins.

But hey – at the very least, they’ve finally got their stockpile, right? Now all that’s left is you to pay for it!!! ;-)…my word.

Oh my gosh! I would love a show like this. It would be like Extreme Couponing meets Cops, because they would all deny it and try to say they are doing nothing wrong. Haha. America’s Worst Shoppers! (Patent Pending). ;D

Don’t worry. Hoaders will pick up the story. Where in the world do you store $6000 of stuff or maybe Storage Wars?

I’m usually one of the first people to laugh at stupid people, but I feel bad for this person (if what they say is true). So, I’m going to give them the benefit of the
doubt and instead of laughing at them, give them 2 pieces of information that
should help:
1. (and this goes for a lot of people) Learn proper grammar. There is no such phrase as “I seen…” He/she says “I seen an episode of Extreme Couponing”, well that’s improper grammar. It’s “I SAW an episode…” or “I have seen…” Goodness, what are they teaching in school these days?
2. If you want a refund, return your stuff to the store. It’s simple. Go to the Customer Service desk with your receipt and bags full of groceries and return them. Problem solved.

You guys are so funny! Great video! :)

You girls are hilarious! You both do so much for us couponers and don’t get nearly enough credit. You have helped me save a ton over the last year and I truly truly appreciate all you do! Thank you and don’t stop being the awesome women that you are!!!

Couldn’t help laughing. That is hilarious. I don’t think it’s even possible to load up on $6000 worth of stuff on grocery carts. They must have done a special order. In that case, it would be harder to walk away from it because the store may not be able to turn around and resell your stuff, although I would think they would only charge a “restocking” fee, which is typically 10%.

At least they didn’t call the lady a douchebag, they just didn’t want to look like douchebags. Well done KCL.

OMG!!! Can someone really be this stupid? And I don’t mean stupid enough to buy $6000 worth of stuff..I mean stupid enough to send this email…thanks for sharing a laugh though…

heck if my coupon does not work and i dont really truly dont need the item immediately and especially if price is full and not promo price then i simple say i dont want to buy it. there is nothing wrong with it. even people with lot of money do couponing and turn away from not buying if coupons dont work. there is nothing wrong with saving money and should not be seen as you have NO CLASS. oh so if your coupons work and you pay remaining amount that means you have CLASS. really.lol that is nuts.

I just love this! Best video by far! = ) These ladies are telling it like it is!

Thanks for the good laugh this morning 😀

Say What?!!!!!!!!! They paid $5,000 and expect you to pay them back! What beginner couponer starts off that big anyways? I think even coupon pros don’t ever get to that much. If they want their money back they should just go to customer service and return everything.

Thanks for the laugh. Common sense is not common.

She said dummies not the other! Watch the video

Great video! you ladies are great and realistic and down to earth.

Absolutely HIL-LAR-IOUS!!! If that is true then it is crystal clear why just a few couponers give the rest of us a bad rap! But on a serious note I do have a question. Since walgreens changed to a points only system I haven’t shopped there at all. A week ago I got the urge to try and my transactions did not go AT ALL like they were supposed to and (to quote you :) like a DUMMY I paid. The silly thing is what I was getting wasn’t even something I needed. Wanted maybe but did need. My dilemma now is that I want to return it but feel kind of funny because I used coupons. Any advice?

Go ahead and return it. If they ask why, just tell them you changed your mind about needing it. You will only get the value of what you paid, most likely, not the value before coupon. Returns happen, stores deal with it all the time, especially when it was something that was on sale, because low prices can make people think that they wanted something just because it was cheap. Also, read Walgreen’s return policy before going in. It should be on the receipt, or their website.

Yes, just return it. They may just give you your out of pocket money back. However, I had a transaction not work (I picked up the wrong product so the register reward didn’t spit out for me), I paid then double checked my receipt, then returned it explaining to them that I didn’t get the register reward I wanted. The cashier actually checked to see if it was the right product and then refunded me the cost of the item including the coupon. I told her I didnt’ want to make money on it, but she insisted on giving it to me in cash because she didn’t want to have to rifle through another drawer for the coupon. The coupon is money to them so if they hadn’t given me the $1 back in cash, then they’d be up a $1. This kind of stuff happens. It’s ok to return things because you changed your mind. However, it would not be OK if you intentionally bought things to return so that you could turn the coupon into cash.

