We have exciting news! Target just launched Cartwheel, a free savings program! Cartwheel is similar to shopping apps, like Ibotta, in that the offers can be combined with other coupons.


The site states: “Together with Facebook, Cartwheel lets you connect with friends to share your favorite deals plus save money on the products you love.”


  • The program may be accessed at cartwheel.target.com with a smartphone, tablet or computer. A Facebook account is required.
  • Offers are easy to add: just click on the image and you’re done!
  • To redeem a Cartwheel offer, either present a printed copy of your Cartwheel barcode or show it on a mobile device at checkout. It only needs to be scanned once because all offers connect to the same barcode.
  • Offers are valid in U.S. Target stores only.
  • After signing up, a user automatically gets to add up to ten offers. “Unlock badges” to access more.

Sign up now and check back here for hot deals using Cartwheel!

Questions are welcome! Just leave a comment and we’ll do our best to clarify the details.

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126 thoughts on “Target Cartwheel—Free Savings Program with Store Coupons and More!”

  1. Kristi says:

    If you buy more than four items per coupon, which items are discounted- the more expensive ones or the cheaper ones? Thanks

  2. Jivargas says:

    I had the absolute worst time at target trying to use Cartwheel. I was using it on the Clear Shampoo deal and it took the mfr q and the cartwheel off, but not the $2 target q. I went to customer service desk and they said I can only use 2 cpns on one item. There was so much back and forth and nitpicking over the coupons I used and the amount deducted, which was all correct, but as you know most cashiers understand less about coupons than us couponers. I was polite the whole time, but it all came back to them saying I could only use two cpns, even though I showed her the cartwheel policy on my phone. I absolutely hate shopping at Target. I always have a bad experience. It’s almost not worth it anymore when I can usually get better deals at other retailers. It’s just so tempting when there is a great deal! Anyway! Keep an eye on the cashier and your receipts when this stuff rings in.

  3. Now, where do you download the app? I’ve looked through my Google Play and I see nada…

  4. I tried to use cartwheel today in conjunction with my coupons and the store refused to let me. When I informed them of the policy they said it was wrong. So I called corporate and they agreed that you cannot use the coupons in conjunction with cartwheel and that the info on their site is wrong so I don’t know what to think.

  5. sandrag1103 says:

    does this have an app?? It would make it easier than printing ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think Target has made some great strides in accepting and luring couponers, however (dare I say) this seems like a bit too much! I have mfr coupons, target printables, target mobile coupons (often 3 sets at a time), target coupons from their seasonal mailer, shopkick deals, scannables and gift cards, ibotta (which I haven’t really used), and now Cartwheel. OMG Target – 8 ways to save, not counting your weekly sales, clearance and gift card promos! :) I would tell them to slow down but I’d hate to discourage them when they’re going in the right direction. I honestly think cartwheels has too many 5% deals and too many items listed in general, so I spent an excessive amount of time scrolling and clicking to pick my 10 favorites. It’s more than my brain can focus on! lol… Maybe they could redirect the savings into lower prices or more printables or something. At the very least, they need to simplify Cartwheel – fewer items and make a centralized app so I don’t have to go through facebook to get there while standing at the checkout.

  7. So can you also use your Target Red card?

  8. I left Target quite disappointed! I was not able to use the $5off $20 Nestle for the Purina deal, I was totally shot down with attempting to use a Target·Q, cartwheel and MQ’s…AND GET THIS..I WAS asked not to shop before 1hr of closing..SOOO WHAT DID I DO??..”DON’T PAY, WALK AWAY!” I bet they are still putting my entire cart back. Lol..Grrr..but LOL!

  9. Jessica234 says:

    Could you do a video? That would help a lot. Thanx!

  10. rayashty says:

    I just tried the Cartwheel coupon,Manufacture coupon and Target coupon with no problem. I love this new site!!!

  11. Allison says:

    I used my cartwheel coupons today at Target and NONE of the cashiers knew anything about it and almost didn’t accept it! The manager didn’t even understand what it was. You would think the employees would be informed of this before this service launched. Luckily, I was still able to use it, only after a lot of frustration!

  12. Oh no! I just got home from shopping at Target and found this. Guess I’ll add it to my learning curve to remember to check before I go shopping.

  13. Val says:

    It is such a huge list of items. I’ve just spent the last 25 minutes just scrolling with no end in sight. For an extra 5% of my sierra mist and breakfast cereal, it hardly seems worth it.

