A nine-pound box of cat litter is free after a rebate at Target! Feline Pine has a Try Me Free offer through June 30, 2013. Find this litter at Target for $8.94 (price may vary by region). Print and mail the rebate form and receive up to $14.99 back. Remember to make a copy of the receipt and rebate form in case they get lost in the mail.



Rebate Requirements

  • Purchase one Feline Pine cat litter, nine or fourteen pounds
  • Submit: completed form, original cash register receipt dated between 12/15/11 and 6/30/13, and the original UPC cut from the package
  • Request must be postmarked by 7/15/13
  • Limit one refund per family, address or household
  • Offer excludes P.O. Box addresses
Feline Pine Cat Litter, 9 lb $8.94, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for Try Me Free Mail-In Rebate
Pay $8.94, Submit for Try Me Free Rebate
Final Price: Free

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23 thoughts on “Feline Pine Rebate—Free Cat Litter at Target!”

All I found was a 10lb and 20lb bag… but they were very close in price. I bought one and now I have to return it because I totally missed the “9lb or 14lb” detail! Ugh…

About a month ago or so, I bought both Worlds Best Cat Litter and Feline Pine cat litters and I was very disappointed because It didn’t work with my two cats:(. Just because it’s free and it’s ‘cat litter’ it doesn’t mean that you cat will like it…both have very unique textures and strong unpleasant odors. From the minute I put it in their litter boxes that’s where TROUBLE STARTED!! Peeing in the kids bathroom, our closet, kids bath tub, our garden tub, pooping outside the litter boxes and God knows where else? This was not the best week to deal with cat issues as i have a little baby that is cranky and teething and other two kids sick. Definitely was not worth it for our family. I took advantage of an Arm and Hammer deal that Target had last week and bought 4 40 pounds of a cat litter and everything went back to normal. We usually use Arm and Hammer cat litter.

But then you can use the kitty litter for other uses as I found this info on KCL’s website in the at home section. I do not have a cat, but my parents have a mole problem in their yard and I am going to have my mom try the kitty litter to see if it rids of the mole, as well as helps her fish pond. So at least you might be able to re-purpose the kitty litter.

I just called this company to inquire about how the rebate works (how long it takes and what form of refund it comes in) and the rep I spoke with said they currently do not have a mail-in rebate for this item. She said she wasn’t sure what type of deal KCL has with this rebate right now and told me they were not affiliated with KCL. I’m not sure if this rebate is legit or how someone came about finding it but I heard from the company directly this is not a rebate they are offering.

I promise this is a legit rebate and who ever you spoke with on the phone probably is clueless as far as what goes on in the rebate department. I did their rebate with the Worlds Best Cat Litter, same company, same rebate mailing address and have already received conformation from the company that my rebate is on the way. It takes about 4 weeks to get your money back. This has been an ongoing and totally legit rebate program for first time users of their products. Not ALL departments (sadly) are informed with what the other is doing, thus making things more confusing for the consumer. It is legit. HTH

The person you spoke to must not be aware of this rebate. We aren’t posting misinformation. The Feline Pine home page advertises the rebate: http://www.felinepine.com/

There was actually a $2 off peelie on mine! Yay money maker!

You’re very good-looking! 😉

Thank you! It takes one (good-looking avatar) to know one! It’s actually my pet axolotl, Curly. I’ll be sure to pass on the compliment 😛

Is Curly single? 😉

Why, yes, aside from her occasional dalliance with the Easter Island man statue in her tank 😛

LOL…Ha! Ha! :)


How long does it take to get back and do they send a check?

It can take up to 12 weeks to receive a rebate check. Oftentimes, you may call and ask for the status.

Click on the “Try Me Free Mail In Rebate” link, it will take you there BUT.. even though the rebate form opens up in a pdf document (hate when they use full color to waste my ink), it doesn’t print out – something weird about the pdf in this case. Am I the only one having this problem?

I just printed one out with no problem…

Thank you

I had to save mine to my computer and then print from the saved document.

It sounds like there might be a problem with your Adobe Acrobat Reader (the software for PDFs). Try updating your software, that should help.