This week at Walgreens, select Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex household cleaners are on sale for 25% off. Spend $10.00 and receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points. Stack a few coupons with these promotions for some super bargains! Read more about the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program here.

For the following deal, print a coupon for $1.50 off Windex Touch-Up Cleaner. To get this higher-value coupon, click on the link below and click on the yellow “Share the Savings” box. Opt to share with friends to score the $1.50 coupon. Since 2,000 Points can be worth as much as $2.50, each product is as low as $0.18 after coupons and Points:

Buy 1 Windex Touch-Up Cleaner, 10 oz $3.99, regular price
Buy 5 Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Toilet Drop-Ins, 1.7 oz $1.89, regular price
25% Off through 5/11
Spend $10.00, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points through 5/11
Use one $1.50/1 – Windex Touch-Up Cleaner – (
And use one $5.00/5 Windex or Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom or Toilet Cleaning Products from SS 5/5 (exp 6/16)
Final Price: $0.60 each, when you buy all 6, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points


Each product in the scenario below is as low as $0.35 after Points:

Buy 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner with Fantastik, 32 oz $3.99, regular price
Buy 5 Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Toilet Drop-Ins, 1.7 oz $1.89, regular price
25% Off through 5/11
Spend $10.00, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points through 5/11
Use one $0.50/1 – Scrubbing Bubbles All Purpose Cleaner with Fantistik – (
And use one $5.00/5 Windex or Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom or Toilet Cleaning Products from SS 5/5 (exp 6/16)
Final Price: $0.76 each, when you buy all 6, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points


Each product in this scenario is as low as $0.68 after Points:

Buy 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, 16 oz $3.59, regular price
Buy 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Toilet Drop-Ins, 1.7 oz $1.89, regular price
25% Off through 5/11
Spend $10.00, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points through 5/11
Use one $5.00/5 Windex or Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom or Toilet Cleaning Products from SS 5/5 (exp 6/16)
Final Price: $1.18 each, when you buy all 5, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points 

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54 thoughts on “Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex, Only $0.18 at Walgreens!”

How do u get double points on weekends? I do cheat the system and log in my weight for 20points several times a day and say I walk wayyyyyyy more steps than I actually do lol. But please explain this double/triple points system as I am very confused 😉

I tried this deal today and ran into some snags. I bought 2 toilet dropins, and 3 kitchen cleaners. After the 25% off the total on these was almost $11. I also bought some other items and ended up with a total of $38. I first used my $10 off of $35 stock up coupon, some MQ coupons, and then a couple of register rewards. By the time it all was done I was ecstatic that my OOP was only $3 and change, however I did not receive my scrubbing bubbles points. The cashier reviewed my receipt and then called the manager. The manager agreed that I spent enough and told me to call the rewards program number and get the points credited. When I called, the representative informed me that when u use Stock up coupons and/or register rewards, the amount doesnt come off of the total purchase. The computer goes through and reduces the amount of each product purchased by an equal amount. So instead of the almost $11, the computer had reduced each item on my receipt by about 40 cents, totaling about a $9 scrubbing bubbles purchase thus not giving me the points. When I told the guy that the store manager even said i should have got the points he told me that managers know nothing about how balance points work and thats why they have a phone number to call. Ugh. At the end of the call the guy did give me the 2000 points, but made me feel pretty dumb in the process. Just a heads up if u are trying this with register rewards and such. Beware! P.S. Sorry this was such a long post but i wanted to make sure i covered everything without sounding too confusing. lol

Thank you for posting this!!! :) very helpfull

Ur welcome! Just trying to save some headaches!

someone guide me.does walgreens do a post coupon? i forgot to use one of my $5/5 q:(

how do you get the $5 catalina? Anyone figure out what to do?

Does the $10 have to be reached after coupons? I just bought 10 vanish and two windex for $20.88 and used $13 in coupons expecting to receive 4,000 points but I only received 2,000 points :(. Walgreens is so confusing for me :/

I would guess you only received 2000 rather than 4000 due to it being 1 transaction rather than 2. It appears you have to meet the $10 separate to receive 2000 per $10 transaction. You did $20.88 in 1 transaction thus only receiving 2000. The $10 with “manufacturer coupons” will not effect the amount you need to make, however keep in mind Walgreens “store coupons” will effect the amount. Hope I explained that right. HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

When u say Walgreens store coupons you don’t mean register rewards right? Using register rewards shouldn’t have affected my total would it? Seems like my mistake was doing it all in one transaction :(. I’m too embarrassed to return $10 worth just to re buy it so I guess I’ll take my loss here and learn my lesson. Thank you for the clarification! I really appreciate it!