    • At first glance, many of the offers seem insignificant. But keep in mind that each offer applies to up to four items! So let’s say you buy 4 of “X” and the offer is for 10% off. You’ll get 10% off all four!

      • Carol F. says:

        I used Cartwheel yesterday on two like items, and it looks like it didn’t take the same percentage off of both (unless I’m figuring the math incorrectly). The Campbell’s Go Soup was $1.49 after TQ, and the Cartwheel was 15%. I think it should have been an additional $.22 off of each, but I got a total of $.38 off of the two. Granted, not a big difference, and they were still cheap since I also used a MQ on each. I’m just trying to understand how this whole thing works. Do the subsequent items get a lower % off, or is it supposed to be the same on all like items? Or was the 15% taken off of the original selling price of just one item (15% of $2.49 is $.37)? I didn’t think that was the case though since the Cartwheel % for my other items was taken off of the reduced price, after the TQ. I tried to find an answer on the Cartwheel site but didn’t come up with anything.

  14. i<3coupons says:

    Hmmm, interesting that I bragged about this hours ago and it got deleted?

  15. NADINE says:

    Since shopping at Target so much, to me I know I will get in the store with my items, get my 4 of each, have my stack of coupons with the cartwheel and the cashier will tell me to read the fine print, they don’t do that… only one and no stack… I better try it to see if it will actually work, so many disappointments there.. LOL

  16. jen says:

    when you print it does it have an expiration date like a coupon? im currently out of ink and cant find out. lol

  17. Hi, does anybody have problem open the page w / iphone? I can’t open it, it says that safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.

  18. Goretti Tada says:

    So if my Cartwheel is full (10 items), then can I u we all the offers in one shopping trip? I’m confused because someone said “limit of 6 and 4 like coupons”?

    • Target coupon policy limits 4 identical coupons per transaction. Each Cartwheel offer will apply to up to 4 items. Let’s say you have 4 shirts and the offer is for 10% off Merona shirts. You’ll get 10% off each shirt!

  19. SouthernCali says:

    Just came from my Target in Southern California and they had never heard of this web-site and would not scan my phone or my print out. It wasn’t too bad as I only had two items at 5% off, but I am hoping they learn about it soon…

    • MzTsD says:

      thats really a shame. I purchases the schick razors this evening and had no issue with the cashier scanning my phone

    • jennalovrien says:

      I went today and the kid was really confused. First time for both of us. He asked me what to do and I said “I don’t know? Scan this?” Then we didnt know if I was supposed to keep my paper or hand it over! But at least we both know what to do now!

    • That’s unfortunate. That store needs to get caught up to speed!

  20. Southern Cali says:

    Just came from my Target in Southern California and they had never heard of this web-site and would not scan my phone or my print out. It wasn’t too bad as I only had two items at 5% off, but I am hoping they learn about it soon…

  21. BeeBee says:

    Does anyone know if the percent off is taken before or after other discounts such as MQs or TQs?

    • Kate says:

      After, unfortunately! :( I had her scan my Cartwheel barcode first and it still took the percentage off after coupons, resulting in a little less savings. For example, KCL recently posted a deal on Merona women’s sandals. They were on sale for $12, marked down from $15. Cartwheel offered a 10% (I think!) savings, plus I had a $5 Target coupon to use. It was still nice getting a pair of cute sandals for $6.30, however!

  22. sarah says:

    Are they the same coupons from the mobile coupons?

  23. SuperSammie says:

    so Just so I understand correctly, You can use cartwheel on top of manufacturer coupons and store coupons. Then you can use your redcard and save even more. It sounds like Target is doing allot to try to gain customers. Anyone complaining about saving only 5 % more, come-on! You are a couponer, Saving is Saving… When they weren’t offering this program were you complaining? Be happy to save a little more, It makes it more fun :)

  24. sara says:

    If you use it on your phone/tablet is there an app for it?

  25. Liljohnsmom916 says:

    Between clipped and printable coupons, and other apps like Endorse, Ibotta & SavingStar…now Cartwheel. I can’t keep track of everything. I’m so glad I have you guys.

  26. Carol F. says:

    Is the % off based on the price of the item or the cost after other coupons have been applied? I know every little bit helps, and I’ll take advantage of it when I can stack other coupons, but I would have expected the percentages to be a little higher.

