Kroger Fuel Points

What’s better than earning Fuel Points? Earning double Fuel Points every weekend through June 30 at Kroger! Starting Monday, 5/20, load a 2X Fuel Points Kroger eCoupon to your store card. Once the eCoupon is loaded, earn double Fuel Points once per weekend (Friday through Sunday) each week through June 30!

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19 thoughts on “Double Fuel Points at Kroger!”

  1. Anglea says:

    Got it, :)

  2. April H says:

    I’m in Indiana and it says no coupons available to me. Bummer

  3. Rose says:

    I am Kroger MidAtlantic and it said coupon not available to you as of 11:00 a.m. this morning. I just tried at 1:30 this afternoon and it let me load it to my card. So you may want to try again..

  4. Juile says:

    Worked for me (midwest Kroger stores)

  5. No coupon available to me. Maybe Kroger MidAtlantic isn’t offering coupons?

  6. Paradise236 says:

    Tried to load it today… 5/20… Says “no coupons available to you”

  7. Name says:

    It’s Monday, and still no luck — did anyone get this on their card yet?

  8. XenaWP says:

    anyone know if King Soopers is doing this? I’ve been unable to find anything about it

  9. Me says:

    coupon can be loaded beginning Monday 5/20/13

  10. Kim H. says:

    I signed into my account and it said “Sorry, no coupons are available to you.” I guess no coupons for me. LOL