No, the RR’s are “manufacturer coupons”. The RR’s would not have effected your total. Walgreens store coups that would effect your total are the 1’s found in the “May Savings Book” or the coups found in Walgreens weekly ads or coups that specify “Store Coupon” rather than “Manufacturer” coup. (Look at the top of the coup, this is where it will normally state weather it is a manufacturer coup or store coup, if it states neither, it is a store coup) These will effect the total you need to reach, any stating “Manufacturer Coupon” will not. Walgreens is tough to figure out, but you will ace it, hang in there. Just remember on the need to reach a $ amount for point deals, if it is say $10, and you want to do say $30, do 3 separate transactions. Here on KCL under “find my store” Walgreens, Walgreens 101 Tab, click on that for great info on how to shop at Walgreens. HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

Ive been searching for an answer to this question for a while with no luck so I will ask. Could I do all 3 of the above scenarios in the same transaction and earn 6000 total points or do they have to be seperate transactions like the register rewards?

To my understanding for this you need to do separate transactions due the $10 amount. I believe if your total in 1 transaction was $30 you would only get 2000 pnts. However it normally states “spend $10 or more” this one doesn’t, so now I too am unsure. I would do them separate to be safe, or wait for the KCL professionals to answer.

I was wondering the same thing since I was hoping to use the 5 off 30 coupon that printed out for me yesterday. I called Walgreens customer service and they told me that in order to receive 6000 points, each $10 transaction would need to be done separately.

I did the first offer with the touch up cleaner and 5 drop ins and received a 10 off 35 balance reward good 5/10-5/13

Just did this. Awesome!

Does everyone have the $5.00/5 coupon?

I bought 5 of the vanish drop ins, a bathroom cleaner 16 oz and the heavy duty all purpose cleaner and got a $5 Catalina! Made for an even sweeter deal!

is the catalina printing is you buy a certain amount? what heavy duty all purpose cleaner did you get? I’m about to head out to walgreens and would love to know. thank you

Ding!! I did the same thing…my only difference was I bought the toilet fresh brush system with caddy and 4 vanish drop ins with the windex touch up as part of my deal…had a $3.00 store coupon for the fresh brush system plus on the outside of system was a Q for a free box of the gel cleaner! Score!! I ended up paying $1.33 per item I think that’s pretty good considering the fresh brush system is 9.99 original price :-) Thanks!! @krazycouponlady

oh cool! do you happen to know what the amount is that i need to reach? I wanna make sure I get that $5 catalina :)

I Googled it and here is what I found “Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Cleaner *Valid 4/22/13 ~ 5/19/13* Buy 2 and receive a $1 Catalina.” Wasn’t able to locate any other information.

also, which coupons did you use?

Oh and the heavy duty cleaner was 32oz in a trigger bottle and it was called heavy duty bathroom cleaner lol.

So I thought that it might be spend $20 get $5 Catalina but I was wrong haha. I bought 10 vanish (still plenty on shelf left) and 2 windex and I didn’t get any Catalina. Maybe it’s spend $20 on scrubbing bubbles only? Thank u for the replies!

Now the fun part is to find my store in stock :/ How do rain checks work at Walgreens?

Ask at your store; each store does them slightly differently. My store had TONS of stock of these items!

You’re lucky KCL. My store never seems to be in stock. Last time I tried to do a rain check and they totally gave me a bad attitude about it, so I just left. I wanted to know how they’re suppose to do them so I could know. But I will try again. Thanx.

The drop in cleaner rings up under the description “Vanish drop-ins”, without the Scrubbing Bubbles brand name attached. The $5 coupon will not recognize them, beep and the register will say ” invalid purchase, requirements not met”. luckily I had a manager ringing me out, and he overrided it, but be prepared for a hassle

Thanks for the warning!

