Yesterday’s Smart Source insert contained a couple of manufacturer coupons for $1.00 off Brut and Sure deodorants. This week at Walgreens, Brut and Sure deodorants are 50% off. Plus, buy one and receive 500 Balance Rewards Points. 500 Points are worth between $0.50 and $0.63, depending on when they are redeemed. Remember that Points cannot be earned in the same transaction in which they are redeemed. Watch our Walgreens Balance Rewards Program video here. After the coupons and Points, these deodorants are free or better!

Brut Antiperspirant/Deodorant, 2 or 2.5 oz $2.99, regular price
50% Off through 5/18
Buy 1, Receive 500 Balance Rewards Points through 5/18
Use $1.00/1 Brut Fragrance, 3.5 oz or larger or Antiperspirant/ Deodorant, 2 oz or larger, Not valid on Razors, Brut Revolution Products or trial size from SS 5/12 (exp 6/12)
Final Price: $0.50, Receive 500 Balance Rewards Points 


Sure Antiperspirant/Deodorant, 2.6 or 2.7 oz $2.99, regular price
50% Off through 5/18
Buy 1, Receive 500 Balance Rewards Points through 5/18
Use $1.00/1 Sure Product, 2.6 oz or larger from SS 5/12 (exp 6/12)
Final Price: $0.50, Receive 500 Balance Rewards Points


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37 thoughts on “Free Brut and Sure Deodorant at Walgreens!”

I have these coupons. Four of each, if anyone would like to trade…


Our Facebook page is a great place to trade coupons!

wow! i didn’t know this

i would like to have them

With the walgreens rewards i understand you pay out of pocket then get it back. does it print out like cvs bucks or do u have to wait to use your points reach a certain level?

The points will be added to your Balance Reward card and it should say how many you earned on the receipt

i didnt have this coupon in SS insert ,can i find it online?

No, there aren’t any printable Sure or Brut coupons. Sorry.

Okay, so ive watched the video twice and read all. My question is… so it says $5 is 5000 points… so im guessing $.50 is 500 points and $1.00 is 1000 points??? is that the right way to figure out your bottom line? The deodorant is 50 cents oop but essentially free after because of 500 points. Thanks



Off topic, Just wanted to mention on the Lysol deal, in the Answers Wags Cold & Flu pamphlet
there is a 2/2 any Lysol product coupon exp 8/31/13 (if I remember
right, used all my coupons, so this is from memory). I purchased
2, 12.5 oz Dis sprays & 2, 10.5 oz wipes $14, used 2, 2/2, $10.00 oop + 1000 pnts: Approx. $2.25 each or less after points. (I don’t use my points until 40,000 or more)


Is the $.50 the oop price or is it after the rewards?

The $.50 is OOP per product, however you will get the balance rewards points along with in the transaction. Kind of like a rebate. You do have to pay upfront, but “in the end” you’ll also be getting your points. =)

Pay $0.50 out of pocket. Receive 500 Points.

Went to Dollar Tree to get the Sure deodorant. They had the men’s kind, and even though the coupon had the picture of the women’s deodorant, it worked. Also saw the Brut deodorant there as well. So if your Dollar Tree has these, you can pick them up for no OOP cost. However, Walgreen’s would be a better deal if you’re trying to build up the balance points to 40,000 in order to get the bonus points. I’ve been trying to do that, but it’s soooooo slow going.

Which Brut did your Dollar Tree have? My Dollar Tree only carries the Revolution which cant be used with these coupons..

It does exclude the revolution, last time i saw this deal I got one at dollar tree and it worked. I hadn’t realized it excluded the revolution, so i didn’t use the rest of my coupons.

Yeah I was wondering if any Dollar Trees carried a different Brut..if so I was willing to Dollar Tree hop since I have a few in my area.. =)

I didn’t look that closely since I could only get 4 of the Sure deodorants today and I didn’t have my binder with me (one of the few times I’ve been out without it! LOL!) to check the Brut coupon. I do remember seeing the full size (not travel size) green one at that Dollar Tree, not the blue one. Are the revolutions just in a blue tube/container? I will go back tomorrow and check.

You are right, the coupon does exclude the Revolution. I am absolutely color-blind!!! Well, not clinically, but I could have sworn it was the green container. I stopped by today to take a closer look, and lo and behold, it was the BLUE Revolution Brut that they had, which did have a green stripe :). My Walgreens did have the green Brut, but it was $3.19 before the 50% discount, so it’ll cost me a few more cents OOP to get it there. Still a good deal though.

Thanks for letting me know !


I went to Dollar Tree to and they only had the Sure for Men and I decided not to get it because it Says Sure on the coupon and I did not know if it was really for the Sure Men and I also did not want to deal with this store because they are coupon strict.

I have several Dollar Trees in my area. The one I went to is also strict, and every time I bring coupons in, the cashier always waves the manager over to check. However, they’re really nice about it and to me. I just see it as part of the process of couponing and I try to be friendly as well, so it’s never really uncomfortable. Instead of just plopping your purchase down and handing the coupon over hoping they’d take it quietly, just ask them first if they will take it because you’re not sure either. They usually are nicer when you point out the potential discrepancy up front but say that you read online that the coupon has been taken at other stores. The manager always has the last say. IF they don’t take it, no harm done.

I was able to get the sure for men with my coupons last time and the store had no issues with it. They did however have and issue when they seen I had coupons…but after checking everything the manager said they were all fine.

didn’t find this MQ in SS…may be regional

Yes, most newspaper coupons are regional.

you can buy several items in the same transaction as long as there’s no limit advertised, you will get your points multiply on how many items you have


Something I haven’t yet figured out… can you buy several in the same transaction and earn points for them all, or do they have to be separated like with Register Rewards?

You can buy as many as your coupons allow in one transaction. You will receive points for them all. As long as the store doesnt have a limit posted then its fine. I have done this many times =)


Thanks for the info. I have 8 coupons, I can then use them in 2 transactions.