Shop like an insider at the grocery store with SavingStar eCoupons. Shopping with SavingStar is easy. Coupons and rewards are linked to the store loyalty cards you already use—no strings, no paperwork, and no coupons to clip or print. Simply shop your favorite brands at over 24,000 grocery stores nationwide.


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31 thoughts on “Video: How to Use Saving Star Coupons”

Does safeway participate? Because when I type in my zip code it won’t pop up

Hi Kim, Unfortunately Safeway does not currently participate on SavingStar’s website, but you can actually get our eCoupons for use at Safeway on Upromise’s website at ecoupons DOT upromise DOT com. The money you save will help your family save for college with Upromise. -Josh

so its better just to do the offers of buy a certain amount get a certain amount back??? n not put the coupons?

Is it just me or walmart and kmart, target not listed? I only get CVS and Rainbow.

Hi Sharie, Currently Walmart, Kmart, and Target are not participating. We are very hopeful that Kmart will join soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can use SavingStar in your area at CVS and Rainbow.

Thanks, signed up and cannot wait for Kmart. :)

I love saving star I just click all the offers and don’t do much with it, if I buy the stuff then great if not no big deal but in the 2 years I’ve been using it I’ve earned almost $50 with very little effort. I then use the money when kcl posts great deals on little things on amazon. I have done all my Christmas shopping for my nieces this way and bought my self an otterbox iPhone case this way.

Very informative! I hadn’t used savings star much because the offers weren’t that great but the olay/venus is looking great!

so do these coupons come off at the register or is it like a cash back program like ibotta?

Like the video said once you reach a $5 savings you can pick your payout which includes amazon, pay pale, or bank transfer so it’s cash back

Kristeen – SavingStar savings accumulate in your account rather than cash back at the register. You can then transfer your savings to your bank, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

Can you only get your money in $5 increments or if I earned $23 can I get the $23?

You with withdraw as much as you have in your account.

Acually they can be used with other MF coupons.

like the video said yes it works but it isn’t what saving star wants you to do since they are both manufactures coupons

The stores we shop at are not linked to Saving Star. And the few times we used it at a store that was, we never got credit. Don’t think it’s all that functional and accurate.

It takes up to 2 weeks for the savings to post and if you’re having problems and contact their customer service they’re very helpful I’ve been using this for over 2 years and have NEVER had a problem.

Hi Irene, If you find something did not work correctly, please click Contact Us on our website so our customer service team can help you. The system is designed to post your savings automatically. Thanks, Josh from SavingStar

I just signed up. I only see CVS and Hy-Vee. Does Walgreens use this? If they do please tell me how to get it for my store options. Thank for helping all of us save money.

Oh, and Target. Tks :)

Hi Shari, Walgreens does not currently participate. Please let them know would like them to join SavingStar by posting in their Facebook page. It helps when stores hear from their customers. Thanks, Josh from SavingStar

Thank you Josh! Does Target participate?

Hi Chris, Unfortunately at the moment Target does not participate. You can see all the participating stores by clicking the participating stores link in the footer of our website.

I agree, It will be very hard to keep track of what’s on there and not use a paper manufacturing coupon. Plus They prob don’t double right)

You’re right, they don’t double so a paper coupon would be better at grocery stores. However, I’m liking their offers of buy $30 get $5 off. They’re household items that I stock up on anyway. Previously, I thought getting a 12 oz bottle of Pantene at $1.50 was a deal, but then by using SavingStar, I got it down to $1.20 a bottle. Of course, now I have 12 bottles of shampoo, but at least I don’t have to look for more shampoo deals for a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG time!

Is this something you have to scan with your smart phone

As the video said you can do it from your phone or computer. Saving star has been around longer than smart phones so it was started as a pc based saving program.

Thanks for the heads up for not stacking a manufacturer’s coupon with the Saving Star coupon. However, it seems like it’ll be really easy to inadvertently do so if you just load up all offers to SavingStar and then forget out it for the rest of the month (like I do), and then you go and use paper manufacturer’s coupons. It also seems to be a bother to have to go and “unclip” the Saving Star coupon, in the event you want to use a paper coupon first because it’s expiring.

I agree. I am always afraid I’ll add a SavingStar coupon and then forget that I added it. In that case, I would probably end up using a manufacturer’s coupon at the store. :-(

Like they said on the video it will still work it just isn’t recommended and that is actually a new recommendation, when I started using saving star they didn’t have that in the fine print.