They still give RR. They use both systems.

wow! I hope this is fake! if not, the person HAD to be photocopying and to put it politely, a bit naïve. like seriously, rub those brain cells together a little harder. and for the love of betsy, read the beginners section!!!!

ok wow people are so disrespectful and so was this video , there nothing funny about someone spending that kind of money ,we all get on here and trust both of these lady’s all the time and as for my self I have gotten to the store and things not work out because prices was wrong or coupons didn’t work and I have lost out on allot money because of it and the person paid because its embracing to not pay , it makes you look like a welfare case and that you have no class, who walks way if you cant pay without using the coupons. If so then u shouldn’t be in line, if u cant afford to pay for the items in the 1st place ! and if this story is true then maybe they need to refund her , this website is offering a service and if that service fails then they should be responable .

love you krazy coupon ladies…ann you are an idiot!!! A LOT!!!

The Krazy Coupon ladies always say prices vary by region. Clerarance items differ by store they almost always state that.

All of the coupons on this website are printed from reliable sources. None of them are coupons exclusively for this website. The only time I’m disappointed is when a deal requires a cut coupon from an insert that I didn’t get (most Sundays my paper only has a redplum insert.) Also, I’m a cashier and people change their minds all the time, and ask to have something put back. Sometimes its annoying, but I just move on to the next customer. It’s only a problem if the customer is rude, and even then I just smile and offer my apologies.

Also, this website has never claimed that you will get thousands of dollars worth of groceries for free, in fact they say the exact opposite. The customer (if this is real, which I highly doubt) made the mistake of thinking that Extreme Couponers is realistic, and the results could be duplicated. Honestly, that show has warped even my expectations, so I don’t even bother watching anymore.

The reason we USE coupons is because prices are rising and most of us don’t make the money to buy all we need to buy. So therefore, we buy things we “can’t” afford with coupons, so we CAN afford it. Many times, a coupon hasn’t worked and I ask the cashier to void the item I was going to buy, no shame in that. If this is true, I highly doubt, the person could’ve bought that much merchandise with only printing 1 or 2 coupons from the KCL site. Let’s get real here. If her “legit” coupons wouldn’t work, she could’ve walked away.

Welfare case or NO CLASS!!??. oh so if your coupons work and you pay remaining amount that means you have CLASS. couponing is no longer in todays worlds considered a welfare case..it is SMART shopping. if you pay full price then you are DUMB. i admit there are times i am dump that is only when there is no coupon out there for an item i NEED and i have no choice but even then i look for it to be on sale atleast in one of the stores that i shop at.

Hello! Planet Earth to Ann, The service provided by the KCL ladies is free. So how do you refund “free”? By the way, you’ve totally disrespected the many people who are “welfare cases” who actually have full-time jobs but at minimum wage, so the might still get public assistance and do need to coupon to stretch your money to feed their families. Not all couponers are extreme with bank accounts and are doing it just for fun. It makes no sense to say that you shouldn’t coupon unless you can afford to pay for the items. And no one should have to pay for you being too “embarrassed” to put items back. I live in a higher cost of living area so the prices I see at the store are often higher than what is posted on this site. Even so, I’ve saved huge amounts of money by following the rules. These ladies give great advice and they did tell people to be nice and even help restock the shelves so that the store does not feel over burdened. They also tell you that each store has the discretion of accepting or not accepting your coupons. If you’re just starting out or think the store might have a problem with your stack of coupons, check with the customer service desk BEFORE you load up your cart and go through the checkout line.

“Ann” must be that person who emailed KCLs about a refund? Wow lol

i know right!

You really should be ashamed. Another adult who can’t take responsibility for their own actions. GO KCL!!

Wow, so they are supposed to refund someone for being stupid? I love this site because they give out the links to the companies websites and do a lot of the matchups for me. But since I’m going to be the person doing the shopping I print the coupons, go to the store compare the prices, double and triple check my work before going to the register, and go through. I’m not going to say, hey I lost money because I’m too proud to say I’m not buying something if I can’t afford it. I’m sorry if that makes me look like a welfare case if putting my families needs for food and shelter gets put ahead of buying something that my coupons don’t work for. The only reason people use coupons is to afford more than their normal spending limit. To call someone a welfare case for that is just degrading and you honestly shouldn’t be on this site if that is how you feel.

