Grab some pickles with a new $2.00 Vlasic coupon! Head to Walmart and grab Farmer’s Garden Dill Spears for only $0.96!

Vlasic Farmer’s Garden Dill Spears Pickles, 26 oz $2.96, rollback price
Use $2.00/1 – Vlasic Farmers Garden Pickle Product – (
Final Price: $0.96

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16 thoughts on “Vlasic Coupon: Farmer’s Garden Spears, Only $0.96 at Walmart!”

My walmart let me use this coupon on vlasic relish and dill spears, since the Farmers garden is a vlasic product they honored it. I saw someone else do it on here so I tried and it worked. FYI

Safeway has them for BOGO, priced at $4.99. You may use 2 coupons, and they are only $.50 each!

I got the $3 one yesterday and only paid $0.24 for a jar. Not bad at all.

Question got the $3 Q and the $2 Q but at walmart the 2/1 rang up as 3/1 i told the lady it was 2/1 but she put it thru anyway… Anyone else had this happen??? worried the poor girl gonna get in trouble.

Picked some up yesterday. They are so tasty! Much better than some of the other brands.

I just got back from using a $1.00 off coupon at Walmart and getting an ice cream cone and now craving pickles and im not even pregnant lol

I tried to get just two qs–and tried on 2 different computers. One made me reinstall java (which had the most updated version already) and then never printed. The other didnt allow and gave me some printing restriction if 24 hours. I HARDLY print qs off Internet, maybe 10 a month–if that. Ugh to you Smart Source!

always have trouble printing from SS but finally was able to print 1.. thanks

Also $1.00 at Harris Teeter with $2 off 1 ;0)

Buy one get one free sabra hummus coupon on facebook……..

got it! lots left of these so far. giving out 10k

Was alot left earlier check again getting low now.I think suppose to change to a dollar off after the 10k.Glad u got it was hoping somebody would notice so they could save.My mother loves the stuff.

Why do I NEVER see the coupons you are putting out there? Every time I click the link (sometimes withing a minute of you posting) I have NEVER gotten the coupon – even yesterday with the Vlasic pickles, I missed the free but seen on the website that the coupon was $3 off but then I go further to the smartsource page and no coupon for vlasic pickles – same with today.

I got the free and the $3 coupon yesterday, but it seemed like the $3 was better than free! lol.

I got the $3 yesterday and the $2 today. These are my favorite pickles and only ones we’ll buy. They’re the only type that doesn’t have polysorbate 80 added, a nasty preservative. So this is a stock up price for me!

If you got the $3 coupon yesterday these will be free!