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Free Vlasic Farmer’s Garden Pickles Coupon!

Update: The coupon for free pickles is gone, but there is still a $2.00 coupon! Get cheap pickles at ShopRite and Walmart!

Score a free jar of Vlasic Farmer’s Garden pickles! Hurry to the Vlasic Facebook page to request a coupon valid for one free jar, up to $4.50. This coupon will not last long, so don’t delay. Get yours now!

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52 thoughts on “Free Vlasic Farmer’s Garden Pickles Coupon!”

  1. Sandbear says:

    Where do I use this coupon? Walmart?

  2. sfrobar says:

    My walmart refused my coupons for $3.00 off because she said they were copies. I don’t understand HOW they are copies when I printed one out from two different computers through two different facebooks. They both have the same OFFER #24906 but different PIN #’s. Please tell me how this is a copy?? I’m very upset with them!!

    • It’s not a copy–your cashier was confused. Try going to customer service to see if they can help you. Or try a different store altogether.

      • sfrobar says:

        I had a “manager” come try to explain it to me and I do not think she knew what she was talking about. I even went to my car, looked them over again and went back in the store to point out the difference, she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to take them either way. SO frustrating especially since I’m new at couponing and it’s very discouraging.

      • Marsha Head Goodwin says:


  3. Marsha Head Goodwin says:

    I got the $2 coupon. Our Randalls had the jars BOGO! So, normally $4.99 each, sale price-paid $4.99 for both, then the $2.00 off coupon… final price was $2.99 for both or $1.50 each!!

  4. saverspender says:

    It was for $2 off and it requires Smart Source printer and an updated Java. I got virused using that last year. Thank you for all your hard work ladies.

  5. kozy22 says:

    got mine but wasn’t free cost 97 cents at walmart

  6. sabria says:

    I got the $2.00 off coupon.

  7. Fender says:

    Now it’s $2 off

  8. A.Parker says:

    I was lucky enough to get one of the free jar coupons and just went to Safeway where the Farmer’s Garden pickles are buy one, get one free and was able to use my coupon to get two jars for free!

  9. When we print it is it one coupon per computer?

  10. Coupon is down to 2 dollars

  11. The coupon now prints for $2.00 off. Still awesome. Thanks!

  12. Katie says:

    Are these located next to the regular pickles?

  13. halo2408 says:

    it printed ONLY THE savings on the edge.. It did not print the entire coupon! All i have is edging with nothing!!

  14. mrsbrittsy says:

    Got the $3 off, but I’d rather have that one anyway, most stores in my area won’t take an internet printable coupon for a free item.

    Plus, these pickles are $2.92 at my Walmart, 8 cent MM!

  15. boobear27 says:

    For those of that were not able to get the free coupon and got the $3.00 coupon like myself.If you have a Shoprite near you they have the Vlasic farm garden pickles for $2.99 which still makes them free!

  16. AJ says:

    Which stores take Free IPs?

  17. MomofThreeIdaho says:

    My wouldn’t load for a while, but then did. The $4.50′s are out, but they have a $3 one. Works for me. :)

  18. The coupon they have now it’s not for a “free” jar of pickles. It states “Save $3.00″

  19. Nichole says:

    I got a save $3 off coupon, not free but still a good coupon

  20. Alice V says:

    Save $3.00 coupon here! At least it is something!

  21. got one immediately, thank you!

  22. Elizabeth Keck says:

    all gone :(

  23. annie says:

    finally, took 33 minutes, because page wouldn’t load. am happy… :)

  24. Gummibear says:


  25. 2VavaIvanova22 says:

    Got my coupon! :D Can’t wait to use it!!