I got mine no problem. I got 10 drop ins and used 2 of $5.00/5 and coupon didnt beep..

Oh good, maybe they’ve fixed it then!
Also just realized I wrote “overrided” instead of “overrode”. My English teachers would be so proud lol!

I bought 10 drop ins, and used. 2 $5 coupons. Worked perfect!

Has anyone successfully redeemed points for $50? If so, I’d love to know what you got. I have tried twice, but I never quite made it and ended up redeeming $35 worth (and swearing I was never going to buy anything with points ever again! Because it was such an ordeal).

Most sites say that the points are “worth up to $1.25 per 1000”, which is technically true, but irrelevant if you can’t or don’t redeem 40,000 at a time. On the few things I have gotten with points, I just count them as $1 per 1000 and treat it as a bonus if I do better than that. (So I would count the transactions above as $0.60 or $0.76 each and the points as gravy.)

That is why I really appreciate that KCL shows the prices the way you do.

Thanks, Michelle! One time I bought a bunch of Christmas gifts at Walgreens with my 40,000 Points ($50.00). That worked well. :)

Yeah I’ve had my points for a while now… Just waiting for a deal on diapers to cash in the whole thing. Unfortunately, I’ve had quite an experience learning the WG reward system… Honestly, I just want to be done with them! :(

That’s why I stay far from them!

hi, in the last few weeks i earned over 300,000 points (double deals on Saturdays 😉 ) you can redeem at any time just let the cashier know. i used my 40,00 points for $50.24 and just paid $0.24. You can use points on almost everything in the store. (I do try to calculate exactly $50 but $0.24 its not bad) I love points .. so much easier! You should only try to redeem 40,000 each time unless you really need, good luck!

This is when I stock up on toilet paper:)

Good idea!

I wait & build up to 40,000 & use it for items used often. I did the Maxwell House deal, on sale 5.99 used 1/1 Maxwell House coupon (not limit, expired 4/13 & plenty in stock ) purchased 10, 30.6 oz canisters: $49.90 threw in a filler item. Oop was $1.24 if I remember correctly. Another deal BoGo 1 Arm&H get 2 free, purchased 9 total (plenty in stock) used (2) 1/3 & (3) .75/1. 1 TriCalm $7 free w/RR, used 2/1. 1 MD Kick Start, .99 free w/RR, 4 Organix $8.49, Bogo free, no coupon, 6 Arizona 1 gal tea 1.99 each, no coupon (plenty in stock) Oop was $3.14, received $7 & .99 RR’s, came out $4.85 ahead.

I like to use my points on weekends when there are lots of freebie RR deals. Then I have no OOP expenses and I can use my RR’s towards items with points the next week. With the leftovers on the $50.00, I try to get good coupon or BOGO deals. This keeps the cycle of free or nearly free shopping going in a continuous loop. AARP card also helps me get extra points from time to time.

I did it this week on Senior Savings Day. Bought 5 Blue Diamond Almonds, 5 Folgers Coffee, 1 Virmax DS, 1 Studio Cotton Swabs, and 1 Delish Olive Oil. Came to $50.26 after all MQs and WQs, redeemed 40,000 BRP, paid $.26 and got an 8.00 RR from Virimax. Stocked up on almonds (in the freezer), coffee, olive oil, and cotton swabs. I wanted the Nice brand Walnuts but they were out so i added in the Virmax DS. I also did it back on Black Friday to start my shopping 4 days of fun turning 40,000 BRP into RRs.

I’ve already been to Walgreens twice this week. But totally forgot about this one! Gotta go! Luckily it’s right down the street lol

Good luck!

where to find the 1.50$ windex touch up cleanser coupon?

She explained at the beginning how to get it from windex website. I had the printable but if I remember correctly it also came in a paper, just don’t remember which one, check walgreens match up post for 5/5 it should be there

The one in the newspaper was 1$/1 so the printable it better.

Read the post above. :)

I read the post to find the windex touch up cleaner. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but I cant find the yellow share the savings box

When you click on the coupon link, the yellow box is just right there. It is on the right-hand side of the screen.

is it save to install coupon printer on a laptop?

Yes, it works just like a desktop!

Love this one.. This is a great stock up price.

It sure is!