  27. KayKay says:

    Haha. Get 5% off your shick razors! Take off that last .21 cents that we all had. xD
    Anyway, 5% is just not enough to make me use this, maybe the 10% on clothes, if I’m stacking it with other coupons. But as is, this is just not good…

  28. AJ says:

    Too bad it’s not cents/dollars off instead of % :(

    I don’t know if it’s even worth it to save 5¢,10¢,15¢

    I guess it’s better than nothing.

  29. Chryss Padurano says:

    this should be an app on the phone! not something you have to print!

  30. chhegil says:

    I think I’m in LOVE with Target!!

  31. chhegil says:

    Maybe this explains why Target is no longer on Ibotta’s store extras.

  32. RIght now on Cartwheel it says 20% off mother’s day cards so if I got two $1 cards and used the cartwheel and target mobile $2 off 2 cards would it be considered a 40 cent MM??? I think I am understanding this right

    • devenbrown says:

      target does not usually give money back

    • They would be free, but not a moneymaker. Target does not give cash back unlike Walmart.

      • Target takes one manufactured (at full face value) & one Target Store coupon (will be ajusted if necessary) per item. just a tip to help out the cashiers. place your coupon with the items they go with. That way cashier can apply your coupon and if for some reason the register says items not available for this coupon, the cashier has the item in front of her/him and if it is they can override the system. But please note if it isn’t they won’t apply the coupon. Most things to look for is the quantity limits, (1 or 2 items per coupon), expiration date, & quantity of coupons of like items [brands] in same transaction. The usual limit is only 4. Therefore, you may have to separate your coupon purchases in separate transactions……… but at least you’ll be able to use 99.5% of them. As for the Cartwheel coupons I am still learning. I have yet to have a guest use a Cartwheel coupon during a transaction.

  33. Brooke says:

    I think 6 offers a day is sort of limited on Target’s part; especially to gain more people who shop on a budget like myself. However, a 5% off deal on most of these items just does not seem like a great offer. I know this is an attempt on the company’s side to gain more shoppers with their “one stop shop” perspective (like many other companies do these days), but I do not see how a lot of these “deals” on the Cartwheel are going to succeed in capturing more shoppers to their stores.

    As a customer, what do you think?

    • I agree, especially with the other limitations of 4 coupons per transaction. I will use this to stack with other deals and Qs but they still aren’t getting my whole basket. Walmart has a way better and more accessible (and less time consuming) price match policy.

    • pbear says:

      I agree, but since I don’t have a smart phone, it is nice to see produce coupons on there :)

    • jennalovrien says:

      I like that now I can get a little discount on produce. I don’t have a cell phone so I miss out on all the mobile coupons (which makes me really jealous) So I was super excited to see some of those on here!

    • Jen says:

      Actually, if I’m reading the terms & conditions right, it’s not 6 “offers” per day, it’s 6 “transactions” per day. You can max out all of your offers available to you up to six times in a day.

  34. danielle says:

    is there an app?

  35. Brandy says:

    I hate that you have to use Facebook! I have a Facebook account but I do not think my friends need to know EVERYTHING!!! Companies need to get over the obsession that every purchase or like needs to be shared.

    • Hi Brandy, I understand your frustration. There’s no harm in creating another facebook account to use for couponing.

    • Carol F. says:

      When I created my account and connected it with Facebook, it asked if I would allow the app to share with my friends. I changed that option to share with Only Me (you should have a drop down on the left side of the box that pops up). I’m hoping that means it will only post to my timeline and not all of my friends.

    • meggo says:

      Ditto. I just change the settings for the app to “only me” for who sees it. Then every few days I just erase it from my wall to clean things up. I did the same with Endorse and ibotta. No one needs to know I purchased a pizza or got 10% off something last week.

    • I dont mind FB posting on my wall..I have so many friends that do not coupon and are jealous of my savings and stockpile!! I post so they can see how easy it is to save money!!

      • macheryld says:

        Same here. I have even convinced a few friends to join me in my coupon clipping hobby because of the FB posts.

      • Cat says:

        I know some of my family & friends who really appreciate me sharing the deals that I get so that they can save too. As for the ones who don’t…they don’t have to look! :)

    • jennalovrien says:

      I changed the setting to “only me” so none of my friends can see whatever it posts.

    • alexandrajessica says:

      Companies are giving you these deals BECAUSE you are sharing. It’s another form of advertisement for them. They are not exclusively trying to save you money; they are trying to get attention by offering you something others will want as well. When you have to “like” a page to get a coupon, they are getting your friends’ attention in return. It’s a trade off, and a great one in my opinion. What does it hurt to click a couple of likes and post a few promotions for companies willing to offer us hundreds of dollars in savings?

