Starbucks lovers, listen up! Participate in the Star Dash and earn a $5.00 or $10.00 Starbucks gift card! You must be a My Starbucks Rewards member to participate in this offer, but it’s easy to register. Collect ten stars through 5/28 and earn a $5.00 eGiftcard; collect twenty stars and earn a $10.00 eGiftcard! (Each purchase equals one star.) Ready, set, star dash!

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25 thoughts on “Starbucks Offer—Earn a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card!”

  1. Amy M. says:

    Thank you!

  2. Jennifer says:

    My problem is that we don’t have a free standing Starbucks in our county. The only one is inside our grocery store. They don’t have any way to get the e-rewards off my card. I miss out on the free drink on my birthday cause of that.

  3. Amy M. says:

    i’m not sure if it registered me or not… i entered my card number than press Yes I’m in and then the page just refreshes.. anyone else have this happeN?

  4. Let us know if there’s a quicker way to get stars!

  5. Jen says:

    I was under the impression they changed it to per drink, at least that’s what I was told about a month ago.

  6. lnmnm says:

    If you are buying more than one drink, have the barista ring up each drink separately so that you will collect stars faster. Each purchase counts as one star,
    so if you did one order with multiple drinks you would only get 1 star.

  7. natasha brodsky says:

    The site says 10 for $5 and 20 for $10. That’s a bit more steep.

  8. Last month I partipated in the 8 star dash. Here’s a few tips… Register one Starbucks card, if you have starbucks gift cards you can TRANSFER those funds to your registered card. Every 12 drinks/food purchased with your registered card you earn a free drink/food. Also, instead of coffee buy an Iced Green Tea or Lemonade they are $2 less than coffee and it counts towards the dash count and the reward star count. Lastly, when you earn the egift card you can TRANSFER those funds to your registered card too! :-) Good Luck dashing!

    • Nikki says:

      Latte’s are more expensive but brewed coffee is just as cheap as iced green tea. iced green tea lemonade is way more expensive.

  9. Ams says:

    Even if it was one drink one star, at 10 drinks that’s like $35. Not worth it.

    • Waterproof Penguin says:

      Yep, best way to save on coffee is to, well, not drink Starbucks coffee.

    • That’s true. However, if you really love Starbucks, you might as well earn a little extra for spending what you would have spent in the first place. :-)

    • Nikki says:

      What I really pay for at Starbucks is the environment. Its great if you need a place to read a book or study.. Its perfect for me. But there are also some ways you can save at Starbucks–like getting a gold card. A gold card would entitle you to free refills for coffee, tea, iced tea and iced coffee. This would be really useful if you plan to spend a couple of hours at Starbucks. Also, coffee and tea are a lot cheaper! For only a buck fifty you can get a cup of coffee and just get refills! so if you just get brewed coffee, 10 drinks wouldn’t cost you more than 15 dollars.

      On the other hand, when you order latte’s and capuccino’s at starbucks, its ALL ABOUT HOW YOU SAY IT. Also, don’t forget that milk, creamer, sugars, and honey are all free so take advantage of that. For example, if I want an iced vanilla latte, you can just order a shot over ice with vanilla syrup. that way you’re only paying for the vanilla syrup and shot. Then when you get the drink, just pour over some milk from the condiment station, voila, its the exact same thing as an iced vanilla latte! there are a LOT more ways to say drinks so that you can still get the same drink without having to pay full price.

      I was a barista for almost 3 years so I’ve had a lot of experience. It also really helps if you know exactly what goes into your drink so that you can figure out how if you could alter it to make it cheaper. There are some drinks that this doesn’t apply to but the key thing is to know what goes inside to determine if you can or can’t do this.

      • lcuia says:

        NIkki,, these are great tips, thank you. Do you know by any chance how much is a Starbuck Refresher these days? thanks

  10. Ams says:

    At the Starbucks in my area, it’s not each drink one star, it is one purchase, one star.

  11. oh glad i found a $15 GC laying around!!