And no offense, but when you do a deal from this site, you don’t blindly walk into the store and go well the price on this blog says the item is this price, let’s ignore the bin tag on the shelf, and roll with it. You compare, you shouldn’t be couponing in general if you can’t read pricing and want to blame other people for it.

ur right! i never had problems with coupons, only when i started and i didnt stand on my grounds! and was embarrassed. but now when i dont feel that anymore and i just being nice and try to talk and explain to the store, verything will be fine!!

As im shopping i keep track of the mm and cost down to the penny and add in the tax… u cant just throw stuff in ur cart and checkout!!!

Wow, Ann should be ashamed of her comments.First of all if you are going to complain use proper grammar, spell things correctly and use proper punctuation. How dare you use a phrase like “welfare case” there are many families where both parents work low wage jobs and cannot afford food and basic necessities for their families and have no choice but to get government help. If you go shopping and use coupons and things don’t work out either with pricing or at the register, I will reiterate what the ladies said, WALK AWAY. Nobody is forcing you to “lose out on a lot” of money, you chose to buy items regardless of whether the situation worked or not. The ladies on here offer a FREE service and it is your responsibility to pay attention to specifics such as sizes, varying prices per region and coupon limits stated on the coupon itself(which the ladies also reiterate on here)
I hope this is fake but if it is not I would not be surprised if Ann here is the inept person who ended up paying almost $6000 on their first trip…

KCL are amazing ladies who have done so much for us, Thank You Joanie and Heather, keep up the spectacular work!


Ha, ha, ha.. I think no one here knows what “ditto” means. Btw, nothing bad. It’s a puertorrican slang. It means like “aww poor girl”.

Definition of ditto (interj)
Bing Dictionary
[ díttō ]
same here: used instead of repeating something that has just been said to indicate that the same thing applies to you
the same thing applies elsewhere: indicating that whatever has just been said about one person or thing applies equally to somebody or something else
symbol representing repeated matter: a pair of marks (“) that together represent matter that is repeated directly from what appears above them

Thanks QponGirl and excuse my ignorance. Today I learn something new. The thing is when you learn a new language they don’t teach you EVERYTHING as time passes you start learning other things like their slang. Hoping that you learn something new about how “ditto” is used by Hispanics. Have a great day!! :)

I was born and raised here in the US. English is my first and only language. The only way I know what Ditto means is from the movie Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze!! So you are not ignorant and you have taught me something new about the word’s use in other languages/cultures! You have a great day as well!!

You are absolutely right! They are offering a service! They are spending their own time to help you stay informed! How dare they offer constantly up to date information on the current deals of over 20 store chains. If they can’t be prepared to back up every deal, of every store in the entire United States, and if they can’t account for every decision a manager makes or mistake a shopper might make, then they should not be posting. In fact they should be liable for every financial decision we make!

It’s not like they are offering all this information for FREE or anything. We know it is entirely KCL’s fault that this shopper DECIDED that her pride was worth $6000. They should at least refund her membership fee and start warning us that sometimes deals change.

Oh wait a minute…


OK, now I’m insulted!!! My husband is out of work due to a heart condition, because he can’t work and lost his job, he doesn’t qualify for unemployment. I/we make too much for us to qualify for food stamps. He has filed for diability and SSI but that could take months or years. I’ve started couponing to lower our every growing food bill due to prices. I shop sales and use the coupons with the sales. That makes me a welfare case? I don’t think so, we have been hit with hard times and couponing is my way of getting some control back. Most of the time I can take 50% off my bill or close to it. There has been one time I took about 65% off my bill and 1 time I only took 33% off my bill. I look at it this way at least that is money I still have in my pocket for other bills. Every penny I don’t have to spend on groceries is one more penny put back in our budget. I even use coupons for pet food and supplies. And every coupon I have printed from this site has been good at any store I have made purchases at. I am also teaching a co-worker at work how to coupon to stretcher her $$. I even sent her to this site!!! It rocks!!!

Just keep praying (if your religous) and don’t give up!!! My mom finally got a hearing, its been twice that they have denied her,and she’s finally got a hearing and this Aug will make it two years!!!

Wow. I am a Single mother supporting two children who doesn’t get much help from my ex. But I have gotten into to couponing to feed my two children. I love the KCL. I have read the book and used the web page. These two are the two women who know what it is like. I don’t understand why people always want a FREE hand out. I work hard to make sure we have what we need to live. I don’t ask for help I am NOT “welfare case” because of coupons. Get real, Grow up, and put on your big girl panties.

ann, Dr. Frankenstein called. He wants to know if you can use a brain?

