Target has Windex Touch-Up Cleaner on sale for $3.50 this week. Use coupons to save $2.50 more and pay just a dollar!

To receive the mobile coupon, text PICNIC to 827438. A message with a link to the offers will then be sent. They’re redeemed by scanning the barcode image on your phone. Each offer can be used only once.

Windex Touch-Up Cleaner $3.50, sale price through 5/18
Use $1.50/1 – Windex Touch-Up Cleaner – ( must “share” offer
And use $1.00/1 Windex Touch-Up Cleaner, 10 oz, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 6/12) text PICNIC to 827438 
Final Price: $1.00


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28 thoughts on “Windex Touch-Up Cleaner, Only $1.00 at Target!”

ALl i see is the 75cents off one… am I missing something? :-/

Well I scanned my coupon and made copies! I used 4 coupons in one transaction. Although the coupons were only $1.50 a piece, that was fine with me. I had no problems with the cashier either.

I dont know if you are new to couponing…..being nice…..but you shouldnt scan and copy coupons they each have a unique barcode and stores get paid one time for that barcode (even though it will scan at register), so it is illegal to copy coupons…..we all make mistakes but this way you will know for future…happy couponing!!

there was also a $1/1 coupon in the paper a while ago expires may 25th so it’s $.50 more but still a good deal if you can’t print the q.

Just to confirm, you can only purchase one at this price, correct since you can only use the mobile coupon one time?

That’s correct, unless another person is with you who gets mobile coupons. The cashier can scan more than one barcode that way.

I don’t see any Mobile coupons for this on my phone? Is it just me ?

i have it….maybe try retexting ‘picnic’ to 827438…..

Yea,make sure your letters are capitalized

It’s a special set of coupons that can only be received by texting PICNIC to 827438.

Sorry new but I have to ask you can us 2 coupons for 1 item?

At Target, you can “stack” one manufacturer coupon with one store coupon!

Is there another coupon I could use for the winded touch up? My printers broken:/

There is a MQ Windex $1/1 Touch-Up Cleaner product exp (5/25), from redplum (4/14)


how many times can u use the mobile coupon? would u only b able to do the deal once per phone??

Every coupon in each set can be used only once. But if you have someone else with you at checkout who has one, the cashier can scan both!

i shared on twitter but can not seem to find a link for the coupon anywhere?

I got two of these last week for super cheap from Walgreens when combined with the scrubbing bubbles deal. One for the kitchen and the other or the bathroom. I like how they’re small and can sit on the counter without looking like an eyesore. I would not have bought them however if they weren’t dirt cheap since at retail price it seems like you’re paying more per ounce than for spray cleaners, and I have TONS of regular spray bottle Windex. I think I might just refill them with plain Windex, until I run out.

If I get a quantity of 4 will the target mobile q subtract $1 off, off the 4 items and can I stack with 4 manufacturing q?

That’s a great idea, but mobile coupons can be redeemed only once.

Sigh – anyone have any idea if this coupon for Windex ever ‘resets’. I know we all have experienced that one ‘critical’ coupon we need to print only to find out after we have hit the ‘print’ button that either the paper jams, your ink has run out and you have 1/2 a coupon printed (or in this case – your cat/dog/baby has sat on top of the printer and attacked the coupon as it is coming out as it looks like “fun”). Sadly, the cat attacked happened with the 1st print and the ink with the 2nd print. Rats!

I feel ya…hopefully it’ll reset.


I feel your pain!

Hi Karen! Did you share this offer? I shared it with my boyfriend and brothers and was able to print it off of their emails on same computer. Hope that helps.

That’s great!

There is a new coupon on coupons[.]com for this.