Hurry! Print a rare, high-value coupon for Brita kids’ water bottles! Save $3.00 on just one bottle. These bottles include a built-in water filter, so there are no worries about dirty water on the go. Stack the coupon with a Target coupon and pay just $1.89:



Walmart carries these bottles for $7.88. Use the coupon and pay just $4.88:


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37 thoughts on “Rare Brita Water Bottle Coupon—Save $3.00!”

would anybody have a couple of spare target brita q’s which they could send me. i missed printing it and wanted so badly to get it for my kids.thanks

I went today at target to get the bottle and the target coupon wasnt a match with the mq they said it needed to be the same as the pic and i told them that it doesent say that….but at the end i sill got it it came outnto be 2.99 did anybody have this pb?

I went to a different Target today and I got the worst cashier ever! He looked at my coupons and said to me these are copies. I told him they were not copies and if he scans them it will automatically take it off. I had to show him every item that I purchased with coupons. He wouldn’t even scan my Brita water bottle coupons so I just took it to customer service and they just gave me 6.00 in cash.

Can anyone who has gotten these tell me where they are in the store?…I don’t know if I am looking in the wrong places or if my local store just doesn’t carry them…

They are located close to kitchen supplies at my store.

beeped for me =( The cashier would not take it. Said it did not apply for the Kids Brita water bottle.

Same here, they said it was only for the full size water bottle although it doesn’t actually clarify that on the Target coupon. Bummer.

These bottles at my Target in Savannah are $8.99. I was able to use both. $8.99 down to $2.99. Not a bad deal. :)

don’t forget if you go to the customer service desk you can price match the online price. Here in seattle, wa these were 9.99, I price matched to the online price of 7.89 and was able to stack both coupons for a total of 1.89 per bottle. Perfect price to outfit my daycare kiddos with new water bottles just in time for summer.

Good idea, Crystal! Thanks for sharing : )

Great price!

This deal worked for me… but seemed like I had to “con” the cashier. =/ She didn’t seem too “eager” to help me save any green. =(

Ps- my coupon did beep on me. *maybe that’s partly why I had to sway her* =/ who knows. worked in the end! =) paid $1.89(?) on a $7.89(?) bottle! Yay!! =)

I’m glad that it worked for you!

my target didn’t have the kids bottles. :( total disappointment.!

Oh, that’s always frustrating when a great product isn’t at the store : (

i found them in the kitchen area, i thought they would be near the summer are where all teh other drink bottle are.

I got this deal today so yes you can stack the two, awesome

I’m glad that you got the deal, Chrissy : )

FYI, Target won’t accept their own coupon on this item because it’s not the “standard” filtration system. Got away with using the MQ on this one… but could not stack

My target took it just fine. =] Scanned through without issue.

i’ve tried last night and it didnt work

Got mine also, no problems.

Mine didn’t take it either. I think it just depends on the Target you go to because a friend of mine in a different state used both with no problem.

How frustrating! It seems that some Targets will accept it and others won’t.

i know don;t be upsest

I got 2 last week, scanned with no problem. Went back this week, and Target Q was prompting the computer to say item not in basket! What the heck? So the customer service lady comes and says they can’t take it bc the picture on the Q show the adult bottles! I explained that I used them last week with no problem, but they still didn’t waiver. And it expires on 5/25. Looks like I’m calling headquarters (I had to do this at Walmart once and they were very helpful). The coupon says Any water bottle! omg people!

nevermind, found the coupon search bar. printing now! Thanks kcl your awesome

You’re welcome, Sue! Thanks for reading : )

Target has a coupon on the website for $3.00 Brita portable bottle. Maybe these two coupons can be stacked together and get an awesome deal!

that’s what i was wondering… because it is a mq

You can consider it, because I also think tha is a good discount

You can stack if the Q on the Target site is a store Q, otherwise, you can’t use 2 MQs on the same product.

It’s a store coupon so it can be stacked with the MQ..Which will make this cup $1.89 not a bad deal.

sweet! I’m going to have to print that!

Yep, we’re in luck, because the Target coupon is a store coupon! We can stack : )

Thanks! I’ve updated the post.