This is a free site-buyer beware-and the person has no common sense to pay for all those things. Joannie and Heather are not responsible because of someone not understanding how couponing works.

Ann, your just plain dumb!!

“You’re ” is the correct spelling lol

Haha Ann, every one thinks you’re stupid too.

I wonder who this might be? Hmm…

Maybe you should spend less money shopping and more on getting a better education to learn how to properly write and correctly spell words.
FYI, some errors in your writing, besides the horrible punctuation and lack of capitalizing the first word of each sentence…
my self = myself, lady’s = ladies, allot = a lot, cant = can’t, responable = responsible

Thank you and good night.

Price are not always guarantee each area have a different price. Its not kcl fault.this week I total from home and total on register was different and that’s because where I live it’s higher. I have been couponing a few months and used to ran in to coupon not working but know I know how to handled those situation with the store. Please check your facts lady if you don’t know ask for help. We are all here for each other not against each other.

whats wrong with being a “welfare case”? Walking away when the price is too high is not “classless” its sensible. Listen, if you care THAT much about what the cashier and the other ppl in line think then just pay full price like everyone else, all those ppl behind you in line think you are a “welfare case” anyway for using coupons. Hasn’t anyone ever told yo there ARE no guarantees in life? ANd that include coupon sites that give advice not tell you what to do. Think for yourself.

wow!!! for starters I have been couponing for over 16 years.. coupons are ment to get you stuff you cant buy other wise.. that’s the point of coupons silly.. and if you pay full price on something you were going to use a coupon on and lost money due it to,, then its your own fault.. not anyone elses.. walking away if easy. I have before when coupons didn’t scan. not that big of a deal.. I have a room full of stuff my coupons did work on so why waste money on something that most likely will have another printable coupon somewhere.. and the person who did this, if true.. does not need to be refunded.. they need to learn to use some dang common since.. plain and simple.. KCL website is a learning tool.. it does not say money back if not happy..

I’ve never had any problems with coupons on KCL site. This person is either lying, or they aren’t very bright. Ann, everyone coupons at THEIR risk. If you aren’t bright enough to figure this out, you need to find another way to save money. KCL provide a great FREE service and aren’t responsible for people that screw up. Get real, Ann. KCL- love you guys! Don’t let the nutcases discourage you. You have helped me so much!

hahahahahah this makes me laugh too. gosh people have no common sense.

You’re an idiot, and that’s probably why you haven’t posted back. It’s a free service so why should KCL be held responsible?

Thanks for the laugh, and all the free education you’ve given me in the last several months. I found your site, while recovering from cancer treatment. I came back daily and clipped coupons in bed, I was so excited to try it, I think it sped up my recovery. Couponing is now part of my new life.
I hope my story balances out the negativity of the email you received. P.s. mines true- Linda

Hope you are feeling better these days–I wish you all the best in your continued recovery!!


What no refunds?! Seriously who comes up w/this stuff!!!

HOLY CRAP did I get a laugh this morning, thank you Heather and Joanie for making my day a happy one. I will go to sleep much easier knowing this video resolved all my questions ALL in one place. You 2 ROCK! LOVE how Joanie called them a douchebag too and Heather about lost it, CLASSIC!

that is crazy…even after few months of couponing i still only shop with few coupons and usually no more then 10-50 dollars worth of goods and i save 50% to 98% and yes i get lucky and save 100% sometimes. i am surprised for this month my credit cards spending is only 1/3 of what my total expense used to be in past. my credit card spending is down by 1/3 WOOHOO. i have such a load off my shoulder. it only gets easier as time pass to coupon and planning more strategically now and I dont even go out to get free stuff because i just dont have space to put it so i buy only what i need.

you know its bad enough that I still here shaking my head but then to have my 21 month old twins laughing too… well, even they know better than that. It has to be fake…come on. No one is that crazy to pay almost $6000…. grrrr people

OMG! that’s too funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning lol! You girls are great :)! Your website is the best!

Thanks. I needed a laugh today:)

omg people are crazy..I am happy i was not the cashier for that order if it was true…But great tips lady :)

Best Video yet. Keep them coming.

Umm someone has asked YOU for a refund?! Lol what?! People are crazy- I’ve been doing this a few months and finally worked my way up to $100 trip! Yikes

Gotta be fake. Gotta be. That or either they are really ambitious. But great tips none the less…..Gotta be!