    • val says:

      Brandy, you can set the posting options to “only me”. Then only you can see what they post, not all of your friends.

    • Pam says:

      Brandy if you scroll to bottom of the Cartwheel page and click on settings it will take you to a page to manage your fb settings. Where it says:

      total savings privacy

      Private total savings will not be visible to your friends and will not post to your Facebook timeline.

      Here you have the option to select public or private. I selected private.

      Next where it says:

      activity on Facebook

      This setting controls who can see your timeline posts generated.

      Click on “Facebook settings”. this will take you to your app settings on FB. Click the edit on the right and select who you want it visible to. Again, I selected only me. I don’t want everyone knowing my grocery list either. :) Hope that helps.

    • Neha says:

      Hey, I noticed that you could chose not to share the cartwheel activities on your facebook wall

    • Jia says:

      Just set the options for you, not your friends to only see the posts. It’s easier that way. :)

  36. Anonymous says:

    So.. can you use Cartwheel AND Ibotta since they are separate companies?

  37. saver342 says:

    How do I add an offer to my cartwheel?

    • Katherine Weaver says:

      Click the little star at the top, it’ll turn into a check mark

    • daisyads says:

      click on the item and it will ask if want to add. you can add 10 items unless you click on the collections at bottom of page -this opens one more slot if add something from one of these
      :) Also as a side note I had a hard time figuring how to print the barcode as I do not have a smart phone. You click on redeem in store-top right.

    • @kcl-09fc02c472e08ffbfb28ca5a83149be5:disqus is correct. Just click the corner and then the option will appear.

      • saver342 says:

        This is frustrating. I’m not being given an Add option. Clicking on the words does nothing but flip the card back over. In their help section I see comments about a “details page” which I can’t even seem to get to. All I can to is flip an offer over and then flip it back. I shop almost exclusively at Target and I’d really like to take advantage of this program but its simply not working.

        • Perhaps another internet browser will work better?

        • honey435 says:

          I’m w/ you. I can’t make a check mark come up. I used my iPhone and went to site and it works perfectly. Then I went back online on my computer and I have 6 of 10 offers selected, but only b/c I picked them on my iPhone. I use IE.

        • Jenn says:

          I had to use Firefox to get it. It wasn’t working with IE

        • BeeBee says:

          I had the same problem but once I flipped the item I wanted I then did a search on the item which brought up a page with just that item. I could then add it to my cartwheel by selecting a button under the item; the button is blank but works when clicked on..

          • BeeBee says:

            Found on the Feedback site that a fix is coming on 5/15 for IE 8, 9 & 10. They suggest using Google Chrome in the meantime.

        • mary says:

          well I searched the item I wanted and it the blank bar it added it to my list

    • Brooke says:

      Click on the “wording part”–i.e. Revlon Eyeshadow and then, and red button comes up that says the word add (or the word privacy). Click on that button.

  38. Linda says:

    how do u access it? through facebook, under the app center tab?

  39. honey435 says:

    How do you access the offers on your mobile phone?

  40. Diane Seuser says:

    i found the skillet sauces 5% off and the outshine 5% off so far im going there later i got man Qs …and target Qs

  41. Waterproof Penguin says:

    There are so many offers, it made my head spin scrolling down to the bottom. Most offers were at 5% off, I did notice however, that Brawny paper towels were at 10% off. Been waiting for a deal to use those coupons, now if only I can stack them…..

  42. Redrat1016 says:

    Browsing the Cartwheel page, not seeing if these offers are allowed to be stacked with Target coupons or if these are considered coupons themselves.

    • fireflies says:

      Yes. I just read it. We can stack Manufacture coupons, Target and Cartwheel discounts together. YAY!!

    • fireflies says:

      Limit of 6 Cartwheel offers can be redeemed per day!

    • Katherine Weaver says:

      Offer valid in store only. Limit no more than one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon and one Cartwheel offer can be combined per item. Each Cartwheel offer may be used for up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per transaction, unless otherwise noted. Limit of 6 Cartwheel transactions per day. Void if copied, scanned, altered, transferred, purchased, sold, or prohibited by law. Item(s) may not be available at all stores. Not valid in Canada. Offer value may not exceed value of item purchased. No cash value.

      It’s found on the terms and conditions page of the site…. I had to find it myself before I try anything :)